Gurney Paragon Food Court Just Food

Gurney Paragon extend their food court to even bigger and more vendor, with that said, more food variety are now available at one of the best food court in Penang mall. Great variety of hawker food can be found here such as Laksa, Lobak, Chicken Rice...etc, other than that Korean Food, Japanese Food, Mediterranean Food, Chinese Food, Thai Food...etc all available here.
Gurney Paragon Food Court

Gurney Paragon Food Court

Gurney Paragon Food Court

Gurney Paragon Food Court

Appetizer such as Cup type Jiu Hu Char that has crispy cup that hold stir fried vegetable with dried squid, the cup itself is edible and it taste real good.
Cup Jiu Hu Char

Another appetizer is Popiah, deep fried to crispy skin and dipping with chili sauce is the best.

Roasted pork that is juicy with crispy skin, it has the right level of saltiness and best to eat together with Char Koay Teow.
Roasted Pork

Yummy Yummy Char Koay Teow, Penang signature hawker food that should not miss. Normally food court Char Koay Teow taste just normal but the one found here are pretty good, i won't say the best but it is a decent one.
Char Koay Teow

If Char Koay Teow is not enough then get a bowl of Laksa, sour and spicy soup noodle is a must to try in Penang. It is very appetizing and delicious.

Assorted deep fried fritter aka Lobak.

If you are Korean BBQ fans then give this a try, they do have good variety of grill meat as well.
Korean BBQ

Penang famous Xin Nam Huat Roasted Chicken, Duck, Pork. Well, every Penang people know this stall as you can get it almost every corner. Famous for it Roasted Chicken and Char Siew, it is perfectly cook to juicy and flavor. Always the best and highly recommended.
Gurney Paragon Food Court

Roasted Pork

Well, if going to down and wait in line under hot sun is not a good option then you can get the same bowl of Chendol at here, Penang famous Theo Chew Chendol. The coconut based dessert is very famous and delicious.

Crystal Jelly with mix fruits.

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Gurney Paragon
Address: Jalan Kelawai, Pulau Tikus, 10350 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Hours: 10AM–10PM
Phone: +60 4-228 8266

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