Lobster Baked Cheese at Ah Keat Seafood Restaurant Raja Uda

Having a 10 person dinner at Ah Keat Seafood Restaurant located in Raja Uda, Butterworth. This shop is well known for their huge variety of rare seafood like Geoduck, Snow Crab, Alaska Crab, Lobster…etc and for sure the price is never cheap for good stuff.

Scottland Bread Crab, never know that Scottland famous for it Crab as well.

Alaskan Crab on the left and unsure species on the right, which look very meaty, should be delicious.

Our first dish is Geoduck Shashimi RM267, first time in my life to taste it out but came out to be a huge dissapointment especially for such a high price it just don’t on par with it’s value.
Geoduck was sliced into small pieces and put on top of big plate of ice, Geoduck meat is hard and tasteless.

Cha Mou (Fried Porridge) RM15, normal.

Butter Alaska Crab RM190, you may say it is cheap right? Price is after 50% discount because this crab is just dead, but it was still very fresh.
Very generous amount of butter use to cook make the crab very tasty and each of us only got to eat one crab leg.

Mantis Prawn Salted Egg RM104, it was quite expensive as the 4 mantis prawn is not really big in size. Salted egg is always a good combination for seafood same goes to this dish delicious and flavorable just that the portion is small and expensive.

Lemon Steamed Lala RM12, fresh sweet Lala cook with Lemon and little bit of spicy make us very appetite.

Lobster RM296 for below two dishes, my experience always tell that Lobster is not nice as the meat is rough and hard, while the price is expensive.
Lobster Fried With Cheese, creamy, salty, sour tell the flavor for this dish. Fresh Lobster but as per my expectation, Lobster meat always hard and rough.

Lobster Baked Cheese, very good presentation but the flavor is just normal compare to Cheese Fried Lobster.

Pi Kelabu RM12, now it hard to get Pi anymore as it was very rare. The taste is actually terrible and taste like plastic ball, YES plastic ball so you can imagine how bad is it? Totally negative for me.

Our dessert of the day is Deep Fried Ice Cream, Ice Cream wrapped inside a layer of flour then freeze it, deep fried to golden color while ice cream inside just started to melt.

Overall food is good but Lobster and Geoduck pulling down our overall satisfaction level.

Overall rated as 3 as the price is slightly higher compare to other seafood restaurant but seafood freshness is tip top.

Ah Keat Seafood Restaurant
6881, Lorong Merbau 1 Off Jalan Raja Uda,
13000 Butterworth
04 3233319
5 pm – 1am
N05 26.560 E100 23.221

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Claypot Crab Rice at Cia Xiang Seafood Restaurant

Visited Cia Xiang Seafood Restaurant sometime ago and sorry for the poor image as it was taken with my N5800. Read a few blogger comment on this restaurant, mix feedback from few blogger hence I decide to try it out myself.
For sure Claypot Crab Rice RM40 is a must, their most popular dish. Like other said, the rice is actually tasteless and hard while the crab is good which is fresh and sweet. Guess we are going on the right season for fresh crab.

Sizzling Squid RM6, squid cook with dark soy sauce in sizzling plate. Right timing on cook time for squid, squid is soft and tender but the sauce is just salty and nothing much.

Kam Heong Mantis Prawn RM8, mantis prawn is super small and flour is more than mantis prawn, not really taste like normal Kam Heong as well.

Receipt, reasonable price.

Overall, it was quite dissapointed as our expectation on their signature Claypot Crab Rice is too high.


Cia Xiang Seafood Restaurant
1663 Jalan Paboi Pathau, Bukit Tambun
14100 Simpang Empat, S.P.S. Pulau Pinang
016 504 1815
N5 16.437 E100 27.457

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Gigantic Chili Crab at No Signboard Seafood Singapore

No Signboard Seafood established since 1981, well known seafood restaurant in Singapore, Macau and Jakarta.

No Signboard Seafood shows the granduer of the imperial palace, dragon decaration on one of the pillar, guess is for feng sui.


Sri Lanka Crab is on seasonal price, and this is what we order.

Stir Fried Vegetable $10, crunchy and healthy.

Homemade Beancurb $15, mince pork on top of deep fried beancurb.

Deed Fried Butter Chicken $20, crispy and crunchy while chicken meat is juicy.

Chilli Crab $46, high on my priority to taste this famous dish in Singapore. First taste of the gravy, I was surprise by the sweet and spicy taste with the huge crab, sweetness and freshness was just right. Must TRY.

This is not Snow Crab or Alaska Crab instead it just normal crab but big in size. Huge crab craw, even bigger than my lovely fist.

Mango Sago $8, pure mango blended without adding any water or sugar. Small pieces of manggo and sago was added to enrich it tastiness. Recommended.

Overall, this is another sweet memory we had in Singapore, definetely a 5 star dinning experience.
Price shown above in Singapore Dollar.

No Signboard Seafood
#03-02, 1 HarbourFront Centre Walk S(098585), VivoCity
Tel: 6376 9959
N1 15.807 E103 49.341

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King of Durian, Durian Kunyit

Another King of Food? No….

This is King of Durian, Durian Kunyit or Raja Kunyit
Market price around RM20 – RM30/kg and it can grow up to maximum weight of 3kg which cost approximately RM100 for big units.

The flesh was smooth and slightly bitter taste, seed is very small, a few flesh will make you full.

I tried this last year in KL SS2 but I can’t hardly find it in Penang, I heard someone sell it in Teluk Pahang and prior booking is require because of the high demand.
If so happen you drop by KL, please drive to Petaling Jaya SS2 to try it out, you can easily spot the few stalls which just next to main road.


Perfectly Deep Fried Lamb Ribs at Yang Gui Fei Singapore

Visit Singapore last year and this was one of the best memory we had. We will stuck in China Town and quite disappointed as there is nothing to shop or eat, we end up having our dinner at Yang Kui Fei which we don’t put much expectation.
The shop is actually very small and only manage to fit in a few tables, we choose to sit outside of the shop instead of air-conditioning indoor table, reason because during out visit there is a few Chinaman which talk very loud inside.

A jug of Sour Plum drink $3.80, sour and sweet drink make our stomach scream for food.

Initially plan was to order only 2 stick but minimun is 5 hence we have no choice but to ordered 5. Spice was added on top of the BBQ Lamb and little bit of spicy taste make us ask for more. $1 each.

Ma Po Tou Fu $8, Tofu cut into small pieces then cooked with Chili paste. Chili oil was too much and spicy, worst is the salty level which is unacceptable.

Oyster Sauce Vegetable Mushroom $8.90, vegetable is crunchy, mushroom is soft and absorbing the oyster sauce. Delicious.

Kui Fei Yang Pai $22. Best of the best and this dish created the memory. Lamb Rib grilled to perfection, crunchy skin and soft juicy meat. Simply irresistible.

It just simply awesome.

Price shown above is Sin Dollar.

Yang Gui Fei Xi An Mei Shi 羊贵妃西安美食
18 Smith Street Singapore 058932
Phone: 61000629

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