Envision My Valley City

“Envision My Valley City”​


Paya Terubong, an area that are developing with residential but lack of public infrastructure, no hospital, no high school, no college, lack of commercial…the list goes on. I envision my valley city with medication availability, clean surrounding and park for exercise.


Although we are lucky to be living Penang Island but accessible to Hospital is not in close proximity for all area such as Paya Terubong where the nearest Hospital is still 6.5km away.


Affordability and accessibility to medical care and adequate supply of service is important to preserve or improve health.

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Do good health only relevant to medical care? No! Prevention is better than cure, a lot of time disease can be preventing from happening. Such as, clean environment prevents Aedes Mosquito, no Aedes no Dengue. It is simple but how many time we make sure we clean our surrounding before it too late?

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Healthy Lifestyle Promote Well Being, stay healthy at all age. Clean environment is essential for good health, air and water pollution, miss handling of chemical waste, lack of exercise is what contributed to unhealthy life. Categories into two factories, Internal vs External. Internal is how individual take care of his/her own health by staying active, eat healthy and emotional positive. External factor is surrounding factor such as living environment, traffic congestion, noisy surrounding, poor air condition. Choices is always on our own hand, we take care of our own health and do our part to influence external factor. How we handle rubbish is one of the good example, if everyone does their part by recycling, environment improve eventually. More recycle less burning less factory. It takes time to see the benefit for each action taken but eventually it will benefit our self and next generation.

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Sunway Property is launching a campaign "Envision My Valley City", encourage people to submit idea on how we can bring improvement to the community, surrounding the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by UN.

You are encourage to join the campaign and have your voice heard. Click here for submission.