The Legend Nyonya House

The Legend Nyonya House as the name suggest Nyonya as their specialize dish with impressive Nyonya dishes all over the menu, restaurant decoration infuse with Nyonya element which gave a very elegant feeling. Situated at Chulia Street Ghaut which right beside The Press and Container Hotel Penang, ample of parking lot available at road side.

Furniture and decoration are from the Nyonya generation, every aspect are well taken care of. It is very comfortable dining inside.

Utensils are as well very antique feel.

Acar, combination of carrot and cucumber fermented in vinegar and top with crunchy peanut. It taste sourish and sweet.

Pickle Onion, nicely fermented pickled onion taste sweet without spicy taste.

Lemongrass Drink, extremely strong lemongrass with ginger after taste. It has a little bit of spicy taste as well, it is very healthy drinks.

Jiu Hu Char RM18, Special turnip with shredded cuttlefish. It served with a bowl of green coral which can be use to wrap with Jiu Hu Char, it is a perfect combination and i can finish a whole bowl myself.

Jiu Hu Char incorporated whole lot of shredded cuttlefish which gave a seafood fragrance and saltiness into the sweet vegetable, it is very delicious.


Nasi Ulam RM18, a combination of assorted vegetable and herbs into making this bowl of healthy yet delicious rice. The present of salted fish help to boost it flavor very much, it gave a hint of saltiness which goes well with various herbs in it.

Kapitan Chicken RM25, chicken are perfectly cook to tender texture which the curry sauce taste just awesome, it goes well with steamed rice.


Nyonya Brinjal RM15, normally i would avoid Brinjal as it is very oily and mushy texture but they make it to be non oily instead the topping of sweet chili sauce making it taste good.

Special Homemade Tofu RM20, smooth with bean fragrance tofu deep fried and garnished with deep fried shallot and spring onion.

Dark Sauce Pork Belly RM25, one of my favorite dish of the night. The pork belly is cut into big pieces then stir fried with dark sauce with chili padi to give it a boost of spiciness. It is very delicious, sweet, spicy and meaty texture.


Salted Fish Curry aka Kiam Hu Kut Gulai, one of my favorite Nyonya dishes and it is a must for my family dinner. Thick curry sauce with various vegetable and prawn is what make the bowl of awesomeness, i can easily finish a bowl of it with two or three bowl of rice. It just that delicious.

Sweet and Spicy Pork Fillet, thinly slice pork deep fried and stir fried with sweet and spicy sauce. It is very crispy and tasty.

Assam Tumis Pomfret Fish, huge and fresh Pomfret fish cook in sour and spicy assam soup. The assam soup taste really good especially with the add on of torch ginger flower (Laksa Flower), it is very appetizing as well.


Black Glutinous Rice RM5, perfectly cook glutinous rice which has very soft texture and topping with fragrance coconut milk make it taste good.

Red Bean RM5, we found the red bean to be a little bit diluted, personally we prefer more red bean in the bowl.

Rainbow Sago Dessert, one of the best dessert we had with assorted sweet potato cook in coconut milk which are very delicious.

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The Legend Nyonya House
2, Gat Lebuh Chulia, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
+60 4-251 9598
11am - 3am

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