Azuma Japanese Food Restaurant

First of all, I would like to thanks my peer JK Lee for taking such a nice photo, all photo shown below are fully own by JK Lee. He also my sifu for photographing.
Penang people really lucky to have Azuma Japanese Restaurant open in Queensbay Mall which offer fresh sashimi and delicious Japanese Food.

Kiwi drink with small umbrella and some other drink we ordered.

Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken fillet with sweet sauce.

Salmon Roll RM28, Tamago, Crab Meat and Cucumber wrapped with rice and top with Salmon.

Enoki Beef Maki RM18. Small bunch of Enoki mushroom wrapped with beef, recommended.

Grilled Lamb with vegetable, Lamb serve with special sweet sauce, tasty and even better if taken with rice.

Grilled Squid, super small portion just enough for few bites. It is very dry but tasty.

Ordered one plain vegetable to average out our Cholestrol level as we take a lot of meat.

Big plate of Shashimi, look at the Salmon texture one layer fat and one layer meat. Yummy! Scallop, Octopus, Prawn and Tuna are all superb fresh, I just change my though about Shashimi after taking all this.
Look at the Shashimi thikness, appreciate Chef generous.

Japanese Pizza RM28, special made rice base top with seafood. Something special to share about is the base rice which pan fried till crispy and taste even better than normal Italian pizza.

Grilled Seafood with Vegetable, Squid, Fish Meat and Prawn. The prawn cought our attention as it was very big and taste very fresh.

Something not on the menu, Salmon Belly. They mention to us that this piece of salmon belly just arrive in the morning and serve in Shashimi will be the best choice, give it a try and never regret.
Personaly I not really like Shashimi but this piece of fresh Salmon Belly Shashimi change my mind, it is so soft and fresh.

Another half of the Salmon Belly was use for grilled, it taste totally different with fresh Shashimi even though it still as tasty.
Grilled Salmon Belly is very oily in your mouth but the oily is different with pork or beed oily, Salmon Belly oily is very smooth and I really like it.

Tempura Prawn, Crunzy and perfect after deep into soup provided.

Unagi Kabayaki RM22

Gyu Amiyaki RM18.00, Slice Beef cook with ginger and sweet sauce top with sesame.

Unagi is a never miss dish from Japanese food, this Unagi dish is grilled and cook with vegetable. The soup is very tasty and sweet and the Unagi is d

Set meal

Pieces of Beef serve in sizzling plate.

Green Tea Ice Cream, delicious!

Overall Azuma Japanese Restaurant selling point is they provide fresh and delicious food but price is slightly higher.


AZUMA Japanese Restaurant
2f-87 Queensbay Mall, 100,
Persiaran Bayan Indah,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang
11am – 10.30pm

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Victoria Station Western Food and Seafood

Celebrate my lovely birthday at Victoria Station because we can’t find any other good place in mainland except Juru Auto City but we been there so frequent hence we decide to go further up.

Victoria Station also called “Train Restaurant” due to it design theme of train. We choose a private corner which just 4 table and no one step in hence it like our proivate cabin.

Guava Juice RM6.90

Manggo Juice RM7.90 got guava taste, suspect using same blended machine without cleaning.

Bun serve is not hot, would be great if they steamed it before serve.

Complimentary Salad, Mayonnaise and Thousand Island dressing with tomato and some other vegetable.

Baked Fresh Scallop RM19.90, Big deep fried scallop baked with cheese is irresistable but dissapointed with the scallop freshness.

Look at the cheese…..

What a name they have for this dishes “Dragon Kingdom” RM72.90, it contain of Half Lobster, Fish&Chip, Fried Scallop, Fried Squid and some vege.
The lobster is too cheezzzzeess…and those deep fried item is failure, over cooked.

Honey Mustard Lamb RM34.90, Grilled lamb is tender and soft, not bad.

Most important, Italian Cheese Cake RM7.90 for birthday girl. Can’t really taste the cheese instead it more to cream sponch cake.


Overall, Victoria Station quality is dropping dramatically, they might need to work out something to get back their reputation.

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Victoria Station Seberang Jaya
10 Lebuh Tenggiri 2,
Pusat Bandar Seberang Jaya,
13700 Prai
Tel: 04-398-1288 , 04-398-2388
Fax: 04-399-560
N5 23.718 E100 23.914

Station Bayan Baru
17, Lorong Mayang Pasir 5,
Bayan Baru,
11950 Penang
Tel: 04-642-5988 , 04-642-8988
Fax: 04-642-6988

Pen Mutiara Curry House Halal Food

We decided to dine in Pen Mutiara Curry House for my company dinner, I have never know this shop or even heard of it before.
Pen Mutiara is Halal restaurant and it located at Batu Maung area, just next to Fisheries Development Authority Penang.

Good ambient, believe they have invest quite a lot in this restaurant. Pen Mutiara Restaurant at Batu Maung started business on 1 January 2006 as a collaborative effort between the Penang Fishermen’s Association and Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia (LKIM).

Pen Mutiara even have second floor with hotel look stair case, very impressing.

Pianist playing in dinning area and even sing Chinese song, but honestly you cant really hear it during peak hour as the background noice is way too high.

We ordered few jugs of fruit juice.

Rice serve in big pot which allow unlimited refill and charge base on head count.

Kerabu RM14, manggo very sour and without dry squid

Fried Squid RM16 is just normal, at least we eat the squid not like some other shop which just full of flour.

Chicken RM16

Pen Mutiara Signature Curry Fish Head RM80 very big portion and it contain around 4 fish head. Cook with lady finger, onions, chilied, tomato and curry powder in heating claypot make it delicious even after some time.

Compare the size of claypot with normal plate, it almost double or triple the size.

Prawn is small and taste more on the sweet side. Not really like as it was too sweet for me.

Bendi (Lady Finger) RM14, as usual lady finger tend to be very sticky same goes to this dish which is very sticky and the paste use to cook is a little bit of spicy and salty. Normal.

Beef RM16, same sauce as the prawn.

Sia Kap Tiga Rasa RM30, totally failure as the fish is not deep fried enough and the sauce is not good at all.

Another Prawn dish, small prawn and sauce is not tasty

Ox Tail Soup RM25, soup and ox tail is not bad.

Fried Egg with Mince Chicken,

Fruit, this is not complimentary and it cost RM8. At least the fruit is fresh but we do expect to have it as complimentary after all they charge so much for each dish.

Another dessert, avoid order this if you don’t want to be diabetics. Unacceptable sweet, and most of us just take one spoon and leave it.


Honestly, very good ambient for dinning but not on their food.


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Pen Mutiara Curry House
Wisma Nelayan, Pelabuhan LKIM Batu Maung,
11960 Bayan Lepas, Penang
N5 17.136 E100 17.384

Butterworth branch
Pen Mutiara Restaurant
17 & 19, Jalan Selat,
12000 Taman Selat,
Tel: 04 310 1759

Xin Tien Tien Lai Seafood Restaurant

Struggle to find a Chinese restaurant after our hot spring tour at Felda Residence, Sungkai. End up we just turn on GPS and look for nearest restaurant which is 17KM away but no choice as we are too hungry and desperate for food so we just head down to the restaurant located in Bidol, Restaurant Xin Tian Tian Lai.

Tea, nothing to shout about as all restaurant normally use cheap tea leave.

Fu Yong Egg, a mix of vege and meat with egg RM4. Yes, it just RM4 I really can’t believe my eye.

Tau Fu RM12, Tau Fu cook with Ham and dried shrimp, a little bit of spicy. Recommended.

Vegetable RM6, normal.

Dong Po Rou RM13, it doesn’t taste or look like Dong Po Rou as Dong Po Rou suppose to be a lot of fat and oily. This dish is not smooth and hard, not recommended.

Glass Chicken(Po Li Ji) RM13, it taste like sweet and sour chicken. Normal.

Curry Fish Head, a very big fish head cook with curry powder. Fish head is very fresh but curry flavor is not that strong.

Very cheap but normal food, good choice if you hungry during driving on north south highway as this restaurant very close to Bidol toll. After Bidol toll, turn right and it on your left.

Xin Tien Tien Lai Restaurant
Lunch 12PM – 2PM
Dinner 5.30PM – 12AM
N4 06.354 E101 17.732

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Western Food at Strada

*Update: This restaurant has moved to 26Q Codrington Ave, Pulau Tikus.

Strada was rated one of the best restaurant in Penang and highly recommended by blogger. Taking the opportunity to celebrate my father birthday in Strada and it was a good dining experience.

Good ambient, recommended for couple to enjoy dinner together.
Strada accommodate less than 10 tables hence advance booking is recommended during peak hour.

Some selected dishes are specially recommended but we did not order this pork knuckles, instead we order the other 3 dishes from this special menu.

Ice lemon tea come together with set meal, additional RM17 for each set meal. We took 3 set meal.

Set meal come with drink, fried squid, soup of the day and dessert. First glance I assume it was a fried onion but it was actually squid, together with soup of the day.
Not really appreciate the soup as it was too salty and I not really know what it is.

Barbeque Pork Ribs with Maple Syrup Glaze RM33, pork is tender and barbeque to perfection.
Something special about Strada is they don’t use potato instead replace with sweet potato, which make them unique and combination with pork is surprisingly match.

Grill Chicken Tingh with Rosemary Sauce RM27.50, two piece of drumstick with Rosemary sauce.

Osso Bucco(braised lamb shank) served on butterd Rissoto and grilled local grown vegetables RM38, my experience on good lamb shank is from Secret Recipe but after visit Strada I change my mind. The portion is big and the sauce is really perfect.

Today Special (Garupa Fish) RM33, I hate the fishy smell which make the dish totally a failure. Negative.

Slow Roasted Pork Rib with Herbs RM33, Pork ribs is always nice to eat with extra herbs on top make it even tasty.

Grilled Pork Chop with Rosemary Sauce RM28, cook to medium well. I never know pork can cook like steak which so tender and a little bit raw in middle. It taste almost like steak and extremely delicious. Recommended.

Total of 6 main dishes, very good food presentation for all dishes.

Finally, our dessert Cheese Cake. Marble Cheese and New York Cheese cake.

No doubt Tiramisu is what I am waiting for, no disappointment as it was the second best Tiramisu I ever tasted. Top with a lot chocolate powder and soft inside. Perfect.

Total of RM273.90 for 6 pax is consider reasonable and good dining experience.

Strada menu.

238 Burmah Road 10350 Georgetown Penang
604-229 0882.
N5 25.809 E100 18.796
Lunch and Dinner

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