7-Village Noodle Station Koay Teow Thng

Feel sick and it time for another round of healthy food, what cross my mind is Koay Teow Soup.
Been passed by this shop for few time but never got a chance to visit, 7 Village Noodle Station located very near to Juru Auto City.
Previously this owner was a hawker who sell on road side and their business is getting better and expand to standalone shop, and lately they have open a new shop in Nibong Tebal.

Since it a corner lot, hence the shop lot is actually quite big with air-con inside.

The chili is not like what normal Koay Teow hawker provide, it not spicy and flavor a little bit raw.

Tong Sui and Herbal Tea

Lobak, deep fried meat roll with chili paste served in very good symbolic design.

Chicken, not really good as the meat is a bit hard.

Koay Teow Soup, not really impress me. It was too oily and the portion is small even the fish ball is not fresh.

Everyone is recommended this shop but I not on the luck to enjoy it. Overall quite disappointed. By the way, they have a few more outlet in Penang island now.

7-Village Noodle Station
Jalan Bayu Mutiara 1,
Bukit Mertajam,
N5 20.728 E100 26.133

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Shunka Japanese and Fusion Food

This new shop located in Parit Buntar, Perak which just started their business last month. They have branch in Bukit Mertajam as well.

This shop is Pork Free but not Halal.

Spaces and 3 small room equip with Japanese style table

We visit during lunch time and it was quite crowded.

Tutti Fruit Milk Shake RM5.50, it is very very sweet even we ask for extra ice cube.

Ice Blended Green Tea RM7.90, strong green tea taste and cream on top

Cheese Tamago Yaki RM6.90, it was a surprise as we expect it to be like Sushi King Tamago which is sweet and cold but this Tamago Yaki is salty and hot.

The amount of Cheese is out of our expectation, I can only say A LOT. Look at how it melt from inside…..Cheese lover should never miss this.

Yoki Gyoza RM5.90, the meat inside is not as soft as expected.

Guess what is this. Does it look like Pataya Fried Rice?

Omuyaki Soba RM8.90, let reveal the secret. It was actually a Pataya Mee. The same cooking style but the ingredient is Mee instead of rice.

Okonomiyaki RM13.90, Pizza? Pan Cake? I would say avoid this as the source is just terrible.

Receipt. The price is not so expensive but Okonomiyaki is just not worth the value.

Some pictures capture on the menu.

Shunka Japanese and Fusion Food
No.37, Lorong Bestari, Parit Buntar
34200 Parit Buntar, Perak
Break on 2PM

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Golden Triangle Thai Food Restaurant Queensbay Mall Penang

We have a group of 10 persons who going for company “stomach buildup” session in Golden Triangle Restaurant, Queensbay Mall, Penang.

Golden Triangle Restaurant serve a la carte normally but they have promotion for buffet dinner which cost RM54+, Total up around RM60/pax.
Special menu for buffet dinner, which more or less the same as a la carte menu.

They have branch in Juru Auto City and KL as well.

Healthy appetizer, mix of nut, dry prawn, ginger…etc together with honey. Not nice as I don’t like the leave.

Even worst is the lemon with skin, how to eat?

Pandan Chicken

You can order any drink in the menu, fruit juice, coffee, tea..etc. Quite a number of choices and most important it is pure juice.

Fried Rice, even fried rice also come with big prawn.

Tom Yam Soup, the color tell this hot and sour soup is simply awesome. Would be good if you take with steamed rice.

Choo Chee Fish, Deep fried fish topping with Thai Chili Paste. This is a must try dish, you can even consume the small fish bone.

Kai Lan with Salted Fish

Vietnamese Spring Roll, special which I never try before. Some chop meat in between.

Seafood Otak-Otak in Fresh Coconut and Seafood Otak-Otak in Aluminum Foil. Both dishes actually is the same just different way of presentation.
Otak-Otak come with squid, fish meat, prawn..etc

Squid with sweet and sour source.

Claypot Tang Hoon Prawn, Tang Hoon is overcook and not so nice.

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, a little oily but nice.

Jelly Fish Kerabu

Sweet and Sour Prawn, fresh prawn serve with sweet and sour sauce make the prawn even more flavor. The prawn as big as spoon size.


Deep Fried Spicy Soft Shell Crab, with a little bit of spicy source make the soft shell crab even more tasty. Don’t assume it to be very dry.

Three-Flavored Fish, deep fried fish with sweet, sour and spicy source.

Muscle with Chili.

Thai-Styled Steamed Fish, fish is fresh and the soup is just good. A little bit of sour and spicy.

Egg Plant with Basil Leave Minced Chicken

Sotong in Spicy Thai Source, squid is very “Q” but not really like the source.

Tempura Sotong,. Very crunchy deep fried squid.

Desert time, Thap Thim Krop and Coconut Jelly. Both is not too sweet and I like the Thap Thim Krop so much.

Golden Triangle Restaurant
3F-22A, Queensbay Mall,
Persiaran Bayan Indah,
Sungai Nibong, Bayan Lepas,
11900 Penang
Tel: 04-6440969
N5 20.077 E100 18.402

Fook Cheow Café Koay Teow Soup

Very old Kaoy Teow Soup Stall located in town, from my parent generation, which is at least 25 years back. Koay Teow Soup Stall previously located in opposite café shop but they migrated to Fook Cheow Café few years back.
It not that hard to find car park, as both road side can be park.

Clean table and utensils.

Chef busy preparing Kaoy Teow Soup

Wait less than 5minute and Koay Teow Soup served. The soup very delicious with homemade fish ball. If you are not into organ part, remember to request not to put as they put quite a lot of it.
Koay Teow is very smooth. Ordered big and it cost only RM3.20. reasonable price.

Fook Cheow Cafe Koay Teow Soup
N5 25.283 E100 19.715 (Near to Masjid Jalan Hatin)
8AM – 12PM

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Kaede Japanese Food Restaurant Alor Setar Kedah

Kaede Japanese Restaurant, it was the second visit. First visit was about 1 years back, this round visit after our early morning disappointed Hot Air Balloon event in Kedah.
This shop was located in Alor Setar, Kedah.

Early visit to this shop and no other customer yet, only a few tables as the shop lot is quite small.

Kaede Japanese Restaurant

Orange Juice

Korea style chopstick, not really like this type of chopstick as I just can’t hold my food nicely with it.

Green tea, I would say it just an ice water coz doesn’t have much tea flavor.

Design of the restaurant, take note that this is not the menu as like what most of the Chinese shop like to do to show the hot dishes. Hehe! So don’t order what listed here.

Ordered a Grilled Salmon Set, two pieces of Salmon with Japanese sweet source. Very tasty.

Rate: *** *** */10

Salad together with Salmon set.

Miso Soup

Order a few sushi, saw the pink color? It was actually Sakura, it taste like sweet.

Rate: *** *** **/10

Even more Sakura Sushi, the rice they use is short and small which are Japanese Rice.

Rate: *** *** **/10

No. 919, Jalan Sultan Badlishah, 05000 Alor Setar, Kedah
N6 07.233 E100 22.147
Tel: 04-735 1260
10AM – 2PM
5.30PM – 9PM

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