Dim Sum at Golden Phoenix Hotel Equatorial Penang


Hotel Equatorial Penang has numerous great restaurant such as Nada Lama, Kampachi and also Golden Phoenix, we visited first two restaurant before but this is the first visit to Golden Phoenix. Golden Phoenix is a Chinese Restaurant features authentic Szechuan and Cantonese cuisines. New variety of awesome Dim Sum included in the menu that make it more than 30 varieties of Dim Sum offer. Golden Phoenix is a pork free restaurant and ingredients use are the best in class. We are honor to be invited for newly launch menu from Chef Vincent Tan who has over 10+ years of culinary experience

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Pu Er Tea, from the first sip we can tell the different with other dim sum restaurant, tea served here are very smooth and have strong tea fragrance.

鮑魚仔燒賣 Bao Yu Zai Siew Mai, steamed mini abalone Siew Mai. Big chunk of chicken meat and prawn nicely season to flavor, topping with mini abalone.

腊味韭菜餃 Lap Mei Gap Choy Gao, steamed chive dumpling with Chinese sausage. If you are fan of Chinese Sausage like me then you will like this steamed dumpling as it has very strong sweet taste from Chinese Sausage and good bite texture from chive.

紅油鮮蝦水餃 Hong Yao Shui Gao, steamed prawn dumpling with chili oil.

煎狗不理包 Gao Bat Lei Bao, pan-fried chicken bun. We are surprise by the fluffiness of white bun which taste sweet and eating together with savory chicken filling taste just awesome.

帶子龍鬚卷 Long Shou Guen, deep-fried scallop and kataifi prawn. One of the best Dim Sum and we all agree it taste very good, with it crispy skin and special dipping sauce making it taste so special and delicious.

鮑汁鮮竹卷 Sin Jook Guen, dee-fried bean curb roll with abalone sauce.

蘿蔔糕 Lo Pak Gou, deep-fried turnip cake with chicken sausage.

蛋皮糯米飯 Lor Mai Fan, steamed glutinous rice with egg crepe. Instead of serving in bowl, chef make a egg crepe and wrap around glutinous rice to make it look different, glutinous rice is perfectly cook to soft texture while retain the rice shape and fill with assorted ingredients to give it a strong taste.

沙律蝦角 Sa Lut Har Gok, deep-fried prawn with mayonnaise. Perfectly deep fried crispy skin fill with fresh and delicious prawn.

貴都鮮蛋撻 Egg Tart, in order to make a healthy egg tart, chef use olive oil and soy bean as key ingredients, surprisingly we can't tell the different and it is very crispy and delicious.

芒果布丁 Mong Go Bou Din, chilled mango pudding. Generous portion of Mango Pudding and big chunks of mango flesh top with strawberry and blueberry.

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Golden Phoenix Restaurant
1, Jalan Bukit Jambul, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang.
04- 632 7000
11.30am – 2.30pm Daily