Ixora Hotel 2018 Chinese New Year Course Meal and Buffet

Ixora Hotel upcoming promotion for Chinese New Year is very attractive. Not only buffet but also 6 and 8 course Chinese New Year menu that great for family gathering. Sharing below are highlighted dishes that will be feature in both buffet and course meal. Overall, it is very impressive with each dishes finely crafted from chef.

Course Meal 
8 course : RM 938 nett per table
6 course : RM 738 nett per table

Imperial Buffet Lunch : RM 45 nett(Adult)
RM 28 nett (child & senior citizen)

Special Promotion
Cake of the month : Spicy Chocolate Cake RM 12 nett per pcs
Cocktail of the month: RM22 nett
Mocktail of the month : RM 18 nett

Special Mocktail - Blossom

Chef Spcial Combination consist of 5 dishes, deep fried prawn, deep fried scallop, deep fried squid, stir fried abalone slice with jelly fish salad.

Double Boiled Spinach with Crab Meat Soup, at first it look rather "green" and we do expect to have some green taste from it but surprisingly seafood freshness and sweetness are the key flavor of this dish. It taste very delicious and full with seafood freshness.

Steamed Fish with Superior Seasoning, fresh fish cook with sweet soy sauce that specially made from chef.

Wok Fried Prawn with Chef's Special Sauce, deep fried big prawn season with teriyaki sauce that make the prawn taste sweet and delicious.

Seafood Bean Curb fill with fish roe. We are surprise by the amount of fish roe cover under seafood bean curb, it has the pop texture in mouth.

Roasted Duck is one of my favorite of the night, duck is perfectly roasted to flavor and duck meat is extremely juicy.

Stir Fried Asparagus with Scallop Sauce, shredded dried scallop cook with both type of asparagus (white & green) that make it taste extremely delicious.

Warm Sweetened Papaya Yogurt Puree with Glutinous Rice Balls, perfect combination by having sweet papaya pair with glutinous rice ball.

Cake of the month - Spicy Chocolate Cake with Cocktail "Spring". You will be surprise by the spiciness of chocolate cake, personally we found that spiciness is a little bit too much which overpower the chocolate taste.

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