Soft and Moist Bun 蓬松面包食谱

Soft and Moist Bun 蓬松面包食谱

2 Cup Warm Water
11g Instant Yeast
5 Tablespoon Sugar
1 Teaspoon Salt
4 Tablespoon Milk Powder
4 to 5 Cup of Bread Flour
4 Tablespoon Butter

2 杯温水
11g 酵母
5 汤匙糖
1 茶匙盐
4 汤匙奶粉
4 汤匙黄油

1. Add yeast into warm water.
2. Add sugar and salt then mix well.
3. Add flour slowly.
4. Knead to smooth surface and let it rise for 40minutes.
5. Cut into small size and form a round shape.
6. Rise second time in oven for another 30minutes.
7. Without preheat turn on oven to 180c with Top Down mode and baked for 17minutes.

1. 将酵母加入温水中。
2. 加入糖和盐然后混匀。
3. 慢慢加面粉。
4. 揉捏面团,让它发40分钟。
5. 切成小块,揉成圆形。
6. 再次在烤箱中发30分钟。
7. 不需预热,将烤箱打开至180℃,并以上下模式烘烤17分钟。

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