Penang Ixora Hotel Seafood and BBQ Buffet Dinner

Ixora Hotel has been serving lunch buffet for quite sometime until recently they decided to venture into dinner buffet and trust me, they should do it much early. Why? Well, for just RM78nett per adult and RM48nett per child/senior citizen, it is definitely one of the best value buffet you can find.

The restaurant is very cozy with open bar right at the right side of entrance, on the left side is the main seating area where buffet counter are along the middle row.

Let get started with Cheese counter where assorted cheese are served with dried fruits and biscuits. Generous amount of strawberry, grape and avocado are available as well, is that for decoration purpose? Who care, as long as it edible we will enjoy it.

Cheese spread with bread and a sprinkle of sugar on top, it look to be a simple cheese dish but in actual fact it is one of the best dish i have in today buffet line. It has a little bit of saltiness and sweetness that create a good taste combination.

Salad bar are filled with fresh vegetable and many different dressing.

Well, if you are not good in mixing salad then try the pre-made salad where chef mix and match various ingredients to create fruits salad, octopus salad...etc.

Smoked Salmon, Salami, Chicken Sliced are available as well.

Proceed to outdoor there is BBQ counter & dessert counter, for sure we are not so interested with dessert counter at the start of buffet but with the fire and smoked coming from BBQ counter, we are attracted.

Around 8 BBQ dishes are available, such as crab, slipper lobster, beef, lamb, chicken, sausage...etc.

Salmon are perfectly cook to flavor, it is very fresh and delicious.

Assorted sausage.

Our favorite BBQ dishes is the Char Siew Chicken, perfectly marinated chicken taste extremely good, sweet and juicy.

Beef is one of my favorite as well, it is cook to medium well where a little pink remain inside.

If BBQ seafood is not enough then go back inside for another Seafood Counter where cook seafood are served cold. There is mussel, prawn, scallop and oyster.

Scallop are big in size and fresh, it doesn't required any sauce to go along as it natural sweetness is the best. There is another type of scallop which is smaller in size and have a little bit chewy texture, it taste pretty good as well.

Oyster size are pretty decent and very fresh. It is so delicious.

On hot dishes counter, Fried Rice, Fried Noodle, Braised Vegetable with Scallop, Stewed Duck, Potato Gratin and more.
Whole lot of prawn covered up fried noodle, fried noodle is nicely cook to flavor.

Instead of saying this as a vegetable dish, i would say scallop are the main ingredient while vegetable as side. Whole lot of big scallop are use to cook with broccoli and cauliflower.

Two different type of soup, mushroom soup and chicken peanut soup.

Still not enough, then get a bowl of Hokkien Meee with extra chili sauce. The hokkien mee soup taste a little bit too sweet to me so a few scoop of extra chili sauce is needed.

Dessert Counter are fill with small plate of dessert which really impress me. Personally i don't enjoy buffet line served whole cake as everyone will just cut into mess. With each dessert on it own plate, it make the dessert look good and taste good as well. Dessert included are Tiramisu, Cream Caramel, Pana Cotta, Fruit Tart, Crepe...etc.

This is typical Malaysian dessert where various ingredients are mix and top up with longan soup.

Ice Cream served are mini Cornetto.

Assorted fruits, marshmallow are prepare for dipping into Green Tea Chocolate fondue.

Let enjoy Earth Day together.

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Ixora Hotel Penang
3096 Jalan Baru, Bandar Perai Jaya, 13600 Perai, Pulau Pinang.
04-3828888 (ext 1403)
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