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YEA Japanese Barbecue & Shabu Shabu Penang Time Square

*Looking for steamboat buffet? Let review The Best Steamboat Buffet in Penang.

YEA Japanese Barbecue & Shabu Shabu is located at Penang Time Square which open since 2011 but sadly we only got the chance to visit in last August and only at 2013 I ready to write this article. Sorry for the delay but I pretty sure the ingredients is same.
The buffet cost RM53++ for adult and RM24++ for children, it pretty similar with TAO e-gate and Tsurukame Queensbay Mall. Let see what the quality and variety of food.
YEA Restaurant Penang Time Square

YEA Restaurant Penang Time Square

We will first bring to our table that has all utensils ready and a big flat stone in middle, waiter then explain to us how to grill using the equipments provide and what is the best way to cook.

Start the night dinner with duck meat as appetizer.
duck meat appetizer

Let go “harvest” some food! Let GO! Whole lot of ingredients, various type of fish ball, vegetable, mushroom, abalone slice…etc.
steamboat ingredients

steamboat ingredients

steamboat ingredients

steamboat ingredients

After that move toward seafood session to get some fresh seafood, surprise by the big fresh scallop and prawn that allow you to take unlimited.
fresh scallop

fresh seafood

Fresh big piece of Salmon

fresh fish

Now is time for meat session, you need to get the meat from counter. No worry it free flow as well, we had pork and beef here.
pork slice

beef slice

beef slice

Alright, before we start to grill we need to get some dish to cook along with the meat.

Let start the magic, the flat pan look like a glass plate but it get heat up pretty fast and it extremely easy to clean as well.
grilled beef

grilled beef

grilled pork


grilled salmon

grilled seafood

grilled mushroom

Fresh oyster, not sure it can be eat raw or not but there is some seasoning on top hence we just steamed it.
fresh oyster

grilled oyster

Grilled clam.
grilled ham

There is ready cook food as well such as stir fried vegetable, deep fried chicken…etc
ready cook food

Not enough of seafood and we go to get another round, see how much prawn we get and we are amaze by the big size prawn.
fresh seafood

Cooking the prawn with butter and mushroom.
fresh seafood

Steamboat cook the prawn with fish maw and Taiwan sausage.

Grilling salmon, squid, fish meat and Taiwan sausage.
grilled seafood

After so many round we finally fill up 90% and another 10% for dessert. Hurray! There is whole lot of dessert waiting for us. Sponge cake, jelly, ice cream, fresh fruit, mashmarrow with hot chocolate.
fresh fruit and salad




ice cream




We are so full now and it almost time to end of dinner as well, walking around the restaurant and took few photo before leaving.
dessert bar

seasoning sauce


Unlimited soft drink.
soft drink

Food are well store in refrigerator to ensure freshness.
fresh food

fresh food

meat corner

meat corner

It really worth the value to dine here since all seafood is big and fresh, whole lot of choices and new cooking experience.

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4 Star Rating

YEA Japanese Barbecue & Shabu Shabu
Ground Floor, Penang Times Square, Jalan Dato Keramat,
10150 Penang, Malaysia.
N5 24.736 E100 19.545

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Day 1 Khlong Hae Floating Market

Khlong Hae Floating Market is located at Khlong Hae in Hat Yai, you can get there by public transport which is the famous Tuk-Tuk for a small amount of fees or like us you may drive there on your own, the distance from Lee Garden is around 6km. Khlong Hae Floating Market is famous for the way they doing business, small boat are arrange in one stretch selling a big variety of local Thai foods and snacks. The market are running a campaign for environments as they avoid using plastic bag or foam boxes instead they use bamboo, coconut or clay pots.

Khlong Hae Floating Market entrance, no entrance fees required.
 Khlong Hae Floating Market

By the way, this is where we park our car at road side. Inside the market there is one big parking space but I do not sure how to drive it, probably same entrance as above.
Khlong Hae Floating Market Parking Space

Immediate after the entrance there is a lot of stall on both side of the road.

We saw this cute little souvenir, it is pretty cheap and nice.
Cute dog

In Thailand you are expect to try something exotic and here you can find those exotic food which we are not dare to try, those thigh protein item look to be crunchy and delicious but we just can’t make up our mind to try it.
Exotic Food

Next to it is a the Thailand famous coconut ice cream, instead of coconut ice cream it is vanilla ice cream with coconut flesh in it, dressing with jelly and peanut.
coconut ice cream

After taking some ice cream we find something much more interesting, BBQ sausage and pork meat. The pork meat stick is extremely delicious, pork meat is succulent and delicious, it is BBQ with sweet sauce. The one in the middle is marinated meat on the right is rice sausage, the marinated meat is pretty big in portion and it has slightly spicy taste while the rice sausage has strong pepper flavor.
BBQ sausage and pork meat

A walk further up the path we arrive at the bridge that bring us over to the excited floating market.
floating market bridge
 floating market bridge

The long awaiting scenery is finally shown, where a lot of hawker selling food in their boat.
khlong hae market
 khlong hae market
 khlong hae market

Place your order and they will hand over to you using basket, take your food and place your money inside. This is how the deal go on.
This is a must eat food is Khlong Hea Floating Market, I would call it Otak-Otak as it is what we Malaysian call it.

Otak-Otak size here is totally different from Malaysia, in Malaysia we have Otak-Otak in very small portion while at here it cost 20baht but the size is extremely big.
It is much more flavorful and authentic, the charcoal burning taste also making it taste much more better.

Most of the lady here are wearing pretty as lot of tourist like to take photo of them, here is the top 3 ladies of the market.
They are all very friendly with great smile.
pretty lady in khlong hae market

A hawker selling bird egg, this type of egg is extremely high cholesterol hence we did not try it also since it doesn’t look to be special as well.
vendor selling egg

We try the beef noodle, I like the rice noodle very much as it has totally different texture compare to Malaysia. The noodle is flat and slightly harder while the soup is flavorful, it doesn’t has strong beef flavor instead it has herb flavor, together with a beef ball and some garlic it just taste good.
beef noodle

Beef Noodle together with a cup of Doraemon drink.
 doraemon drink

Cute little girl.
cute little girl

Some other snacks sell in the market, we did not try most of the items as it look to be too colorful, must be using lot of coloring.
colorful snacks

This lady is wearing the most beautiful, she sell something like Malaysia Lok-Lok where a bunch ingredient are putting at the stick then grill, she will soak it into a bowl of chili paste which taste spicy and sweet.

Every boat also has a signboard showing what they selling in English with price tag.
price tag

This is where we get our Doraemon drink, for 25bath you get a drink with clay pots of your choice or you may get the bamboo container for 20bath.
clay pot drinks

Further up there is a lot of stall selling various items such as shirt, souvenir, decorative items, food…etc
khong hae market stall
 khong hae market stall
 khong hae market stall
 khong hae market stall
 khong hae market stall

The making of glass decorative item
 glass decorative item

Colorful Sushi
 Colorful Sushi

This is a must try items in Thailand, Mango Sticky Rice, one and half mango are served for every plate, very generous amount. As you can see the whole plate is cover with mango. Two type of sticky rice is given, the green color has better flavor while both are slightly salty in taste.
 Mango Sticky Rice

This is the big parking space that I mention above, it should be the same entrance as walk in tourist.
khlong hae car park

I try the small pineapple, it so small, so cute. It is very sweet as well.
small pineapple

Khlong Hae Floating Market is a must visit tourist attraction, it has lot of local food and snack to try. Remember to bring more cash as you will just spend everything on food, even though it cheap but the huge variety will just burn a hole in your pocket. We spend around 3 hours here and our stomach is so full, we are so satisfied with the great food.

In between Khlong Hae Floating Market with our hotel you will pass by Big C, Big C is hypermarket that like Tesco or Carefour. Why we choose Big C is because in Big C is has more local brand and here you can get the famous “Lays” potato slice and “Mama” tom yam instant noodle for very low price.
Big C

We are glad to see KFC here selling Egg Tart which is the same taste as what we eat in HK.
KFC Egg Tart

We saw something interesting in Big C, roasted Pork Knuckle that look so delicious, too bad that only both of us and stomach just can’t fill in much since we are planning for a seafood dinner.
roasted pork knuckle

After some shopping a full trolley we are happy to leave Big C and heading toward Shamila Seafood for our dinner.

Shamila Seafood located in town area, which is walking distance from our hotel. It around 500meter away only, it better to go there either by Tuk-Tuk or walking as it is pretty hard to get parking space.
We choose this restaurant as we read quite a number of positive review on their food quality.
Shamila Seafood

Every table will be serve a plate of fresh vegetable, in Malaysia we call it “Ulam” that use to dip with spicy sauce and eat raw. It is very refreshing and healthy.

Fresh seafood selling here, choose what you want and they will weight it in front of you. As precaution we always ask for the price to avoid getting chop later.
Lot of variety here, choose what fit your taste bud.
fresh seafood
 fresh seafood

We had a coconut drink and water melons drinks.
coconut and watermelon

We had 4 type of mushroom cook together, it is so delicious as the mix and match of various mushroom make a strong mushroom flavor.
Stir Fried Mushroom

Tom Yam Seafood, the tom yam taste here is slightly more spicy compare to Malaysia, as in Malaysia it taste spicy and sweet but here most of the taste is spicy.
It has very strong ohhmm, I just love the spiciness and sourness of this tom yam soup.
Tom Yam Seafood

Clay Pot Glass Noodle Crab, this is a must eat dishes as the glass noodle fully absorb the crab essence and the pepper taste making it taste so wonderful. They even wrap the pepper in tea bag to avoid a bite to the spicy pepper, the crab is very fresh as well. We just love this dish so much.
Clay Pot Glass Noodle Crab

Guess what for three dishes and drink with rice just cost us 680baht, price is reasonable and the best thing is their food quality. Which taste so good. Highly recommended this restaurant to those visit to HatYai.

Well, that conclude our first day in Hatyai and we expect something more for tomorrow. We plan to visit the famous lucky dim sum, pasar, municipal park and ice dome.

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Hatyai Travel 2012
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Day 1 Khlong Hae Floating Market
Day 2 Lucky Dim Sum and Pasar
Day 2 Hatyai Ice Dome and Municipal Park
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Viva Dim Sum 1 Year Anniversary

Time past by so fast, it almost one year since our last visit to Viva Dim Sum , Viva Dim Sum celebrating it one year anniversary and invite blogger to sample their Dim Sum which has been modified and improve over the year.
Expecting a long reading for this post as we going to review a lot of items, whole lot of dim sum almost covered two table. Viva Dim Sum boss David is very generous and keep sending out Dim Sum to our table for testing.
Viva Dim Sum

Viva Dim Sum

Let drink a cup of tea before I begin, according to David, tea leave use are higher grade and it not so bitter compare to those cheap tea leave.
Tea Pot
Continue reading Viva Dim Sum 1 Year Anniversary

Ipoh Foh San Dim Sum富山茶楼

Finally we got a chance to complete our review for Ipoh Dim Sum Street, Yoke Fook Moon and Ming Court and now Foh San Dim Sum富山茶楼. In a short distance road there is three big player content for best Dim Sum and finally we can make our final judgment on which is the best.
Foh San is no doubt the most popular and the biggest restaurant after they migrate to new two story building shop lot.
Tea pot set is new and clean.

Chili paste use in Ipoh is different from Penang, where Penang Chili paste use to be sweet chili paste instead here is sour with little spicy paste.

Egg Tart RM3.20, Egg Tart outer casing short crust pastry has many layer of crispy crust and delicious lovely egg custard.

Prawn Roll is a must try dim sum as it served immediate after cook from kitchen, people are queuing for it and most of the people get not only one plate. Skin is crispy and thin while the prawn tender soft.

Siew Mai RM3.80 is really delicious, pork mince and prawn is nicely mix together and steamed to create a soft texture.

Fish Ball soft and taste good.

Pork meat with preserved egg, pork mince is soft and flavorful.

Char Siew Pao RM3.20, fluffy bun with Char Siew in it, what special no Foh San Char Siew is they added parsley in it, certain people not really like it.

Double Skin Steamed Milk RM3.80, we had this in Macau where it is very famous, delicious and memorable. Foh San version is way far to achieve that standard as the steamed milk doesn’t has milk flavor instead full of ginger flavor.

Liu Sha Pao, it taste just normal and the filling is not much as well.

Loh Mai Kai RM4.50, ingredient of Sausage, Chicken Meat, Mushroom and Glutinous rice. It taste not bad but the rice is a little bit hard.

It is a hard decision to be made but Foh San is marginally win over the other two as it has bigger restaurant, serving more variety and cleaner as well.

Restoran Foh San Ipoh:
51 Jalan Leong Sin Nam, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: (605) 254-0308
Fax: (605) 253-5432
N4 35.815 E101 05.168

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Biggest and Best Dim Sum in Ipoh, visit for more info

Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant At Pekaka

Maxim Dim Sum is a very well established company where they has other outlet in Gurney and opposite Queensbay Mall, like their outlet in Gurney and opposite Queensbay Mall where huge range of noodle, rice and side dish available for reasonable price. Back to the Dim Sum here where I did not visit for quite some time, remember the first time I visit was around 3 years back and that time is very crowded where table are stretch across couple of shop lot and now they has even a new shop lot just next door, total up now the Dim Sum restaurant has 4 shop lot just to served Dim Sum.

Pork Stomach cook with black pepper, quite a lot of pork stomach in this small plate of Dim Sum, black pepper flavor is just nice but the pork stomach is not hot enough but overall still taste good.

Char Siew Pao is quite different with other Dim Sum Restaurant, the skin is thin and fluffy while char siew mix with sesame add extra flavor to overall, filling is a lot compare to other as well. Very Delicious.

Deep Fried Prawn Dumpling (Top Left), filling with big fresh prawn and deep fried to golden color, best take with mayonnaise. Not oily and tasty.
Quail Egg wrapped with Fish Paste (Top Right), something new and special where it doesn’t exist in other Dim Sum Restaurant, Fish Paste was use to wrapped Quail Egg then steamed with curry sauce, taste good.
Chicken Feet (Bottom), my favorite and all time wanted when visit Dim Sum Restaurant. Taste just normal as it not heated enough causing the sauce to be very sticky.

Loh Mai Kai (Left), Glutinous rice was nicely cook and big portion of chicken meat with mushroom and little bit of char siew form the delicious Dim Sum. Chicken meat use was drumstick meat which is soft and tender while the mushroom is delicious, overall taste very good.
Vegetable Mix with Port Mince(Top Right), I not really prefer this Dim Sum as the vegetable with mince pork is not really match.
Deep Fried Bird Nest (Bottom Right), it look like bird nest with fish paste inside, deep fried to golden color and crispy, best take with mayonnaise.

Deep Fried Prawn Roll With Banana, Yes with Banana. It not oily and taste very special but my lovely just cannot accept the creative Dim Sum.

Chee Cheong Fun (Left), stuff with Prawn with soy sauce and chili sambai. Rice noodle is extremely soft and smooth while the prawn is fresh and big.
Razor Clam Siew Mai(Top Right). Claim is a little bit rubbery and cold, hence this Dim Sum taste just normal.
Steamed Port Dumpling(Bottom Right), there is another pan grill version that take with vinegar suppose to be better, this one is quite plain where a bunch of mince pork wrapped and steamed.

Egg Tart, best of the day where a lot of custard inside the crispy crust, you can even use spoon to scoop the custard and finish off the crust later. It not too sweet and full of egg flavor, recommended.

Chai Tao Kueh (Left), steamed white radish mix with dried shrimp then steamed till cooked after that deep fried.

Total expenses was RM40.60, we over ordered end up we have to ta pao some of the dim sum back. Overall taste good and value for money, recommended.

Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant
2-G-11/12, Pekaka Square,
Lebuh Pekaka Satu, Sungai Dua,
11700 Gelugor, Penang.
N05 20.947 E100 17.694

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