Fish Meat Porridge at Kedai Makanan Bersatu

Fish Meat Porridge inside Kedai Makanan Bersatu in Nibong Tebal, deep fried fish meat cook with porridge.
This stall not only sells Porridge, instead they did sell mee, bihun with tom yam soup as well.
Bersatu Restaurant

The soup is cloudy because of the long hour of cooking with bone for the sweetness, it really sweet and tasty.
Porridge still in rice shape because they cook the rice first then just cook together with the soup.
Deep fried fish meat is fresh and delicious.
Fish Meat Porridge

Try out this Fish Meat Noodle if you so happen to be in Nibong Tebal.

Fish Meat Porridge at Kedai Makanan Bersatu
Jalan Sungai Daun, Nibong Tebal, Penang
N5 10.641 E100 28.550
Dinner only

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Dim Sum Food Restaurant

Good Morning, Chinese culture to have a good breakfast is to eat Dim Sum, we heading down to town for Dim Sum and main intention is to try out Fish Meat Hor Fun(红烧鱼肉河粉) which was highly recommended by my friend Kenji.
Dim Sum Food Restaurant点心小厨, located at Macalister road and same boss for Restaurant Zim Sum.
Hor Fun

Behind the restaurant is a private parking lot or you can try your luck to look for parking lot at road side, Dim Sum Food Restaurant is very spaces and tremendous air flow you won’t feel any heat during dining.
Dim Sum Food Restaurant
Dim Sum Food Restaurant

Shrimp Dumpling with Scallop, steamed dumpling with fresh shrimp and scallop filling.
Shrimp Dumpling

Chicken Feet, not really tasty compare to Restaurant Zim Sum.
Chicken Feet

Fried Prawn Roll, crispy skin with fresh prawn. Delicious.
Deep Friend Prawn Roll

Finally our long awaiting Hor Fun is served. Fish Meat Hor Fun(红烧鱼肉河粉)RM17, Hor Fun covered with 2 big piece of deep fried fish meat and vegetable.
Deep Fried Fish Meat is fresh and tasty with the gravy, and it come to our surprise where we can’t find the Hor Fun.
Hor Fun

Hor Fun is place under the Fish Meat and Vegetable, and what caught our attention is the Hor Fun which is deep fried and cut into big pieces.
Never try Deep Fried Hor Fun before, so special and deep fried Hor Fun is better in absorbing the gravy making it very delicious.
Hor Fun

Fish Meat Hor Fun(红烧鱼肉河粉) portion is big and more than enough for two person, recommended for 4 person so that you can keep your stomach for some other Dim Sum.
Remember to try out the Fish Meat Hor Fun.

Dim Sum Food Restaurant
63, Macalister Road, 10400 Penang
Monday – Friday 8am – 2pm
Saturday – Sunday 8am – 3pm
N5 24.943 E100 19.486

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Strawberry Ice Cream at Green View Nursery and Café (绿景园)

Green View Nursery & Café (绿景园) normally will be the first shop you visit coz it on half way up to Cameron Highland, big shop offer wide variety of vegetable and dessert.
We have stop in this shop twice for it’s dessert, once when we drive up and another round during our way back
Green View Cameron

Strawberry Strudel RM6.90, layer of puff and strawberry with cream in between. A lot of fresh Strawberry inside the multilayer puff, sweet and sour with the puff is so delicious.
Strawberry Strudel

Close up to the half cut Strawberry.
Strawberry Strudel

This is the same as what we ate but bigger, just take a photo of it. RM24.90 for the whole piece seems to be cheap.
Strawberry Strudel

This is what we have during our way back, Strawberry Ice Cream. Chocolate Chip and Vanilla ice cream with Fresh Strawberry, Yummy!
Strawberry Ice Cream

Stop by Green View and take a break with delicious Strawberry Dessert for refreshment during your way up to Cameron Highland.

Green View Nursery & Café (绿景园)
11, Taman Matahari Cerah, 39010, Kampung Raja,
Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.
6 05 – 4981 982 / 4912 061
N4 34.781 E101 22.757

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Strawberry Yogurt at Big Red Strawberry Farm

You must not miss to visit Big Red Strawberry Farm during your visit to Cameron Highland as it is the cleanest among all farms in Cameron Highland.
I not going to talk about farming here and for sure not about cactus as well, so what we going to share with you are dessert, strawberry dessert.
Big Red Strawberry Farm

Almost every farm, restaurant, stall and shop offer the same dessert, like Strawberry ice cream, strawberry ice roll, strawberry cake…etc but Yogurt Strawberry from Big Red Strawberry Farm is outstanding.
Strawberry Yogurt RM3.90, a bowl of yogurt top with fresh strawberry and added some honey, never realize such combination can be so delicious.
Honey sweet overcome strawberry sourness and yogurt make it even more perfect.
Strawberry Yogurt

Strawberry Juice RM3.50, it was delicious but a little bit sour and the strawberry seed make it not so drinkable. Not Recommended.
Strawberry Juice

Must try the Strawberry Yogurt, it is very good.

Big Red Strawberry Farm
Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.
6 05-4913327
Open daily 8.30am – 5.30pm – Free Entrance
N4 29.775 E101 23.193

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New Kee Restaurant at Cameron Highlands

New Kee Restaurant located in Kampong Raja before Brinchang, restaurant with wide variety of foods.
The shop is small and only fit with few tables, without air-conditioning but the weather is cold so you won’t feel hot or even warm.
New Kee Restaurant Cameron Highland

Our Drink!
Ampla Juice

Stir Fried Fresh Vegetable RM6, it so plain that we only found few small pieces of garlic other than vegetable.

White Carrot Soup RM6, a lot of white carrot and chicken, soup is tasty and I feel extremely delicious in this kind of weather as it hot, which helps to cold down my body.

Dong Po Rou RM20, a real unhealthy food, so much fat and hardly find any meat. Honestly the Dong Po Rou is perfect just that we feel guilty.
Dong Po Rou

Look at the fat, it is so delicious but really not healthy. Even though I keep mention unhealthy but we finish it as well, taken the fat with black sweet sauce with rice is really delicious.
Dong Po Rou

Other than above dish, they do offer some noodle as well, if you are unhealthy person like us remember to order the Dong Po Rou. HAHA!

Jalan Besar, Kampong Raja
39010 Cameron Highlands
N4 34.020 E101 24.515

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