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Texas Chicken 1st Avenue Mall Penang

Hurray! I am a serious fried chicken lover and so excited that Texas Chicken finally landed in Penang. Located at the lower ground of 1st Avenue Mall, it was crowded on their grand opening day. Texas Chicken founded in San Antonio, Texas, USA in 1952. On the menu, other than fried chicken there is option for burger, wrap and various dessert as well.
Texas Chicken Penang 1st Avenue

Long queue on opening day, a series of promotion available such as on 21 January Free 3 pcs of tender chicken for first 50 customers only while 22 January Free 1 tender wrap for first 50 customer.
Texas Chicken Penang 1st Avenue

Szechuan Flavor Fortune Chicken is special edition available on certain period only, it is coated with a layer of rich flavor yet spicy flour that make the chicken skin crunchy yet flavorful. Other than that we had the Honey Butter Biscuits, Mexicana Burger and Chocolate Valcano.
Texas Chicken Penang 1st Avenue

What so special about Texas Chicken compare to competitor are their chicken cut into 8 pieces instead of 9 pieces, that result in bigger piece chicken. Looking at the chicken that we had, it is so big that fill up two hand. What surprise us is the juiciness of chicken, even though we had chicken breast but it taste so soft and juicy.
Texas Chicken Penang 1st Avenue

Texas Chicken Penang 1st Avenue

Mexicana Burger are really impressive, first the size that give us a wow factor, second, the big piece of chicken that is even bigger than the burger, third, nacho inside! Chicken meat are extremely crunchy, it is so delicious and Nacho added a great bite. Dressing are quite spicy but we love it. Continue reading Texas Chicken 1st Avenue Mall Penang

George Town Coffee Festival 2016

Calling Coffee Lover! Your chance to enjoy the most exciting coffee event of the year at 1st Avenue Mall on 26-28 Aug 2016, whole day event at LG Floor. This is the second year Coffee Festival held, we got to enjoy the first year with awesome coffee, dessert, cake, pie…etc. More merchant are participating in this event such as Frank Laurent, Macallum Connoisseurs, Bread King, Classic Teddy Café, Container Café, Rabbit Softserve, Cube Coffee, Say Cakes, Shinise café & bistro, 3 monkeys juice, Jipangi, Niko Neko Matcha, Sangkaya, Penacon and Hotel Jen.

Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters will be conducting Coffee Brewing, Latte Art and Cupping workshop on 27 August while Macallum Connoisseurs offers Hand Brew, Latte Art and Getting Know Your Beans and Roasting Profile session on 28 August 2016.
coffe (1)

Niko Neko Matcha will be having Traditional Uji Matcha Tea Prepration workshop on 27 and 28 Aug.
coffe (7)

Even more awesome with the live performances by home-grown musical duo The Brackets.
coffe (13)

For customer spend on RM30 and above at the fair, free TGV movie pass are given away and you are also entitle for a chance to win Shinise Coffee gift set and Hotel Jen Buffet Lunch for 2 person.
coffe (5)

Free juice is offer by 3 Monkey Juice while Say Cakes giving out free cupcake for those purchase RM20 and above at the fair.
coffe (6)

Going to grab some awesome coconut ice cream from the famous Sangkaya as well.
coffe (8)

Expecting some Teddy in action as well? Probably a place to take some cute photo with your love one.
coffe (10)

What about special ice cream from Rabbit? Rabbit famous for their special flavor ice cream and do take note that all their ice cream are limited edition, you get it today might not for next visit as they keep refreshing their menu.
coffe (4)

Here are the full schedule for the two days events. It certainly going to be an exciting yet fun event. By the way, here are the special event but the boost will remain open throughout the whole two days event.
coffe (9)

1st Avenue Cafe and Bakery Fair 2015

Cafe & Bakery Fair 2015 are currently held at 1st Avenue Lower Ground from 7th August till 9th August 2015, over 10 best cafes and bakery participate in this happening event. It was an fun event with whole lot of goodies and free stuff.

For cafe – Coffeesmith Penang, Coffee Affairs, Hammock Cafe, French Kisses Patisserie, Saffron Cafe Penang & Gold Choice Barista Cafe.

For bakery – Butter Olive Pastry House & Baking Academy – Penang, Pie Harbour, Say Cakes, Juice Me, Sorganic Boutique & Hotel Jen Penang.

-Purchase RM10 & above at Jen Hotel to stand a chance to win a pair of Hotel Jen Buffet Voucher.
-Award Winning Barista Betty Lim (欣瑩林) from Coffee Smith Taipei at Cafe & Bakery Fair 2015! She will be demonstrating & performing Latte Art Show
-Snap your best photo at Pie Harbour’s photo booth, follow and tag #PieHarbour to redeem FREE pie.
-50 lucky winners will win 1 Coffeesmith Penang Latte, 1 Butter&Olive Baking Academy Hokkaido Cake & RM30 vouchers each.
-Receive FREE Coffeesmith Penang Latte when you spend RM20 & above.
-Free Cheese Bun from Butter Olive Pastry House for the first 100 visitor.
-Discount price of RM8 for a bottle of fresh fruits juice at Juice Me

Coffeesmith Penang, get up close with award winning barista from Taiwan Betty Lin, she has been awarded with 2015 Taipei PCA Barista Latte Art Champion and 2015 Hsing Wu University Taipei Barista Latte Art Championship, live latte art will be presented on the event.

Gold Choice Barista Cafe & Academy is the sole distributor for renowned Italian brand Bezzera coffee espresso machine in Malaysia. You may get to view and touch latest Bezzera Coffee Machine during the event, check out their fancy coffee machine and get one home.
Gold Choice Barista Cafe

Pie Harbour famous for it fresh and rich in flavor Pie, ranging from Steak & Mushroom, Chicken and Lamb Pie. Personally I like the Steak & Mushroom Pie which has very strong beef flavor with chewy texture from mushroom making it taste good.
Pie Harbour

Pie Harbour

Say Cakes, Design It Yourself. Pick the size of your cake, choose your flavor, pick icing decoration and design your very own customized cake. Say Cakes is the very first self design cake shop in Penang, if you are not good designer like I do then you may find some fancy photo and have them draw it for you.
Say Cakes

Say Cakes

Sorganic Boutique, premium quality organic soy powder that made with the best natural soy bean.

Saffron Cafe Penang, enjoy RM2 discount during the event and get a cup of hot coffee from handsome barista. Say Hi!

Coffee Affairs freshly roast specialty coffee bean in town, serve varieties of freshly roast coffee beans from different country and estates.
Coffee Affairs

French Kisses Patisserie is the only shop using Slayer built-to-order coffee machine which are a total manual coffee machine that bring coffee to basic, heat and pressure are fully control by barista for a good cup of coffee.

Juice Me, fresh cold pressed juice with sugar free and no preservatives that is healthy and food for diet as well. Over 10 choices of mixed fruit juice available to cater the need of every customer and delivery service are available as well.
Juice Me

Hammock Cafe,
Hammock Cafe

Hotel Jen Penang offering freshly made Croissant for just RM2 each, it is very crispy with strong butter aroma.
Jen Hotel

Butter Olive Pastry House & Baking Academy, new outlet opening tomorrow 9th-August-2015 at Fettes Park, 18% discount promotion until 23th-August-2015. We are so lucky to try out their seasonal durian flavor Hokkaido Cupcake which are freshly made with D24 durian, it is so flavorful.
Olive & Buter

1st Avenue Cafe & Bakery Fair 2015


taiwan barista

1st Avenue Café & Bakery Fair
Venue: Lower Ground Floor, 1st Avenue Mall
Date: 7-9 August 2015
Time 10am – 10pm

Fancy trying different types of coffees in Penang? Drop by 1st Avenue’s Café & Bakery Fair from 7-9 August, 10am-10pm at Lower Ground Floor. We’re excited to bring you Penang’s best coffee and bakery, all in one place! We are offering not only coffee & bakery tasting but also everything related to both. From franchising opportunities, professional academy to distribution and selling of coffee machine and beans, you name it and we’ve got it!

There will be line-ups of offerings and promotions going on during the fair. The main highlight is the Latte Art Show by the famous Coffee Smith barista – Betty Lin. She is the main barista in Taipei Coffee Smith since 2013 and she has won many awards over the year. She is the champion for 2015 Taipei PCA Barista Latte Art Championship and 2015 Hsing Wu University (Taipei) Barista Latte Art Championship.

Not limiting to only coffee, there will be cakes, desserts, pastries, juice and organic soy drink as well. Coffee Smith are offering free cup of Latte with every purchase of RM20 and above in a single receipt at any outlets in 1st Avenue while Butter & Olive and Sorganic will be giving out free Yogurt Cheese Bun and organic soy drinks for the first 100 visitor each day. Say Cakes will be holding cupcakes decoration session and visitor will get a chance to win Jen Hotel buffet for two when they purchase RM10 and above at the fair.

The participating booths are Coffee Smith, Pie Harbour, Butter & Olive, Gold Choice, Jen Hotel, Saffron, Hammock Café, French Kisses Pastries, Ssay Cakes, Coffee Affairs, Sorganic, and Juice Me.

For more info, please follow 1st Avenue Mall Penang’s Facebook Page at
Please find the Taiwan Barista FB and latte art link.
Video :
FB Link :
You may get her photo there too.

Laser Ops First Avenue

Are you into futuristic weapon? If yes then you must put your foot into Laser Ops which is a newly open play ground located at First Avenue 3rd Floor. The game play is extremely fun and exhausted as well, although the rule say no run but the excitement make you sweat. I use to play paintball before and honestly it hurt, badly! You get bruise on every shot to body and it is extremely dangerous, not many ladies willing to play but for Laser Ops, they use a new technology which is Laser with Sensor and NO PAIN.
Laser Ops Arena First Avenue

Now you can enjoy the No Pain game at Laser Ops First Avenue Mall.
Off Peak (Mon – Fri) – 1 mission RM18 / 3 missions RM36
Peak (Sat, Sun and PH) – 1 mission RM21 / 3 missions RM42

Different type of mission has different playing style and here is a brief of 3 mission we play.
There are few types of mission, the most common one will be:

Free For All Non-Team Mode
Individual game where you just shoot anyone to gain points, the highest score is winner.

Free For All Team Mode
2 Team form and kill each other to gain point, highest total team point will be the the winner.

C.H.I.P.S Mode
This is the most challenging mission, 2 team are separated to their base for “charging”. Every player has 15 Life and being shot will reduce 1 life, after 15 Life player are required to charge at base station else the Laser gun will not work. Total point team will be the winner.

Laser Ops Arena First Avenue

Briefing will be given and tutorial on how to play before the game start. We are direct to next room after briefing to pickup our Shield aka Sensor and Weapon-Laser Gun. Laser Gun is light and user friendly, you just need to hold the gun with both hand and fired, some mission has more feature which they will share during tutorial, especially CHIPS Mode.
Laser Ops Arena First Avenue

Laser Ops Arena First Avenue

Laser Ops Arena First Avenue

The playing area (battlefield) covering 6000sqf with spectacular design for hide and seek, game play in 6000sqf is just so fun and tired. They will be pumping out loud music to make it more fun, walking here and there trying to shoot enemy at this are are so much fun.
Laser Ops Arena First Avenue

Laser Ops Arena First Avenue

Laser Ops Arena First Avenue

Laser Ops Arena First Avenue

Laser Ops Arena First Avenue

Laser Ops Arena First Avenue

Laser Ops Arena First Avenue

Shadow is the overall individual champion while i am on the 6th spot, still ok right? I will be back for more game, it is so much fun.
Laser Ops Arena First Avenue

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Laser Ops
First Avenue Mall 3-13, 182 Jalan Magazine, 10300 GeorgeTown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

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