Cha Yen I Avenue Thai Milk Tea and Thai Food Restaurant

Cha Yen Restaurant is a Thai Food Restaurant serving authentic Thai Food with their signature Thai Milk Tea, located at I-Avenue shop lot. If you found the name Cha Yen to be familiar then probably you have try their famous drink at Lebuh Acheh or Armenian Street.


Simple decoration with full of "signature" drawing across wall, instead of messy feeling it gave an artistic feel. Pretty good though.


Thai Milk Tea, assorted flavor available up for selection and among those we love the Original Thai Milk Tea the most, it has very smooth texture yet rich in tea fragrance with a hint of carnation. While Green Tea Yen has a hint of Jasmine Tea fragrance which are pretty special in term of taste. Mocha Drink are one of the famous drink as well, which are combination of two different coffee bean grind together to create the strong coffee aroma drink.
Assorted Thai Drink

If Milk Tea are not your cup of tea then you should try their soda drink, Pineapple, Apple, Blue Lemon...etc in various color are good refreshing drink. It is not too sweet and it flavor are nicely blended.
Soft Drink

Thai Kaya With Toast, at first we though it going to taste just like local Kaya taste but we are wrong, the Thai Kaya taste totally different and it taste a lot better, instead of strong Pandan flavor it has strong milk tea flavor in it. Toast are perfectly roasted to crispy texture which goes well with Thai Kaya.
Thai Kaya With Toast

Pla Rad Prik Fish With Thai Chili, deep fried fish season with sweet and spicy sauce served with purple flower rice. Fish are nicely deep fried with crispy texture and the dressing is very appetizing.
Pla Rad Prik Fish With Thai Chili

Pla Rad Prik Fish With Thai Chili

Kang Kieo Wan Thai Green Curry Chicken, rich, creamy coconut milk cook with curry powder and tender chicken meat. It has very smooth texture with strong curry aroma, it goes well with
Kang Kieo Wan Thai Green Curry Chicken

Thai Papaya Salad, don't be surprise with the super spicy Papaya Salad, extremely crunchy papaya shredded to fine texture then mix with Thai spicy seasoning but it taste extremely flavorful, one of the best Papaya Salad i ever eat before.
Thai Papaya Salad

Thai Papaya Salad

Tomyam Chicken Popcorn, taste very close to KFC popcorn chicken but it has Thai influence with the special tomyam flavoring, eating hot are very good.
Tomyam Chicken Popcorn

Tomyam Chicken Popcorn

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Cha Yen
1-1-53 tingkat bawah , No 1, medan kampung relau 1, i-avenue 11900 bayan lepas pulau pinang
012-419 6565
9.00 am - 10.00 pm

Lebuh Acheh (Drink and Toast Only)
10am-7pm ( Monday to Friday )
9am-7pm (Friday-Sunday)

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