Double Good Restaurant Juru Auto City

Double Good Restaurant(好好)Auto City is branch for Bayan Lepas, famous for its Indonesian Prawn and effective service during our last few visits to Bayan Lepas Double Good Restaurant.
We 10 persons head down to Juru Auto City Double Good Restaurant after tiring Paintball game and expecting a delicious lunch.
We took Set C which cost RM178 for 10 persons, including of 5 main dishes, rice, drink and free Shark Fin Soup. We are actually request to change the Shark Fin Soup to other dish but they refuse so we have no choice but to take the Shark Fin Soup.
A small bowl of Shark Fin Soup is serving to everyone; very small bowl and it taste just normal.
Shark Fin Soup

Special Beancurb with Dried Shrimp, Bean curb is deep fried and top with Dried Shrimp and spring onions. Not much flavor and the dried shrimp are so limited that you hardly notice it present.
Special Beancurb with Dried Shrimp

Stir Fried KaiLan, KaiLan fried with KaiLan, that the best word I can use to describe this dish. No Prawn, No Meat, No Salty Fish, Nothing, just plain KaiLan.
Stir Fried Vegetable

Sizzling Deer Meat with Black Pepper, a lot of Onion and Chili instead of Deer Meat, cook in black sauce and it taste just normal.
Sizzling Deer Meat with Black Pepper

Beijing Style Pork Ribs, Deep Fried Pork Ribs cook with Sweet Sauce, Pork Ribs is tender and soft while the sweet sauce is nice to take with rice.
Beijing Style Pork Ribs

The signature dish, Indonesian Prawn. After so many disappointing dishes this is the only dish which keeps the standard as Bayan Lepas Main Shop.
White Prawn uses to cook in curry paste which very strong flavor and extremely good gravy taken with rice. Recommended!
Indonesian Prawns

It quite disappointed with the service and food quality in Juru Auto City branch, piece of advice is to go Penang Island for the “original” quality food from Double Good Restaurant.


Double Good Restaurant (Penang Island, Bayan Lepas)
26, Jalan Tun Dr Awang
Sg. Nibong Kecil
Bayan Lepas
604-643 4188

Double Good (Mainland, Juru Auto City)
1681-F2 Jalan Perusahaan
Auto-City North-South Highway Juru Interchange
13600 Prai
604-501 4188

Business hours:
11 am to 3 pm
6 pm to 10 pm

N5 20.294 E100 25.846

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Halal Food at Jamu Selera Juru

Thanks to my friend Terry who brought us to Jamu Selera for our dinner, this restaurant is really hidden in one of the village near Juru, we will never come across without anyone bring us.
Jamu Selera is a Halal restaurant and operate by Malay, it been quite some time since the last time I have Malay food which I miss a lot.
Jamu Selera famous for its Mee Udang and Mee Ketam as well as Ikan Bawal Goreng.

For those that not familiar with Malay eating culture, please don’t misunderstand this tea port is for refill water. This is use by our Malay friend to clean their hand before bare hand eating

Ikan Bawal Goreng with Sweet Sauce, we ordered 2 fish as the portion is not really big. Ikan Bawal is deep fried to crunchy and sweet sauce added on top, even deep fried but the fish meat is still very juicy while the sweet sauce further enriches the tastiness for the fish.

Prawn, the soup is taste on the sweet side but the prawn is not white prawn hence is not that tasty, for a portion of 3 people around 15 prawns are serving.

Fried Egg, it exactly the same as Chinese Fu Yong Tan just without pork.

Free Soup, normal soup without any ingredients.

This cost us RM40 for 4 people, quite reasonable and the Ikan Bawal Goreng is recommended.


Jamu Selera
503, Jalan Kuala Juru,
Bagan Nyiur, Juru
Tel: 04 – 508 4889
Business Hours:
12.00pm – 11.00pm
Closed on Wednesday
N5 19.180 E100 25.104

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Mun Lock Hooi Coffee Shop

Thanks to my colleague Kenji who brought me to Mun Lock Hooi Coffee shop, it hidden opposite Police Station Sungai Ara and without any signboard just that the crowd is there.
Never know this place hence no research before going, we miss out the signature dish Spicy Sour Noodle, going to try it on next visit.
Mun Lock Hooi

Steamed Hor Fun RM13, Hor Fun, Fish Meat and Vegetable steamed with soy sauce top with deep fried garlic. Hor Fun is soft and smooth, fish meat is a just few pieces but overall it taste good.
Steamed Hor Fun

Pork Leg Noodle RM15, using the can pork leg cook with Bee Hun and Mee. Not really delicious as the amount of pork leg use is less and the flavor is not that rich.
Pork Leg Noodle

Belacan Chicken, deep fried marinated belacan chicken while keeping the juiciness of the chicken meat. Delicious!
Belacan Chicken

Stir Fried KaiLan with Salted Fish, quite a lot of salted fish use to stir fried KaiLan, nice.
Stir Fried Vegetable

The food is normal and environment is a little bit hot. Going to visit for the Spicy Sour Noodle soon!

Mun Lock Hooi Coffee Shop
Opposite Sg Ara Police Station
Jalan Tengah, Sg Ara, Bayan Lepas,
Penang, Malaysia.
11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Closed on Tuesday
N5 19.515 E100 16.346

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Kimberley Street Koap Chiap

Kimberley Street(仙头街), a memorable 500meter long street pack with hawker stalls and kopitiam. Koap Chiap is one of the very famous hawkers here which selling for almost 30 years.
It located just on the road side; you can’t miss the always crowded hawker stall. Due to the fact that only few table available it was quite hard to get an empty table but you may sit opposite and have them deliver to you.
Kimberly Street Koay Chap

This small stall has around 5 workers to serve the high volume of order either for dine in or take away.
Kimberly Street Koay Chap

Duck Koay Chiap RM6(Big), Duck Meat, Duck Blood, Pig Ear, Pig Intestines and Stewed Egg covering the whole bowl of Koay Chiap and that just cost RM6.
Koay Chiap is made of flour, thin layer of flour cook and cut into small pieces, producing a soft and smooth Koay Chiap, texture like Koay Teow but thicker and size different.
Duck Meat, Blood, Pig Ear and Intestines is very fresh and absorbing the strong herbal soup, personally I like the Pig Ear very much as it very delicious while the “tiny” pieces of duck meat will be better if it will to be cut bigger slice.
Stewed Egg is really good and full of herbal taste.
Soup is really delicious and the right level of herbal taste make it perfect to even drink all, mix with Chili Paste is another best alternative to enrich the soup with spiciness and sourness.
Kimberly Street Koay Chap

Opposite Koay Chiap is Dessert stall selling various type of dessert.
Kimberly Street Si Kuai Teng

Si Koh Teng (四果汤) RM2.50, Ginkgo, Dried Longgang and Jelly in clear soup. It quite expensive consider the minimum amount of ingredient but I like the clear soup which not cloudy and the right amount of sweetness
Kimberly Street Si Kuai Teng

I rate based on the Koay Chiap only, it a 5 stars Koay Chiap and the best I ever tried.


Lebuh Kimberley, Penang, Malaysia.
6.30pm – 11.30pm (Closed Thursday)

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Tsuruya Japanese Food Restaurant

*This restaurant is listed in Top Japanese Restaurant in Penang

We are heading to Chikuma located in Sunway Tunas for our dinner but too bad it close, so we head down to Tsuruya which located at i-Avenue.
This shop has been around for quite some time but we never has chance to visit it, or I should say we don’t realize of it exists.
Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant

Tsuruya give us a feeling of expensive menu from the outlook, same feeling goes when we step inside but not until we saw the menu, the price shown are quite reasonable.
Environment wise is good, dim light and clean, you have a choice for Japanese style table or normal table and we selected the Japanese style for sure.
Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant

Chicken Teriyaki Bento Set RM24, bento set come with Chicken, Rice, Salad, Fruit, Miso Soup, Golden Mushroom Butter and Chawan Mushi.
Deep Fried Chicken cook with Sweet Sauce, Chicken is tender soft and extremely delicious taken with rice. Recommended!
Chicken Teriyaki

Chawan Mushi (Steamed Custard Egg), egg is soft and smooth but lack of mushroom in it else will be perfect.
Chawan Mushi

Golden Mushroom fried with Butter, very strong butter flavor and it really nice.
Golden Mushroom

Onigiri RM3, it like a dumpling but using Japanese Rice with Ume (lime) in it. Very special as we never take rice with sour plum before and it really help to bring up appetite.

Sake Harasu(Salmon Belly) RM15, Salmon Belly grill to perfection, close up to the Salmon Belly you can see the thick layer of fat which is really tasty taken with lemon.
Every bite makes your mouth full of Salmon oil.

You can’t miss Sushi when visit to a Japanese Restaurant right? So here is our order for Sushi “White Dragon Maki” RM20.
Tamago (Egg), Cucumber and Tempura Prawn wrapped with rice, Tempura Prawn is a little bit soft as expected due to the rice but it still taste good.

We end the dinner with Macha Ice Cream (Green Tea Ice Cream) RM5.50, we were told Red Bean finish but we not really care as we don’t take it as well.
Really strong green tea flavor and I would say they might be getting from the same supplier as Azuma coz both tastes exactly the same. Recommended!
Mocha Ice Cream

Definitely thumb up for Tsuruya, delicious food for reasonable price and superb environment.


Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant
1-1-38/39, MDN, Kampung Relau 1,
i-Avenue, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang
Tel: 04-641 0828
Opening Hours:
11.30am till 2.30pm
6.00pm till 10.00pm
N5 19.983 E100 17.581

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