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KOBQ Korean Restaurant at Precint 10 Penang Tanjung Tokong

KOBQ Restaurant is a newly open Korean Restaurant located at Precint 10, this is the 3rd Korean restaurant after Gangnam Style and Daore within Tanjung Tokong area. If not mistaken KOBQ restaurant previous is Chef Weng which already closed down.

There is lot of parking space available during dinner time, try to avoid late Friday and Saturday night as there is a few club which always crowded.
KOBQ Korean Restaurant

Restaurant nicely decorate with high ceiling and comfortable. At first service is pretty good when only one or two cable but they get mess up when there is more customer but still acceptable.
KOBQ Korean Restaurant

KOBQ Korean Restaurant

Side dishes are refillable and almost all Korean restaurant has different side dishes except Kimchi for sure. Overall taste good and some are exceptional good.
Side Dishes

Kimchi Jeon Gol RM60, a combination of ham, sausage, cheese, spring onions, carrot, red bean, onion, needle mushroom…etc cook in sour and spicy soup. We did try the same dish before at Zi Zai Restaurant which we found taste better than this. The soup is a little bit watery and lack of cheese flavor.
Kimchi Jeon Gol

Kimchi Jeon Gol

Kimchi Jeon Gol

Dak-Gal-Bi RM65, Marinated Chicken is Korean spicy sauce with assorted ingredients such as spring onions, onion, potato, korean rice cake, cabbage and needle mushroom. It is raw when served and it required 10-15minute to cook.

After waiting for a while and our Dak-Galbi almost ready, it look to be spicy but instead it just a little bit spicy but more on sweet taste. Chicken is extremely soft and succulent eating with crunchy vegetable is just delicious.

We ordered a plate of Korean rice (RM5 each, expensive) to mix with the Dak-Galbi, just put rice into the bowl and let it cook for a while, it does’t taste as good as we expected as the gravy left is too little.

Grilled Fish is just delicious.
Grilled Fish

Korean Fish Cake Soup which shown in menu RM65 for 3 stick of Korean Fish Cake which is extremely expensive, luckily we bought the online voucher which included else we will never order this dish. It doesn’t has very solid flavor and the soup is pretty plain as well.
Korean Fish Cake Soup

Korean Fish Cake Soup

Bibimbap RM20, assorted vegetable with egg cook with rice in hot stone. The ultimate taste for bibimbap is the sweet and spicy sauce which is somehow taste just normal here and the egg is way overcook to blend well with the rice and vegetable.

Ops…who left his iPhone?

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KO.B.Q Korean Restaurant
10-c-18 & 10-c-19, Precinct 10, Jalan Tanjong Tokong, 10470 Penang
04-890 2650
N5 26.934 E100 18.349

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Sweet Hut Dessert Shop Precinct 10 Tanjung Tokong Penang

Sweet Hut Dessert Shop is located at Precinct 10 Tanjung Tokong, Penang. Sweet Hut is a franchised restaurant originally from Kuala Lumpur and Penang is their 11th restaurant which open since August 2013.

Fresh Milk Oreo Snow Ice with Caramel Pudding
Fresh Milk Oreo Snow Ice with Caramel Pudding

Durian Pancake, it almost 50 cream 50 pure Durian wrap with pancake which gave a very strong Durian taste and best to eat when it chilled.
Durian Pancake

Mille Crepe slightly dry to us but overall acceptable.
Mille Crepe

Steam Aloe Vera and Egg White with Papaya (Cold/Hot), it will be good if they can use much ripe papaya so that we can easily enjoy the papaya, the one served to us slightly hard hence we not really can taste the papaya with the egg white and aloe vera.
Steam Aloe Vera and Egg White with Papaya (Cold/Hot)

Mini Spanish Egg Tarts, it is extremely hot when served, the crust is soft type and inside fill full with egg custard.
Mini Spanish Egg Tarts

Fresh Mango Sago Pomelo Soup with Mango Ice-Cream and Coconut Pudding, pamelo taste a little bit sour and bitter whole the mango and ice cream taste sweet which both combine and create a well balanced dessert.
Fresh Mango Sago Pomelo Soup with Mango Ice-Cream and Coconut Pudding

Baked Marquis Chocolate Pudding with Cookies Ice-Cream, when cut through the chocolate it slowly drip out and chocolate has slightly bitter taste which goes well with the ice cream.
Baked Marquis Chocolate Pudding with Cookies Ice-Cream

Baked Marquis Chocolate Pudding with Cookies Ice-Cream

Deep Fried Fish Ball and Popiah
Deep Fried Fish Ball and Popiah

Sweet Hut Precinct 10
Sweet Hut Precint 10

Sweet Hut Precint 10

Sweet Hut Precint 10

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10-C-23, Precinct 10, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470, Penang.
604- 890 9969

N5 26.960 E100 18.331

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Delicious Pork Ribs at BeerBQ Bistro Precinct 10

BeerBQ is a new restaurant located in Precinct 10 that offer good food and beer, it a good place to hang out with friends. At first I never thought they offer great but I was wrong, I am quite surprise by the food quality. We bought the online voucher hence the price is around 50%, it worth the value as we just pay half to enjoy a complete 3 course meal.

Beer B Q Houz Garden Salad, crunchy vegetable season with cheese powder create a simple and healthy salad.
Beer B Q Houz Garden Salad

Soupe Du Jour, soup of the day.
Soupe Du Jour

Soupe Du Jour

Chef Ultimate Grilled Chicken, one piece of chicken drum stick grill with homemade sweet sauce, the chicken is soft but a little bit dry nevertheless the sweet sauce together with chicken is still delicious.
Chef Ultimate Grilled Chicken

Pork Ribs Black Pepper Sauce, the portion is smaller compare to Chef Weng and the taste is not as good as well, without comparing to Chef Weng it still pretty delicious just that Chef Weng is too good. Unfortunately Chef Weng has been closed down so you left with only choice to dine in BerBQ.
Pork Ribs Black pepper sauce

The Pork Ribs is succulent and the sweet sauce has wine flavor in it, for those who enjoy wine definitely this going to be your favorite.
Pork Ribs Black pepper sauce

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3 Star Rating

Precinct 10, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, Tanjung Tokong, Penang
604 890 5157
N5 26.961 E100 18.373

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Snow House Taiwanese Dessert at Precinct 10

Snow House is another Taiwanese Dessert restaurant in town, to be exact it located at Precinct 10 which exactly beside Sushi Zento.
The restaurant has almost 100% identical UFO notification system as SnowFlake where an notification equipment will be given to customer while they preparing your dessert and it beep once the dessert ready. I wonder SnowFlake going to sue them for copyright or not. LOL!

Well, it seem to be exactly the same ingredients as we had on other dessert restaurant such as Black Ball, Bing Bing and SnowFlake. Taro Ball, Red Bean and Glass Jelly.
I notice that the Taro Ball is pretty good, it springy and has milk flavor while the glass jelly is rather plain, overall it still not bad.

3 Star Rating

No. 10-C-17, Precinct 10, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470, Penang.
1pm to 1am, Daily.
604- 899 8017
N5 26.934 E100 18.382

Other dessert shop you might be interested.
Black Ball
Bing Bing
Tong Pak Fu

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Disappointed Valentine Dinner at Sushi Zento Precinct 10

*This restaurant is listed in Top Japanese Restaurant in Penang

Sushi Zento is a newly open Japanese restaurant located at Precinct 10, we decided to celebrate our valentine in this new restaurant hoping to bring back sweet memory. We made our reservation few days ahead to avoid disappointment and indeed we make the right choice as the whole restaurant is fully booked.

Sushi Zento located strategically at Precinct 10 which has a tremendous view, the restaurant extended dining area to corridor with nicely design glass finishing and equip with air-conditioner. Avoid sitting outside during sunset as it direct sun shine is quite uncomfortable but after sunset it was a perfect place.
Sushi Zento

Sushi Zento offer Special Valentine Dinner Set Menu for valentine but error printing on the menu that we need to help them make some correction, phew! No price tag, wrong menu, wrong description and mistake that is unacceptable, it was very disappointed as they should have upfront prepare the menu and get it ready for valentine. Fine, since we are here we have no choice but to select the Special Valentine Menu which include of Appetizer, Salad, Main Course, Dessert and Drink.
Sushi Zento
Sushi Zento
Sushi Zento

Moonlight Kiss, vanilla ice-cream, blueberry Oreo and milk blended. The amount of Oreo is way too much making the drink condense and too sweet.
Vanilla Ice Cream Oreo Milk Blended

Bacon and Cheese Salad, salad with crispy bacon and heart shape cheese slice. We like the dressing which taste very good with raw vegetable and the crispy bacon and cheese slice making it very tasty.
Bacon and Cheese Salad

Nishinki Carupacio, thinly slice salmon and Hamachi Carupacio with wasabi dressing. Sashimi is very fresh and the presentation is awesome, I like the presentation very much, a simple yet eye catching presentation.
Nishinki Carupacio

Valentine Maki, heart shape sushi that suit the valentine theme which is another great presentation but the amount of filling in sushi is rather disappointed and the sushi taste just normal.
Valentine Maki

Karasutki Hotate Mentaiyaki, Grilled whole scallop with cod roe mayonnaise. It is pretty delicious as the mayonnaise and cod roe making a perfect combination.
Karasutki Hotate Mentaiyaki

Tori Teppanyaki, grilled chicken served on sizzling hot plate with grilled mushroom. The amount of way too small that not even a complete drum stick, sauce provided is too sweet and just overlap any other flavor.
Tori Teppanyaki

Tempura Ice Cream, deep fried ice cream with strawberry slices and chocolate syrup.
Tempura Ice Cream

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Honestly their service is not up to standard and lack of preparation for valentine that create a disappointed night for us, food quality is acceptable but huge improvement required on their service.
2 Star Rating

10-A-11&12, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, Precinct 10, 10470, Penang.
604- 899 2725
N5 26.943 E100 18.359

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