Gala House Restaurant Lebuh Muntri Penang

"Gala House" housed in the heritage building along Lebuh Muntri is a restaurant, café & bar that offer vast selection of burger, pasta and meat. The name has been established for quite a few years and since gaining popularity among local and tourist, setup is more of retro with a VW van as decoration.

Clam in Wine & Fresh Herbs Broth RM18, fresh and big clam cook with Sauvignon Blanc seasoning with cilantro, chilies, onions and fresh lime juice. Strong wine fragrance boost up clam natural sweetness.

French Onion Soup RM18, served at the right temperature with strong onion fragrance, soak with a slice of garlic baguette top with cheese. It taste very refreshing with sweetness from fresh onions.

Loaded Beef RM28, burger set comes with fries and greens as sides. As the name suggest LOADED, gigantic burger fill with super thick and juicy beef patty, filled with layer of cheese, crispy bacon, sautéed shiitake mushroom, caramelized onion and runny egg.

Cheddar Ranch RM28, burger set comes with fries and greens as sides. Perfectly season chicken patty are rich in flavor combined with smoked duck breast are surprisingly tasty. Sautéed spinach and shiitake mushroom added a layer of flavor as well.

Creamy Chicken RM28, served with a bed of mash potato top with creamy mushroom gravy. Chicken meat is well seasoned and the texture was tender with crispy skin.

Crab Stuffed Seabass RM36, thick cut seabass fill with fresh crabmeat and onions that gave a strong flavor to the lovely seabass. Served with mashed potato and roasted vegetables.

102, Lebuh Muntri, 10200 Georgetown, Penang
Monday - Thursday 11am - 12am
Friday - Sunday 9am - 12am