Reunion Dinner Set at Hotel Jen Penang 2018

Prosperity year coming soon, let celebrate the awesome day with awesome food. Reunion dinner at Jen Hotel for promise a memorable event for sure, for 10 persons set Auspicious Reunion Dinner Menu priced at RM1388nett while Harmonious Prosperity Dinner priced at RM1888nett. Extra dishes from Harmonious Prosperity Dinner include extra baked lobster and complimentary bottle of whisky (Red wine for Auspicious Reunion Dinner), both menu come with Mandarin Orange and free flow of Chinese Tea. Only available on 15-February-2018 7pm to 11pm.

Side note, if you looking for buffet, here are the info.
Feb 15 Dinner – RM130nett Adult, RM65 Child (Free flow of beer & soft drinks)
Feb 16, Feb 17 Lunch – RM80nett Adult, RM40nett Child (Free flow of soft drinks)
Feb 16 Dinner – RM95nett Adult, RM47.50 Child (Free flow of soft drinks)

Well, the good news if you book and pay before 1st February, 15% discount per table. Good Deal? Yea, you can now enjoy the lobster for RM200+ cheaper.

We are honored to tasted Harmonious Prosperity Dinner set, started with Yee Sang which came with fresh salmon.

Baked Lobster, generous size of Lobster perfectly cooks to tender texture. Cover with a of crispy yet flavorful cheese crust, salted egg yolk sauce and cheese.

Double Boiled Chicken Consommé, super delicious soup that cook with great amount of chicken, dried scallop, white fungus and mushroom. Served with crispy spring roll.

Signature Roasted Duck with passion fruits and pine nuts. Roasted duck is crispy while the sour and sweet sauce perfectly compliment the delicious duck meat.

XO Sauce Prawn, surprise by the premium size of fresh prawn cook in XO sauce that gave a rich flavor.

Steamed Tiger Garoupa with superior soy sauce, soy sauce use is the key to the perfect taste of steamed fish, we are glad to even spoon a big spoon of soy sauce and enjoy it, it doesn’t taste salty instead it has the bean fragrance in it. The fish itself is extremely fresh, which I truly enjoy.

Normally in fine dining menu, between dishes sherbet will be served to clean palate. We are surprise that a nice bowl of wild berries sherbet is served. NICE!

Steamed Bean Curb Skin with Assorted Mushroom and Poached Brocolli.

Longevity Noodle, a sign of long and healthy life. The Yee Mee cook with generous amount of seafood, mushroom and vegetable.

Eight Treasure Rice Pudding, a special crafted dessert which we never try before. Super big portion, glutinous rice, gingko, red dates, wolf berries, lotus seed and lot of red bean paste.

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Hotel Jen Penang
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