Hai Di Lao Dry Pot Prawn Recipe 海底捞麻辣干锅虾食谱


This is our very first experience in cooking using Hai Di Lao Mala Paste, surprisingly this paste taste good.
We do add one extra Dried Chili as we prefer it to be more spicy, you can use the original package without extra which taste pretty good as well.
Remember to use slow heat for the whole cooking process (Except deep fried prawn and potato), slow heat ensure dried chili perfectly cook and extract nice flavor out.
You can cook with prawn or crab but personally I perfect prawn as it can fully absorb the spicy taste.

海底捞麻辣干锅调味料 (Hai Di Lao Mala Paste)
莲藕 (Lotus Root)
蒜头 (Garlic)
马铃薯 (Potato)
洋葱 (Onion)
香菜 (Chinese Parsley)
芹菜 (Celery)
辣椒干(Dried Chili)
虾 (Prawn)
绍兴酒 (Chinese Wine)
醋 (Vinegar)
油 (Cooking Oil)

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