Sushi Kitchen Gurney Plaza Penang

Sushi Kitchen Restaurant offer healthy food, emphasize on healthy eating with fresh ingredients. Sushi Kitchen has few branches around Penang and Gurney Plaza is one of the latest branch which start operation since last year.

Food ingredients are soaked in enzymes for 45 minutes before cooking.
Mayonnaise are freshly made from non dairy, no egg, no honey and no animal product.
Food are order to cook so be patient while waiting for your food that cook with love.
All food preparation without food preservative, white sugar replace with brown sugar and salt use are Himalayan Rock salt.

Vegetable Hand Roll RM8, freshly roasted Japanese premium seaweed roll with assorted fresh and crunchy vegetable, topping with homemade vegan mayonnaise and G-ken floss. Seaweed are extremely crispy and what make hand roll taste good is the homemade mayonnaise, it has a bit of sour and sweet taste.

Happiness Family RM36, 16 pieces sushi that consists of G-Ken Floss Sushi, Rainbow Maki, Global Warning Maki, Inari, Chuka Wakame Gunkan. Japanese rice are use and it has very nice texture with vinegar fragrance. Deep Fried Sushi is one of their signature as it has extra crispiness.

Mango Sushi are seasonal menu item as Mango are not available throughout the year. Honestly this is a piece of art, it look gorgeous. Sushi wrapped with carrot, cucumber & G-Ken floss. Sour and Sweet Mango Sushi gave a new sushi experience to us.

Black God RM15.90, Organic Charcoal Noodle with wheat milk soup. Honestly we are surprise by the tastiness of soup that was cook from wheat milk and assorted vegetable, it taste very delicious and charcoal noodle has springy texture.

Red Sea Udon RM12.90, a bowl of udon fill with special homemade chili paste and tofu that make to look and taste like egg. 4 hour to prepare and cook the chili paste, it consist different type of chili which make it rich in taste, "egg" that make from tofu are something special which has very egg like texture.

Golden Porridge RM8.80, a big bowl of porridge that very close to Hong Kong Style porridge where rice are completely cook through to sticky texture, sprinkle with goji, sesame and purple cabbage make it look colorful. Serving with deep fried Enoki that is very crispy and delicious.

Seaweed Fried Rice RM9.80, big piece of seaweed use to cover fried rice that allow seaweed fragrance to be absorb. It served with chopped vegetable and mayonnaise, fried rice taste very good as it has "wok hei" and right balanced of taste.

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Sushi Kitchen
170-03-82 Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang
04-373 1402
10am - 10pm