Sing Heng Khang Seafood Restaurant

Turning round and round in Parit Buntar for hour without finding a good place for our dinner, took out GPS and look for any nearest food POI and we found Sing Heng Khang Restaurant.
Honestly, without GPS you won’t be able to find this place as it hidden in some corner and small road turning in.
Well, we settle down in Sing Heng Khang Restaurant and this restaurant is actually very spaces and they did catering for wedding dinner as well but without air-conditioning.
Sing Heng Khang Restaurant

Ampla Juice with Sour Plum, great amount of Ampla has putting into this cup make it so flavorable.
Ampla Juice

Kam Heong Mantis Prawn, fried mantis prawn and dried shrimp with Kam Heong sauce. Tasty and mantis prawn side cutting has ease our eating.
Kam Heong Mantis Prawn

They cut the mantis prawn into half, which is a smart move to ensure mantis prawn absorb the Kam Heong sauce.
Kam Heong Mantis Prawn

Stir Fried Kai Lan, fry to mix well and thicken with cornstarch mixture while keeping the freshness of Kai Lan and crunchiness
Stir Fried Kai Lan

Curry Fish Head, very strong curry powder flavor and I not really like the fish head which chop into small pieces but luckily the fish head is fresh.
Curry Fish Head

It cost RM33 for the meal, price is reasonable.

Sing Heng Khang Restaurant
Jalan Damai, Parit Buntar, Perak
N5 07.496 E100 29.076
Close on Wednesday

Sorry for the not updated google map, I can’t do much to ask Google update their map so I come out below manual direction and I hope it help. It started from Parit Buntar Clock Tower which is pretty easy to spot on.
1.Parit Buntar Clock Tower
2.Get on Roundabout and drive south
3.Take the 2nd left onto Jalan Dewan
4.Turn right onto Jalan Sekolah
5.Turn right onto Jalan Damai
6.Turn left onto Road
7.Turn left onto Road
8.Sing Heng Khang Restaurant

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Delicious Duck Rice at Golden Lake Food Corner

Roast Duck(新南发烧腊鸭饭)is one of the best Duck Rice I prefer. Although it was name as Duck Rice but they did sell other like Roast Chicken, Cha Siew and Roast Pork as well.
This hawker stall located inside Golden Lake Food Corner, next to Maybank Relau.

Their Roast Duck selling fast, normally sold out after 2PM as they don’t produce much.
Even though I did not include Roast Chicken in this review but I can told you that it is one of the best as well.
For half duck it cost RM18, price is standard in market but you pay for something that standing out from the crowd.
Duck meat is absolutely absorbing the marinated sauce, even breast portion is very strong flavor and not too salty, while the sauce provided is the one use to marinated and it has very strong herbal flavor. GREAT!

Sour Soup RM1.50, a very strong lemongrass favor from the soup, not really appreciate it but honestly that my personel preference.
For RM1.50 the vegetable given is also very less(nothing to complaint about), but it would be better if they could charge slightly higher but give more vegetable.

Just to share with you that, hope you don’t get shock. We 2 person consume half duck, it prove to be so delicious.

Golden Lake Food Corner
Relau, Opposite PISA
N5 19.854 E100 16.744

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Superb Baked Crab at Ai Tee Seafood Restaurant

Kuala Gula is a small town in Perak, you will be surprise by how outskirt it is located but this small town alone has 3 or 4 seafood restaurant.
We selected Ai Tee seafood coz the rest are closed, it was quite worry for us to step into Ai Tee Seafood as the whole shop is without any customer.
Did some research before come here and the recommended dish is Baked Crab and Crab Bee Hoon.

Stir Fried Lala, you can really taste the sweentness from Lala meat, this prove that the Lala is extremely fresh.

Crab Bee Hoon, 2 medium size crab fried with Bee Hoon. Bee Hoon absorb all the essence of the crab but still remain the sweetness of crab meat. Fabulous.

Asam Prawn, honestly the prawn are quite small, it would be better if they could provide bigger prawn. The sourness from asam really help to bring appetite and it make us lick our finger.

Baked Crab, 2 big egg crab was served and we will surprise by the amount of egg inside, as you can see from the picture egg is actually cover most of the portion.
This 2 crab is superb fresh and delicious, you can really taste the sweetness from it meat and really make us gone crazy.

Guess what, this meal only cost us RM50. Can you believe it? Total of 4 crab, 4 dishes, 2 rices and 2 drinks just RM50.

Ai Tee Seafood Restaurant
Jalan Muhibbah 1, Kuala Gula
N4 55.859 E100 27.891

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Tan Kee Roast Duck at Lunas

Lunas is small town located in Kedah and famous for its Roast Duck, the biggest player here definitely is Tan Kee Roast Duck as it house in 3 shop lots which is quite amazing for just selling Roast Duck.

As expected it was spaces and good air flow with a lot of tables, you won’t feel hot inside.
Tan Kee serve various type of Duck, original, crispy skin and plum sauce duck with either rice or porridge, as well as sour soup, vegetable, taufu and egg.

TauFu and Egg marinated with black sauce, TauFu and Egg fully absorbing gravvy but it would be better if the gravvy taste a little bit more strong.

Duck Liver, according to my friend it was quite hard to get this in Penang anymore but with luck this shop is actually selling it.
Duck Liver is not easy to cook, if not cook properly it would be like rubber but Tan Kee make it excellent which is very tender and soft,

Boiled Vegetable with Deep Fried Garlic on top.

Sour Soup, somehow feel that it lack of spicyness, much more better if it taste more sour and spicy.

Roast Duck with Plum Sauce, skin is crispy like Beijing Duck but not lossing it juiciness.
Sadly, the chili sauce is just not up to standard, it don’t have the strong chili sauce flavor but it doesn’t matter as we order Plum Sauce Duck which is favorable and tasty.
I need to mention about the portion, at first we order portion for 3 person but when it serve we are surprise and we did actually request to change to portion of 2 person.

It was quite cheap, RM27 for 3 person for all of the above dishes. Pretty cheap.


Tan Kee Roast Duck
Jalan Lunas, Kedah
Lunch to Dinner
N5 25.745 E100 32.088

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Cheng Ho Crab Porridge at Nibong Tebal

Cheng Ho located in Nibong Tebal and it was quite hard to find this shop as it don’t have any signboard at all except the small hawker like stall only.
Nibong Tebal famous for it Crab Porridge especially the one from Chang Kee but according to local they prefer Cheng Ho more.

The shop is located on road side, you need to drive slowly to notice it.
They serve lot of variety, Seafood Porridge, Seafood Soup Noodle, Seafood Tom Yam and Boiled Octopus(Tu Bo Sui).

It took them quite sometime to cook as each bowl of porridge is cook individually.

Big bowl of porridge covered with vegetable, this vegetable is the one we eat in Laksa.

The big bowl porridge served with 2 Crabs, 1 big and 1 medium size. You can ask for more crab if you like but I would advice to ask for more porridge instead as the portion for porridge is quite less.
Fresh Crab sweetness and essence is disolve in the porridge, with tiny cut of pork lard make this porridge very delicious.
Remember the vegetable on top, after dip in for some time it smooth and tasty.
The way they cook porridge which totally different with Teoh Chew Style which cook for long time and it become like soup but for this crab porridge you can still get the rice in good shape but soft for sure.

It cost us only RM24 for two crabs porridge. Reasonable Price!

Cheng Ho Crab Porridge
Jalan Baru, Nibong Tebal Penang
N5 09.952 E100 28.690

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