Pacific West Get-Together Dinner at More by Arang Coffee

In collaboration between Pacific West Frozen Seafood and More by Arang Coffee, presented specially design 5-course dinner feature Pacific West product and signature dishes from More by Arang Coffee. Pacific West has won the Best Innovative Seafood Product in Asia Halal Brands Award 2017, with that said it is definitely one of the best product to served your friends and family during this festive season.

We highly recommended to cook Pacific West product with Air Fryer as it is extremely easy, no defrost required. Just unpack and put in Air Fryer, 10-15 minute (depend on product) and you are ready for a good meal. Enjoy!

FIFA World Cup is running hot now, Pacific West fans stands a chance to win prices up to RM10,000 and FOODball merchandise, visit for more info.

We are served with a great variety of Pacific West Frozen Seafood and we truly enjoy those finger food, pairing with our favorite mayonnaise wasabi sauce is just perfect. Calamari Ring is my all time favorite, it is so springy yet flavorful.

Kuro Prawn (black) & Red Velvet (red) Prawn, sadly this product is not available in Malaysia. The prawn is so big and juicy.

Mushroom and Cheese Bruschetta

Clam Chowder

Charcoal Croissant Burger with Cheezy Fish Fillet & Dusted Baby Squids and Torpedo Prawns with Green Curry Pasta

Mango Berry Waffle

Coffee Milosaur

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