Suffolk House Restaurant Course Meal

Suffolk House is one of the famous fine dining restaurant in Penang and also previously serve as a residence of Francis Light who found the Penang Island. Entrance fees of RM10 required but it can be deducted from expenses in the restaurant. Lunch 4 course meal starting from RM42 until RM98, Chicken, Fish, Steak all available on the menu. Start with soup of the day, pumpkin soup with herbs which taste pretty good, rich and creamy. While on main course we had seabass and steak, seabass are deep fried to crusted skin served on top of green pea puree with side salad. Seabass has extermely crunchy skin but the overall flavor are just normal. Steak and Hand Cut Chip 200gram grain fed sirloin RM82 served with red wine jus and assorted buttered vegetable. Steak are nicely cook to tender and juicy, the red wine sauce taste pretty good as well. We then have a dessert and a cup of coffee. That conclude our lunch, excellent environment and food taste not bad as well. Great place for a romantic dating.

Suffolks House Restaurant

Soup Of The Days

Bread with Butter

Prawn Crusted Seabass

Grain Fed Sirloin

Grain Fed Sirloin

Dessert Of The Day


Suffolks House Restaurant

Suffolks House Restaurant

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Suffolk House
250 Jalan Air Itam 10460 Georgetown Penang
Lunch: 12 – 2:30pm
Afternoon Tea: 2:30 – 5:30pm
Dinner: 7 – 11pm

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