Shopping for Christmas Gift

Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell! It is time of year where joy and fun come together but it also one of my headache time of the year to decide where and what gift should I be given away. It always easy to get something for someone close to you since you get to know their life and need but when it comes to someone that not so close then I need to spend more time for research.

I use to spend few hour window shopping but end up get nothing, but since we are in Tech era Google has since become my PA, anything that I need I will go to google. After some searching I found this website productnation and the idea from Christmas gift ideas in Malaysia show me a list of great Christmas gift idea. Lazy people like me always enjoy something that other shortlisted, they list a bunch of cool and unique gift that I can gift away. Best thing is they provide a “buy now” link that save me time, I can just follow the link and make purchase online. Well, since it still early December I am pretty sure my parcel will be reaching my door step on time for Christmas party gift exchange. Just to highlight that since ProductNation is a Malaysia focus site so whatever they share are available here, unlike some of the site that show a bunch of idea but in real life you can’t get it locally.

With just an hour spend on browsing the website I am getting a good idea of what gift i am going after. By the way, while browsing for gift i saw Christmas Recipes that I can prepare for my guest as well. Although turkey will be idea for idea but it definitely over my budget so i decided to oven cook whole chicken, the step by step look simple and I am pretty sure i can nail it. Hopefully it will impress my guests.

Alright, i have my gift and dinner ready. It going to be a fun night cheering out with friends and family. Merry Christmas everyone!