Little Street Cafe

Little Street Cafe located at the hidden valley of Irrawaddy Road, a street that famous for good food. Little Street Cafe specialize in western food with great creativity from chef, pretty much all dishes we try has special crafted dressing or sauce that compliment main dish very well. If you are rabbit lover then give them a visit as you can take photo with cute little rabbit, they are so adorable.

Classic Vanilla Milkshake RM12, strong flavor of milk and vanilla, creamy and sweet sweet.

Ice Cappuccino with Ice Float RM9+RM3, Hello! a cute bear waving and say hello to us. Cute 3D Latte Art are presented in our ice cappuccino, i am pretty sure it will be a Instagram worth drinks.

Complimentary House Salad with main course. Well, it is not typical salad with mayonnaise dressing instead it is special crafted dressing of Wasabi or Tomyam. The Wasabi dressing is the one that worth mention, it is quite spicy at first bite but after a few bite we felt in love with it. It is so rich in flavor.

Cheese Baked Chicken RM21, nicely marinated chicken drum stick pan fried to perfection then top with a slice of melted cheese. I love the juicy chicken which are rich in flavor and the cheese saltiness just awesome.

Wasabi Sesame Salmon RM26, thick cut salmon pan fried to crispy skin and top with wasabi dressing that give a huge boost to it flavor. Can i have more wasabi dressing, it taste so good and blend extremely well with Salmon.

Thai Basil Seafood Fried Rice RM18, if you looking for a simple fried rice then this won't be a good option because this plate of fried rice is what GREAT fried rice about. Great wok hei from fried rice and the most important is the hint of fragrance from basil leave which make the fried rice taste so good, on top of that prawn, squid and clam are added to boost it flavor even more.

Lamb Stew Pasta RM28, mixture of herb cook with lamb for more than 24 hour to create the rich flavor soup for pasta, lamb are very soft and full of flavor. It is so yummy and we are surprise that lamb stew can blend so well with pasta.

Lamb Shoulder RM28, lamb shoulder grilled and top with special made sauce sweet sauce, personally we found the sauce taste too sweet and overpower the lamb flavor.

Vongole White Wine Pasta RM22, recently we falling in love with clam soup pasta as it has the natural sweetness from clam and the present of white wine gave a refreshing flavor. A few slice of chili padi give a spicy after taste.


Nata De Coco are complimentary as well.

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Little Street Cafe
16, Jalan Irrawadi, 10500 Georgetown Penang
012-593 1500
12pm - 10pm

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