M9 Cuisine Delight Western Food Restaurant Alma Bukit Mertajam


M9 Cuisine Delight Restaurant located at Alma, Bukit Mertajam. Offering wide range of Western Food, Chinese Food, Snack, Drink and Dessert. Situated at the corner lot of new shopping lot, offering spaces and clean environment for dining. Good option for family gathering, friends hangout or even couple dating as well.

Vanilla with Mix Berry Soda Ice RM8, if you like root beer float then I am very sure you will be addicted to this drink as well. It has strong acidity taste from Mix Berry juice with vanilla ice cream.
Passion Soda Ice RM8, passion fruits essence mix with soda.

Java Chip Frappucinno RM9

Soup of The Day, mushroom soup served with crispy butter toast.

Hawaiian Chicken Chop RM16.90, chicken drum stick with ham and cheese served with pineapple and salad with sweet sauce. Combination of chicken, ham and cheese are extremely delicious, it taste even better with a thin slice of pineapple.

Hercules Pork Chop RM19.90, two big pieces of pork chop marinated with sweet sauce then grilled to perfection, served with mashed potato, vegetable and corn. The pork chop taste very close to Thai Sweet Pork but much more soft in texture.

Chicken Gordon Blue RM18.90, big pieces of chicken breast stuffed with cheese then coat with a layer of flour and deep friend to golden color, served with fries and salad. Look at those melting cheese, OMG! Although chicken breast are use instead of drum stick but it is extremely succulent, it is so juicy and flavorful.

Cheesy Chicken Floss Wrap with Fries RM9.90, surprise by the balanced of flavor between chicken floss, egg and cheese, but i would suggest to add lettuce for extra crunchy texture. Although it look to be simple and small portion but trust me, it is so filling.

Peppery Chicken Spaghetti, new product that going to release very soon. We are honor to be the first to try out and truly impressive with the rich flavor of spaghetti, chicken meat are very flavorful and soft as well.

Green Tea Lava RM15.90, a big scoop of green tea ice cream served with lava cake. It is a true Green Tea dessert, Green Tea ice cream, Green Tea cake with Green Tea filling. Green tea lover will definitely fall in love.

I Vanilla Fruitty RM13.90, if you want to show some love to your partner then order this dessert. It came with whole lot of love shape candy and the whole plate presentation just awesome. At the bottom are two pieces of pancake with banana, kiwi, strawberry and longan, top with cream and ice cream. Very big portion dessert that great for sharing.

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M9 Cuisine Delight
2, Lorong Seri Alma, Pusat Perniagaan Seri Alma 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
11am-4.30pm / 6pm-10.30pm
04-548 9364
Facebook page: M9 Cuisine Delight

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