Copthorne Penang Nyonya Buffet Dinner

Copthorne Orchid Hotel Saturday dinner on Terrace Bay Restaurant offering Nyonya Buffet for just RM42nett adult, RM32nett Senior Citizen and RM25nett Child. Definetely a great buffet for local and foreigner, local will definitely enjoy those great food that we use to eat frequently while for foreigner it is a great buffet to get to know famous local food. Nyonya cuisine are blending of Chinese and Malay cuisine that emphasize on herb which create to form the unique taste.
Copthorne Orchid Hotel Buffet

Copthorne Orchid Hotel Buffet

Nyonya Buffet Dinner held at Terrace Bay Restaurant.
Copthorne Orchid Hotel Buffet

Copthorne Orchid Hotel Buffet

Spacious environment with nice and proper layout. Although it might look a bit old but it is very comfortable dining inside, you may opt to sit poolside for outdoor seating.
Copthorne Orchid Hotel Buffet
Copthorne Orchid Hotel Buffet
Copthorne Orchid Hotel Buffet

Let get start with appetizer, Pickle Cucumber and Pineapple
Pickle Cucumber and Pineapple

Fresh Salad Vegetable
Copthorne Orchid Hotel Buffet

Mango Salad, extremely appetizing starter where crunchy mango mix well with onion to create the sweet and sourish taste.
Mango Salad

Mixed Vegetable Pickle (Acar Awak), assorted fresh vegetable marianted and top with sesame seed which has a little bit of spicy taste.
Mixed Vegetable Pickle

Laksa are Penang signature dishes that should not be miss, a mixture of assorted vegetable served with fish soup which taste spicy and sour.

Deep Fried Chicken, we found the deep fried chicken to be a little bit dry and cold. It will be good if they can serve less and refill more frequent to maintain the crispy texture.
Deep Fried Chicken

Stir Fried Vegetable
Stir Fried Vegetable

Fish in Fermented Soy Bean Sauce, deep fried whole fish and served with soy bean sauce, it has very strong soy bean sauce which goes well with steamed rice.
Fish in Fermented Soy Bean Pastea

Sambal Prawn is my favorite dish as it has very strong sambal fragrance and the small prawn has very crunchy texture. Yummy!
Sambal Prawn

Jiu Hu Char is a must for Nyonya cuisine, a very famous dish that commonly found in Poh Pia as well. Huge amount of dry cuttlefish added to create the seafood fragrance, it is very delicious.
Jiu Hu Char

Curry Chicken, strong curry fragrance with tender texture, love the curry aroma very much.
Curry Chicken

Kiam Chai Ark, very surprising dish as I never saw this dishes in buffet line before, although this is a very famous dish but hardly can get in hawker stall or restaurant. I love the strong taste of salted vegetable, spices, tomato and fresh duck meat.
Kiam Chai Ark
Kiam Chai Ark

Chicken Lobak, surprise by the succulent chicken meat and crispy skin, instead of deep fried whole Lobak they cut it into small pieces and deep fried to perfection to create the crispy texture, Opps...we took more than 4 full plate of Chicken Lobak.
Chicken Loh Bak
Chicken Loh Bak

Jiu Hu Char in cup, yummy. One of our favorite snack.
Jiu Hu Char

Coffee and Tea Station

Fresh Fruits included are honeydew, watermelon and pineapple.
fresh vegetable

Mango Jelly
Mango Jelly

Rose Syrup Jelly

Pulut Tai Tai and Kuih Talam definitely signature Nyonya dessert, great use of coconut milk to create this delicious dessert.
Pulut Tai Tai

Kuih Talam

Other Nyonya Kuih which are very delicious as well especially the coconut wrap which has very strong brown sugar fragrance.


Black Glutinous Rice Dessert
black glutinous rice

Bubur Cha Cha is a mixture of assorted sweet potato cook in coconut milk, it has the crunchy texture of sweet potato with sweetened coconut milk.
Acar Acar

Tang Yuen
Tang Yuen


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