Raisin Bread Recipe

After fail for a couple time, finally i make a bread that is so soft and delicious. It indeed very simple but the waiting time is long, the whole process took me almost 3 hours. Ingredient shown below is for 2 bread, it depend on the size of pan you have.


Ingredients for 2 Bread
2 cup warm water
60g of sugar
2 tablespoons instant yeast (11g)
1.5 tablespoons salt
2 tablespoons oil/butter
4 cups flour (roughly) - add slowly

Step by Step
1. Prepare a super big bowl.
2. Pour 2 Cup of Warm Water.
3. Add in 60g of Sugar, can be adjust based on your preference.
4. Allow 10minutes for Yeast to activate, if no bubble after 10minutes which mean Yeast is expired. Please do not proceed further.
5. Add in 1.5 Tablespoons of Salt
6. Add in 2 Tablespoons of Butter/Oil, personally i recommend butter for extra fragrance.
7. Add 4 cup of flour slowly, mix well and add if only too wet. Keep adding till the dough dry and non sticky, not too much else it will be very dry.
8. Knead with hand for 10-15minutes.
9. Add in raisin, you may add cheese or other ingredients as well. *I soak raisin before add in to make the raisin soft.
10. Transfer dough to grease pan and let it rise for 60minutes or double in size. *Depend on your environment temperature, it can be more than 60minutes.
11. After it rise to double or triple in size, gently push out all the air and knead for another few minutes.
12. Equally split into two pan and cover. *I did not split equally end up one bread is much bigger.
13. Let it rise for another 60minutes or double in size.
14. Apply a layer of oil/butter/egg white on top.
15. Send straight to cold oven and start baking with 180C for 30minutes. Add one cup of hot water to keep bread moist throughout cooking process.
16. If bread become too brown (black), cover with aluminium foil.
17. Remove from oven after 30minutes and apply a layer of oil/butter on top.
18. Let it rest to room temperature before cutting.
19. Hualla! Delicious raisin bread is ready.