Healthy English Breakfast at Soul Cafe

Soul Cafe always lauch new menu and every time we are excited to try out their new menu, this round they introduce Breakfast! Hurray! Healthy breakfast is very important to human body and getting the right amount of nutrition give us energy throughout the day. In their newly launch menu, fresh fresh yogurt granola and scramble egg are introduce, that is something i look forward to.
Soul Cafe

English Tea

Green Tea Latte
Green Tea Latte

We tested 4 different type of Smoothie Granola that has combination of various fresh fruits, each meal has it very own unique taste and all are well mix. It gave a very refreshing and smooth texture, not too sweet instead it fill with fruits taste. We like the Mango+Pineapple and Strawberries+Yogurt combination the most as it taste sourish and fresh mango and strawberries gave extra point to it flavor.

Mango, Pineapple & Granola RM14.90
Mango, Pineapple & Granola

Strawberries, Yogurt & Granola RM18.90
Strawberries, Yogurt & Granola

Apricot, Orange & Granola RM18.90
Apricot, Orange & Granola

Chocolate, Banana & Granola RM14.90,
Chocolate, Banana & Granola

4 type of croissant based breakfast, topping are pork sausage, smoked duck, salmon or mushroom. In between are scramble egg and slice of fresh apple, fresh apple play an important role to create the texture and fresh taste. Egg mix with fresh milk and a pinch of salt to create the smooth texture scramble egg, it is one of the best scramble egg i ever had. We had pork sausage and i just love it, it has a little bit of chewy texture and rich in flavor. Smoked duck are perfectly marinated and smoked to flavor as well.

Croissant, Scramble Egg & Pork Sausage RM24.90
Croissant, Scramble Egg & Pork Sausage

Croissant, Scramble Egg & Smoked Duck RM22.90
Croissant, Scramble Egg & Smoked Duck

Other than croissant based, they do have Rye bread as based with pretty much the same topping. We had the bacon and mushroom version and it is awesome. Baked bean are not directly from can instead they season it with paprika to create a little bit spicy taste which i found to be excellent, taking a big spoon of bean mix well with scramble egg and apply on top of rye bread is just perfect.

Rye Bread, Scramble Egg, Baked Bean & Bacon RM24.90

Rye Bread, Scramble Egg, Baked Bean & Mushroom RM18.90
Rye Bread, Scramble Egg, Baked Bean & Mushroom

Omelett, Hash Brown & Smoked Salmon RM21.90, two big pieces of hash brown with huge portion of omelette that filled with smoked salmon. I found it to be too filling for breakfast, probably there is 3 to 4 egg. Super generous. Anyhow, smoked salmon combine with egg create well balanced taste. Hash brown are surprisingly good, crispy and flavorful.
Omelett, Hash Brown & Smoked Salmon

Omelett, Hash Brown & Smoked Salmon

Something special on October, 4 main dish from Chef Signature and we are lucky to try out two of it, Salmon Fillet and Tortilla Wrap.

Salmon Fillet with Citrus BĂ©arnaise Sauce RM35, thick generous cut of Salmon fillet pan fried to crispy texture and top with refreshing cut of assorted vegetable, at the bottom are potato with special sauce.
Salmon Fillet with Citrus BĂ©arnaise Sauce

Tortilla Wrap with Gochujang Chicken RM18.90, wait. Isn't it Gochujang Chicken sound like a Korean dish? Yup, it is and they use Tortilla to wrap with it, it has very special combination but surprisingly good.
Tortilla Wrap with Gochujang Chicken

Signature dessert lava cake with Matcha or Cocoa filling. It took some time for preparation as it need to prepare fresh to have the melting texture. It is highly recommended to eat while it still hot, cut open the cake and hot steam flown out with strong matcha or cocoa fragrance. Vanilla ice cream and passion fruits provided are good combination to lava cake, it balanced the sweet taste.

Molten de Matcha RM21
Molten de Matcha

Molten de Matcha

Molten de Cocoa RM18
Molten de Cocoa

Molten de Cocoa

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