Eastin Hotel Penang Christmas Buffet 2017

Christmas is coming and we are excited to share the great deal that coming from various hotel again. Today we going to share Eastin Hotel Christmas Buffet deal, for just RM128nett you got to enjoy the awesomeness of Turkey and Christmas cookie with other delicious food as well.

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Buffet Dinner December 24 & 25, 2017
7pm till 10.30pm
RM128 nett for Adult (senior citizen at RM90 nett).
RM64 nett for Children

Christmas Day buffet high-tea
12noon till 3pm
RM88 nett for Adult (senior citizen at RM60 nett)
RM44 nett for Children

More awesomeness if you join Christmas Eve buffet where live performance by Batak Band from Indonesia, if you join Christmas Day Hi Tea buffet there will be a clown to entertain your children with his magic and balloon trick.

Here are list of hot dishes that so delicious, highlight are Salmon Fish Head Curry, Fragrant Prawn with Nutmeg Mayo Sauce, Chicken Gordon Bleu, Homemade Chicken Roulade and many more. Spaghetti Aglio-Olio are pretty good as well, especially with a hint of spiciness that make it different from ordinary Spaghetti.

Lamb cooking with sweet sauce is something special, tender and soft lamb which are perfectly cook. Dipping with the sweet sauce is surprisingly delicious.

Salmon Fish Head is my favorite, the curry taste strong and thick gravvy. Normally Salmon Fish Head tends to taste fishy but here they served extremely fresh Salmon fish head which doesn't has fishy taste instead it has fish sweetness it in. Taste so good that I ate 3 fish head.

While on dessert line there is a lot of Christmas dessert such as Floating Island with Almond and Cereal, Chocolate Truffle Cake, Christmas Log, Classic Cheese Cake, Creme Brulee and many more.
Overall dessert is above our expectation, normally buffet dessert tends to taste too sweet or boring but every dessert here is delicious and has rich in flavor. We are actually asking for more dessert, because it too good.

Tiramisu in cup is something special, chocolate made cup with with Tiramisu is so special and delicious. The portion is slightly too big for us but since it so delicious we end up eating the whole dessert.

On Cold Dishes counter, not to miss Seafood On Ice where fresh prawn, scallop, mussel and oyster are available and it taste so fresh and delicious. Other than that, Seafood Terrine, Tomato Mimosa, Chicken Galantine, German Potato Salad, Waldoft and Orange Salad and many more.

Fresh Oyster is big and delicious, with a squeeze of lemon making it taste even better.

Smoked Duck is nicely done to soft texture with a hint of saltiness.

Smoked Salmon with a hint of acidity is just perfect.

Not to miss the Beef Wellington & Roasted Whole Turkey. Beef Wellington is definitely the highlight of the night, with it delicious stuffing and tender beef, it is one of the best I ever had.

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Eastin Hotel Penang
1 Solok Bayan Indah, Queensbay, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang
04-612 1111