Chinese New Year Promotions on Food Delivery Service

Few more days and we are going to celebrate the most anticipating Chinese New Year. Chinese are extremely crazy on spending especially for festive season but that cause problem, traffic jam, lack of parking space in shopping mall...etc. Sometime we spend a serious amount of time looking for parking space in shopping mall. Well, nowadays shopping can be done online with just a few click and just wait for delivery to your doorstep. It save time and if you are lucky to grab some discount coupon, it will be extremely cheap. Well, on top of that if you are using ShopBack, additional cashback on your purchase.

Reunion dinner or friends gathering are the most headache problem, I always spend hours for shopping to get fresh ingredients but now i can avoid those problem with food delivery services. It can be either ready to eat "cooked" food or raw ingredients that I cook myself. FoodPanda is my favorite option as it has partner with many great restaurant for food delivery, checkout Foodpanda promotions for some great deal.

Well, if you prefer to cook by your own then i have a good suggestion to get fresh ingredients deliver to your home, look for Honestbee. Always check for Honestbee coupons for better deal.  By the way, you can get extra cash back with these Chinese New Year promotions at Shopback. Gong Xi Fa Cai.