Lavish Fusion Bakery Victoria Street Penang

Welcome to Lavish Fusion Bakery! Ops, shall we call it Restaurant? Dessert House? Well, it actually from the famous Love A Loaf Bakery and now expand into serving hot food, dessert...etc. Well, i would call it a full blown restaurant to be exact. The restaurant well situated at Victoria Street which is tourist hot spot as well as local favorite location, although parking might be challenge but if you are on luck, road side parking just few step away from the restaurant.

Nicely decorated plant wall are one of the most Insta photo, it look extremely green especially with the glass roof that allow great sunlight into the restaurant with huge "Lavish" on it.

I love how dessert presented behind the glass counter, it look extremely delicious! Can i have all?

Introducing the newly launch product Lava Cube and Ice Cream Crossaint. Surprises, Surprise, we are surprise by it taste. Well, more photo and description follow up.

Hot Latte RM11

Yogurt Berry Bash RM17.50, look at the amount of various berries added into drink, it is extremely generous in portion.

If you need a colorful drink to make your insta photo look attractive, get Unicorn series drink as the colorful and presentable outlook definitely going to earn you many many likes! By the way, we always has the assumption that colorful drink like Unicorn series normally taste 101% sweet and sweet and sweet, but we are surprise by how balanced the taste of sweetness and sourness which make it a smooth drinks.

Hot Baby Pony Blue Lagoon White Chocolate RM15.50

Eve Mango Strawberry Milk Vanilla RM17.50
Adam Passion Fruit Berries RM17.50

Coming here for breakfast might be a good option as well, getting a bowl of Summer Smoothie Bowl and share among friends or family might be a good idea. Fresh ingredients blended with ice and served with healthy ingredients on top. It not only healthy but also refreshing, probably a good option for hot day as well. By the way, they do have Overnight Oat with various flavor as well.

Berry Story RM19.50, Chia Seed, Banana Blueberry, Strawberry, Granola, Almond Strip

Avocado Bash RM19.50, Chia Seed, Granola, Quinoa Pop, Coconut Flax Seed, Blueberry, Strawberry

Super Dragonfruit RM19.50, Pumpkin Seed, Blueberry, Granola, Banana, Coconut

Let move to the newly launch product, Volcanic Lava Cube around the world. It has signature dish behind each country and blend it into croissant based square box. Although our stomach limit us to try every single flavor but from what we tested Flossy Salted Egg, Seaweed Mentaiko and Mushroom Spinach. We are confidently said that it taste extremely good. Filling in each cube are "too much", every bite we had are overflow by the filling. Filling are not only rich in flavor but the balanced of taste is what make it taste good, croissant make outer layer are crunchy with a little bit salty taste.

Volcano Lava Cube RM5.80/pc or RM10 for 2.
Miso Katsuobushi - Japan
Mushroom Spinach - France
Pepperoni Cream Cheese - USA
Garlic Cheese - British
Seaweed Mentaiko - Japan
Tiramisu - Italy
Panda Kaya - Malayasia
Flossy Salted Egg - China

Coming into lunch time, dining in Lavish might be a good idea for a perfect bowl of Spaghetti. Many choices available and surprisingly all taste pretty good, most of the spaghetti flavor here are pretty "general", such as Seafood, Cheese, Pesto, Mushroom...etc but what make it good is how each "general" spaghetti stand out from the rest of the competitor. We tested a few flavor and conclude that spaghetti are perfectly cook to el-dente, ingredients use are fresh, seasoning are on the heavy side and portion are generous. The only spaghetti that not on our liking is The Chorizo, which we found to be a little bit bland others that spicy taste.

Seafood Squid Ink RM31.50, Baby Octopus, Prawn, Spinach, Garlic, Shallot, White Wine, Lemon Juice, Sun Dried Tomatoes & Chili Flakes.

The Vongole RM27.50, Clam Chorizo, White WIne, Garlic, Chili Flakes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mushroom In The Jungle RM25.50, Wild Mushroom, Garlic, Thyme, Spinach, Butter, Truffle Oil

The Chorizo RM27.50, Bell Pepper, Chorizo, Apple Cider, Chili Flakes, Thyme, Garlic, Semi-Dried Tomato

Let jump into Special Menu where a series of fish, pork and chicken are perfectly cook to flavor. First of all, we are impress with their food presentation, every dish are nicely decorated on black color stone plate that make each dish look outstanding, on top of that great use of herbs and flower help make each dish even more presentable. It is very important to have a nicely decorated dish to compliment the decoration of the restaurant. But a nicely plate dishes will never fly if the taste did not meet expectation, we tasted three meat which is Saba Fish, Pork Cheek and Chicken, thumb up for all three protein. We found that each dishes come with some acidity seasoning such as Yuzu Puree, Pineapple Puree or Apple Puree which always help to balanced the taste of protein. Chicken and Pork are perfectly marinated to flavor and cook to tender and juicy.

Saba Fish In Ocean RM29.50, Rosemary Hummus, Honey Yuzu Puree, Pickle Beet, Basil Crumb & Arugula

Hawaiian Chicken Addiction RM28.50, Pineapple Salsa, Pineapple Puree,Cilantro, Green Pea Mushy

Extra Cheeky Pork CHeek RM25.50, Rosemary Popcorn, Celery Root, Candied Walnut, Apple Maple Puree

Snow Ice Cream Croissant RM3.80/pc or RM7 for 2. Important! Important! Do Not Order until you are ready to eat! Also! Do Not take forever for your camera to "eat"! It Melt! It is ice cream, ice cream melt! Don't follow our mistake by letting our camera "eat" for too long, end up croissant become soft and ice cream completely melt. Anyhow, we still manage to enjoy a few flavor before it completely melt, croissant are perfectly done to crispy texture (no doubt, since they are coming from bakery background). Surprise by the combination of ice cream and crossaint, never though that they can't be such a "good friends", it mix extremely well.

Flavor available are Swirly Caramel, Goody Goody Gumdrops, Mandarin Choc, Boysen Berry, Passion fruit Land, Honey Pokey, Cookies n Cream, Peaches Ripple

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Lavish Fusion Bakery
214, Lebuh Victoria, 10300, Georgetown, Penang.
9 am to 10:30 pm. Opens Daily.