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RM37 Laksa Soup Seafood Buffet Steamboat at Water World

Few moths back we visited 1178 Steamboat Buffet and blog about it which get overwhelming respond and cause my hosting server down for few days, we know that our reader love to read about Buffet+Seafood+Steamboat. We hear you and today we going to share another shop that located nearby to 1178 Steamboat Buffet which is Water World Steamboat Seafood Buffet.
 Water World Seafood Buffet Steamboat

Water World Seafood Steamboat Buffet located at Tah Jia Lye Kopitam Batu Maung, if you coming from coastal highway turn right at traffic light, drive past Pos Office and turn left at the next traffic light, drive straight and the restaurant is located at your left side. Parking available at road side or nearby residential area.
 Water World Seafood Buffet Steamboat

The coffee shop is not really big but good enough for more than 10 tables, em….maybe more than 20 tables. No air-con but good air flow so not hot at all. Drinks are not included which you need to order from coffee shop.
 Water World Seafood Buffet Steamboat

Buffet for adult is RM37 while kids RM22. Laksa soup or Clear soup available, for sure we prefer the Laksa soup and that is the main reason we decided to come here tonight. The Laksa soup taste has been tone down to cater for steamboat as too strong taste might not be suitable for long boiling, diluted version might not taste good at initial stage but definitely taste better after some time because sweetness from seafood might balanced it flavor. Personally i think they did well on their Laksa soup but if they can increase a little bit spiciness and sourness definitely will be better. While clear soup is just normal for me probably we just finish a big bowl of strong flavor Laksa soup which overpower any soup that come later. By the way, you can finish one soup and change to other soup without additional charge.
 Water World Seafood Buffet Steamboat

Instead of putting all seafood in one big bowl they separated into small plate to maintain it freshness, throughout our dining session all seafood are generously refill. Honestly not much choices available but seafood is extremely fresh while fish ball is not so fresh which we totally ignore. Anyhow, seafood such as prawn are extremely BIG and FRESH. Mantis prawn is fresh but kind of small size same goes to scallop. Others ingredients are clam, scallop, mantis prawn, fish maw, assorted fish ball, crab stick, pork mince and chicken meat.
waterworsb (2) waterworsb (4)

waterworsb (5) waterworsb (6)

waterworsb (7) waterworsb (8)

waterworsb (9) waterworsb (10)

Fresh Egg
waterworsb (11)

If you want to create a bowl of Laksa then you can add on cucumber, mint leave, pineapple and onion. I would strongly recommend to add some into your steamboat for even better flavor.
waterworsb (12)

Instant noodle is available as well or you can get Laksa noodle from another station as well.
waterworsb (13)

Assorted vegetable such as corn, cabbage, sweet corn, cauliflower, broccoli, abalone mushroom and enoki mushroom.
waterworsb (14)

waterworsb (15) waterworsb (16)

waterworsb (17)

Various dipping sauce are provided as well, we really love the one that has dried shrimp which taste sweet and spicy (top).
waterworsb (18)

OMG, look at the super big prawn and various seafood that being added into the steamboat pot.
 Water World Seafood Buffet Steamboat

Prawn is really big in size and the most imporant is the freshness.
Big Prawn

Second Round.
 Water World Seafood Buffet Steamboat

Making a small bowl of Laksa.
Laksa Seafood Buffet

Another bowl of seafood Laksa.
Laksa Seafood Buffet

Third Round with Clear Soup.
Laksa Seafood Buffet

Helping the merchant to Like and Share in Facebook get us a plate of fruit platter.
Fruit Platter

That is how crazy #FATastic are, this is our great result from 5 person. Tons of prawn shell, crab shell……rubbish! rubbish!
 Water World Seafood Buffet Steamboat

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25, Lebuhraya Batu Maung, Taman Iping, Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
010-900 0627
Close on Tuesday
5pm – 10pm

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Kitchen Twenty Three Western Food at Batu Maung Penang

Batu Maung, we rarely came here for dinner as it way too far from where we stay, i remember the last visit was buffet at 1178 Seafood Corner, today we going to share Kitchen Twenty Three Restaurant that located nearby.
Kitchen Twenty Three Western Food Penang Batu Maung

The restaurant is cozy and comfortable.
Kitchen Twenty Three Western Food Penang Batu Maung

Cafe Latte RM8.50

Cafe Latte

Green Tea Latte RM8.50
Green Tea Latte

Caffe Cappuccino RM8.50
kitchn23l (8)

Three Color Tea
Three Color Tea and Cendul

Thai Style Spaghetti RM14, it sound so interesting as we never try spaghetti cook in tomyam before and we really expect it to be a tomyam spaghetti, but we are all wrong. There is no tomyam instead they have cook it with special sauce that taste sweet, sour with mild spiciness and it do have lemongrass flavor as well, honestly it really taste good.
Thai Style Spaghetti

Great Healthy Salad RM12, a combination of assorted fresh vegetable salad. It seem to be normal and typical salad but the special made dressing make it different, they use black sesame blend with secret recipe to create a very special flavor dressing that make this salad taste wonderful, the dressing has strong black sesame aroma.
Great Healthy Salad

Cordon Bleu RM15.50, instead of wrapping cheese inside the chicken meat they put a slice of cheese on top of it, the chicken is nicely marinated to flavor with soft texture.
Cordon Bleu

Cordon Bleu

French Cheese Toast RM7.50, two slice of bread toasted then “flooded” with honey, I like the extra honey sweetness with butter saltiness, both are great combination.
French Cheese Toast

Combo Six RM32, SIX? Yes, normally the combo is just 3 or maybe 4 meat but here they make it 6, yes 6! So what is the 6? Lamb, Steak, Fish Fillet, Chicken, Sausage and Egg. The lamb and steak has pretty much the same flavor with little bit of mint sauce on it while the chicken are top with pepper sauce and fish are top with creamy white sauce.
Combo Six

Grilled BK Pepper Chicken Thigh RM12, the chicken drum stick bone removed and marinated then grilled to a little bit char, top with black pepper sauce.
Grilled BK Pepper Chicken Thigh

Cheese Baked Fried Rice RM14.50, instead of typical cheese baked rice they put in fried rice that has better flavor and top with a layer of cheese then baked to perfection. Fried rice it self very flavorful while the add on cheese help to boost it flavor even more.
Cheese Baked Fried Rice

Cheese Baked Fried Rice

Egg & Cheese Fish Fillet RM13, grilled fish wrapped with a thin layer of egg served with mash potato, boiled vegetable and creamy white sauce.
Egg & Cheese Fish Fillet

Egg & Cheese Fish Fillet

Crispy Nestum Golden Fish, rarely saw restaurant use Nestum to deep fried as Nestum cost much more higher compare to breadcrumb but the flavor from Nestum is definitely better and very crunchy, fish is juicy as well.
Crispy Nestum Golden Fish

Double Belgium Cake RM10.50
Double Belgium Cake

Tiramisu RM10.50

Kitchen Twenty Three Western Food Penang Batu Maung

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Kitchen Twenty Three
9am – 10pm
Monday to Saturday

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RM30 Seafood Buffet Stemboat at 1178 Food Corner

*Latest price RM35

Yes, today we are going to share with you RM30 All You Can Eat SEAFOOD Buffet. The location is at Bayan Lepas which is opposite South Bay, inside one of the Chinese temple. Open air restaurant with huge seating area and parking lot, we go on 24th December which is Christmas Eve and it is fully booked, we call few day ahead for booking.
1178 Food Corner Steamboat Buffet

1178 Food Corner Steamboat Buffet

I heard that the owner has his own boat so he able to provide fresh seafood everyday, according to the owner he use deep fried fish as soup base so you won’t feel thirsty after eating. Anyhow, we are looking forward for RM30 seafood buffet, this is very interesting as RM30 can merely get you half kg of prawn or a grouper fish maybe.
Steamboat Ingredients

Let see what RM30 buffet is. Let start with something standard, vegetable and fish balls. There is around 7 types of vegetables with corn available while many different type of fish ball which is the normal type of fish ball you can get in market.

Steamboat Ingredients

Steamboat Ingredients

Steamboat Ingredients

Steamboat Ingredients

Well, since this is Seafood Buffet Steamboat for sure we look forward for the big prawn, crab, squid…etc. Let see what they offer.
Yes, there is fresh kapa (Shell) which we really enjoy eating it, it is very fresh and big.
Fresh Shell

Fresh fish meat which is cut into small pieces, it is fresh so no worry the small pieces of fish meat will become “nothing” after cook, it still in one piece even we cook it for long time.
Fresh Fish

Grouper Fish meat, cut into small pieces which some are whole piece of meat while others are fish head, fish head is my favorite and you will be surprise by how many plate of fish meat we consume. We are crazy….we ate almost 2 full plate of fish meat, you will see one of the plate in later photo.
Fresh Grouper Fish

Big fresh white prawn is here, we are really surprise by the big prawn offer here. Normally in steamboat buffet they gave either tiger prawn or very small prawn but here big prawn served and they refill it frequently. 4 of us easily eat more than 1kg that night, maybe more? em…
Fresh Prawn

Mantis Prawn, this is rather disappointing as the mantis prawn is really really small, maybe now is not the season since Mantis Prawn peak season is between March to May.
Fresh Mantis Prawn

There is flower crab as well, they cut one crab into 4 pieces and we can still see the big body part and crawl. Although not all are big but there is jackpot of very big crab, we enjoy eating the crab as it is fresh and delicious.
Fresh Crab

Squid is available as well. That pretty much cover all type of seafood available, worth it? Yes, i would say.
Fresh Squid

We start the engine slow and soft, with just a few pieces of fish meat, squid and mushroom but for just the first few plate.
Steamboat Ingredients

Fresh Vegetable

Ya, we are still slow and gentle with the seafood, just a few prawn, mantis prawn and crab.
Fresh Seafood

Here is our steamboat, they use the portable type which we finish 2 bottle of gas during our 4 person 4 hours dining there.
Steamboat Buffet

Let get started.
Steamboat Ingredients

Steamboat Buffet

We have to remind you that the Chili Paste is so good, it taste spicy, sour and sweet. We ask the owner whether they can sell us or not but they refuse, seem like they are keeping the secret recipe only for their customer. Maybe i will return just for the Chili Paste.
Chili Paste

We start to lose control after 3 plate of “soft opening”, now we are in full gear. We have a few round of overflow plate like below but since we are tamjiak so only this photo capture, we are too busy eating and none taking photo after that. But what i can tell is we have around 4 more full plate like below. We really enjoy eating steamboat during cold weather and we are there for 4 full hours. Who are we? The 2 crazy couple with 4 big stomach, Jazz, Trista, Laygin and Enqvist.
Steamboat Ingredients

By the way, the BAD news. The new price starting from 1 January 2015 will be RM35 without drink, please don’t blame us (i know we eat too much).

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No.9, Jalan Teluk Tempoyak, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang

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