Chou Shun Kan Barbeque Grill

Chou Shun Kan BBQ Yakiniku located in Krystal Point, it on your left just after the big roundabout in Bayan Lepas.
Chou Shun Kan serve on lunch and dinner, lunch is really value for money but not on dinner which really pricy.
Good ambient, dim light and big fume extractor above the stove which help to keep the place clean and without burning smell.

We ordered BBQ Beef Set RM98+ for 2 persons, it come with 3 plate of beef, fresh lettuce, soup, rice and vegetable.
Raw bloody beef is fresh and it consist of three different part, which is Shortrib, Bone in Shortrib and Ribeye.

I just don’t get it when they serve fresh lettuce, it was so hard and even BBQ it doesn’t sound correct right? And we are not rabbit to eat raw end up we just leave it back to the shop.
Kimchi and Soup is just normal.

We ordered additonal dish that high recommended by waitress, Horse Mackerel RM25 which slice into pieces but that is not really good eventhought it is fresh and nice texture.

Overall, it is quite enjoy throughout the BBQ process but quite pricy with small plate of beef.

Chou Shun Kan BBQ Yakiniku
Krsytal Point, B303-01-06,
Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah,
11900 Penang
04-644 1161
012-494 1161
Open Daily: 11.30am – 2.30pm and 6.00pm – 10.30pm
Close on Sunday morning.
N5 19.939 E100 17.772

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Penang, Japanese Food, 3 Star, Beef, BBQ, Sashimi, Korean Food

Tomyam Mee and Curry Mee in Golden Happy Cafe

Golden Happy Café located in Sungai Nibong, famous for its hawker food which previously located in Teluk Bayan Hawker Center.
Environment is not that spaces and inside is actually quite stuffy.
Our intention is to try out the famous Beef Noodle but unfortunately it was closed that day.

Tom Yam Mee is one of the famous hawker, keep the standard from previous location. Sour and Spicy soup with prawns is very appetite.

Curry Mee, at first I thought the black thingy is cuttlefish but I was wrong. It was actually chicken with sweet black sauce, tasty to be included inside the curry mee.
Too bad this curry mee only serve boiled cuttlefish which not my flavor, I prefer Air Itam Curry Mee which taste better.

Pattaya Fried Rice, I like their sambal which very spicy and added flavor to the fried rice.

Thai Fried Rice, just normal. Nothing really special

Cheese Pancake and Raisi+Cheese Pancake, Cooked one side and filling inside with peanut, sugar and cheese or raisin, thin layer of skin is crispy while soft inside. It was best eat during hot to enjoy the crispy skin with sweet and salty from the cheese from inside.

Definetely will come back to try Beef Noodle again, stay tune for our update.

Golden Happy Cafe
749, Jalan Sultan Azan Shah
Sungai Nibong,
11900 Penang.
N5 20.256 E100 17.889

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Japanese Food Buffet at Munakata

It was sometime back when I have my last buffet and this round visit to KL I going to try Munakata(宗像) Japanese Restaurant which located in Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
Munakata served unlimited ala carte Japanese buffet, the way they operate is exactly the same as TAO Cuisine which you ordered and they prepare.
It was a great idea as the food serve will be hot and fresh.
RM60+ for an adult and RM35+ for child from 4 – 10 years old, consider cheap compare to other Japanese buffet which normally charge around RM100.

Each table are ready with an ala carte menu with description and photo, write down the code and hand over to waitress.
You place ordered and wait for chef to get it ready for you, quite slow during peak hour but worth the wait.
It was hard for me to explain all food we ordered as we almost finish the whole menu, which come to a total of 40 dishes.
I will give a few highlights and the rest will briefly go through so that you have a rough idea of what they serve and how value RM60 for the Japanese Buffet.

I would like to highlight few items which are
Umaki Tamago, Grilled eel wrapped in Tamago. Eel is fresh and Tamago is cold, it was delicious.
Shishamo, Grilled smelt fish.
Unagi Kabayaki, Grilled eel coated with sweet soya sauce. If you are Unagi lover, you can ordered as much as you can and probably you are eating more than RM60 just for Unagi. Right? I like the sweet sauce and Unagi is fresh.
Beef Steak, beef is tender soft with the sauce it was perfect.

Other dish are Chawan Mushi, Deep fried seafood bean-curb with seaweed, Boiled Green Peas, Grilled Spinach with butter, Fried Mix Vegetable, Pan-fry mushroom, Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Grilled Scallop, Grilled Salmon, Seafood Tepanyaki, Deep Fried Glass Shrimp, Deep Fried Squid, Barbecued Skewered Chicken, Salad, Fried What Noodle, Fried Rice, Fresh Fruit..etc

Salmon Sashimi, generous thick cut and freshness is the key to delicious Sashimi. Picture tell the texture of Salmon fat, buttery, fatty and just plain delicious.
Again, seriously you can order as much as you can finish, no joke! Hurray!

Fresh Fruit to help digest.

Last served was the delicious Green Tea Ice-cream top with Red Bean.

Make sure you finish all your ordered as RM10 will be charge for every dish that is unfinished.


Japanese Restaurant Munakata
Mezzanine Floor, Life Centre,
No. 20, Jalan Sultain Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-21667441
N3 09.227 E101 42.499

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Kuala Lumpur, Japanese Food, Buffet, 4 Star,

Deep Fried Port Knuckle in Nibong Tebal Swee Garden Seafood Restaurant

Swee Garden Seafood Restaurant was located behind Maybank Nibong Tebal, once you enter Nibong Tebal town you will see Maybank on your right hand side.
Many tourists actually turn into Nibong Tebal just to try out their signature dish Deep Fried Port Knuckle.

If you get into the right turn, should be easily spot this restaurant. You can easily get parking space, thing to remind if you cannot accept fly flying around please avoid going before 7pm.

Stir Fried Prawn RM20, Fresh prawn was stir fried with home made chili paste to dried. Crunchy skin, head and pleopods is eatable, very tasty.

Lotus Root Soup RM6, very genesrous amount of pork meat and lotus root cook with peanut. I just take this soup without ordering any other drink, very refreshing.

Kai Lan Zai Cha Jiap RM5, delicious and crunchy while it just cost RM5, pretty cheap isnt it.

Signature dish, Deep Fried Pork Knuckle RM32. You might start asking how many person to consume all 4 dishes right? The answer is just TWO, don’t be shock by our appetite. We do that for you! HaHa!
Skin is crispy while meat is very juicy, serve with some pickled onions and cucumber.

Look at the layer of fat after crispy skin together with tender meat it was a perfect bite.

Sweet and Sour sauce provided, it add extra flavour to the delicious Deep Fried Pork Knuckle.

Tips: This restaurant is usually has a lot of fly before 7pm, hence if you cannot accept eating together with fly please go after 7pm but for sure you have to wait longer to be served.

Must try their signature dish deep fried pork knuckle, without those disturbing flies it would be 5 star for our rating.

Swee Garden Seafood Restaurant
No.1, Jalan Punai, 14300 Nibong Tebal, S.P.S.
Tel : 04-5934768
N5 10.132 E100 28.655
5.30PM onward, Close on Monday

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Joo Heng Restaurant Tom Yam Mee

Joo Heng located just beside Raja Uda main road, famous for Self Selection Tom Yam Mee.

A lot variety to be add on, various type of fish ball, mushroom, fresh prawn, minced meat, vegetable, deep fried fish meat and etc.
No price display, just take whatever you want and choose your soup, either Tom Yam or Plain Soup with either Maggie Mee or Bihun.
The highlight is the deep fried fish meat, fresh and crunchy.

Chef will cook one by one, so quite a long waiting time during peak hour.

I took pork skin, 1 fish ball and a lot deep fried fish meat which come to a price of RM6 only, it was not well presented as they are too busy.
The Tom Yam soup is not really taste like normal Tom Yam soup instead its distinct hot and sour flavors, very appetite.
Highlight again on the deep fried fish meat, you get big piece of fish meat instead of flour. Crunchy even dip into Tom Yam soup for sometime.

Delicious Tom Yam Soup with Deep Fried Fish Meat with resonable price. Recommended.

Joo Heng Restaurant, Tom Yam Mee
N5 26.200 E100 23.165

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