Sea Fresh Hot Pot 蒸味鲜 Jalan Macalister

Eating healthy is always good but how do we ensure what we eat are healthy? Well, the simple way is to eat unprocessed food, without sugar, without flavoring, without salt, without MSD...etc. As long as the food is natural then it is healthy for our body. With that said, the best option is to eat something that freshly steamed. We ate in Steamed Seafood Hot Pot 蒸味鲜 at Golden Triangle before and since then we fall in love with simple cooking "Steamed".
Seafresh hot pot 蒸味鲜

The restaurant located at Jalan Macalister offering big space for dining within two floor, each table are fill with the special steamed cook. It is very simple but super efficient, it took only a few minute to cook meat, seafood and vegetable.
Seafresh hot pot 蒸味鲜

Seafresh hot pot 蒸味鲜

We had apple vinegar drink which direct import from China, it taste sweet and sour. Very appetizing.
apple cider

We had 4 pax Turbot Fish & Prawn Set RM228 which came with clam 400gram, 4 big scallop, 2 chicken drum stick, assorted vegetable, Japanese tofu, mushroom, siew mai, fuzhou fish ball and rice with pork ribs and dried scallop. The rice, pork ribs and dried scallop will be put at the bottom of steamer and fill up with water, which will eventually fill with meat, seafood and vegetable essence from the steaming process.
Rice with Pork Ribs

Well, if you are condiment lover like we do then you can get whole lot of different condiment for your dipping. We highly recommend 老干妈酱 Lao Gan Ma sauce which is a type of bean paste but it taste extremely good, it goes well with all sort of ingredients even porridge.

Hairy Crab are not included in the menu but if you choose set menu then you can get one for just RM30, hairy crab are seasonal seafood which most likely not available after mid of December so get it while stock last.
hairy crab

Turbot Fish is the signature of the meal, it is high in collagen and omega 3. Pretty rare and expensive fish, but it has very springy texture and sweet taste. It is a must try fish as it taste really really really really good.
turbot fish

Chicken without seasoning? Are you serious? It won't taste good at all right? The Chicken taste awesome, it is so juicy and just a dip into soy sauce is well enough to bring out it sweetness.

With the speedy steamer, it able to cook chicken in just a couple of minute which help to retain it juiciness and sweetness.

Big scallop, so fresh and delicious.

Assorted vegetable and mushroom.
fresh vegetable

assorted mushroom

Highly recommend their Siew Mai and Fuzhou Fish Ball which are rich in flavor and delicious.
fish ball, siew mai

Two type of prawn, tiger prawn and white prawn. Personally i prefer white prawn but after tasting the tiger prawn I change my mind as the tiger prawn taste sweet and has better bite texture.

Two type of clam, clam is a must as it not only tasty but also help to increase the sweetness of porridge.


Teng...Teng...Crab Time! Yes, our hairy crab are ready. Hairy crab are normally smaller in size compare to normal mud crab we ate but it has whole lot of roe which gave a strong after taste, it meat also tend to be sweeter.
hairy crab

Look at those orange roe, it is so creamy and sweet. Gave a good sip and keep it in your tongue for a while before consume to enjoy the sweetness. You can feel the strong after taste after swallow it, took some effort to remove the meat and we truly enjoy it as it is so sweet. Even the smallest craw are fill with meat.
hairy crab

Next is the Turbot fish, it meat are extremely smooth with springy texture, beneath the skin are a thick layer of collagen that gave a jelly texture. We thought the fish meat must be less since it look so flat but no no, it has thick meat and even the bottom part are very meaty as well.
turbot fish

Enjoy a big bowl of seafood + meat + vegetable essence porridge, OMG. It is so sweet, thanks to the prawn, clam, crab and fish sweetness. Although our stomach are full but we still enjoy the porridge very much.

Parking available at Guang Ming Daily and Sun Yat Sen Center. It just across the road or you may park at road side.
Seafresh hot pot 蒸味鲜

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Sea Fresh Hot Pot 蒸味鲜 Jalan Macalister
152, Jalan Macalister, Penang, Malaysia
+60 16-523 0989
5pm - 1am

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