Ah’ Basri Asian Chicken Satay

Ah’ Basri Satay previously located in Sungai Ara but they have move to D’ Piazza Mall at Bayan Lepas.
As we know that Satay stall is normally small and selling only few variety but Ahmad Basri make it business big and now they have their own shop lot selling more than 7 types of different Satay.

You have to place your order and pay at counter like KFC style then chef will prepare your satay and deliver to your table.
They have chicken, beef, beef stomach, lamb, deer, squid, prawn and tomyam chicken in their menu, or you can order set meal which consists of 3 satay and rice.

We opt for the orange juice, it actually syrup instead of pure orange juice.

This shop has two floor, second floor has air-conditioning room but not on the first floor, photo taken while waiting for our satay.

Finally our order is here, 2xBeef (RM1.50/each), 2xChicken (RM1/each), and 2xSquid(Calamari RM2.50/each) with satay source.
Beef is very soft and delicious, Chicken is normal and a little bit hard, nothing special.
Squid is the best, marinated with homemade source and grill to perfection. Must TRY.

Lamb Satay Set Meal RM8.90, the lamb is quite tough and it more like eating chewing gum. Not recommended.

Star of the day, Prawn Satay Set Meal RM12.90. Best of the best and it is the most expensive Satay serve in Ah’ Basri Restaurant.
Even though it was expensive but value for money as the prawn is big and shell is removed.

Close up to the STAR, honestly we would really like to order more and more…..superb delicious.

Receipt. Reasonable since they provide air-conditioning and delicious Satay.

Ah’ Basri Asian Satay just located next to main road, you can easily spot it. No parking concern as most of the shop lot in D’ Piazza still empty.

Ah’ Basri Asian Satay
D’ Piazza Mall, 56, Jalan Mahsuri
11900 Bayan Baru, Penang
Tel: 012 410 0080
N05 19.588 E100 16.932

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Khuntai Thai Food Restaurant

Original Thai Cuisine, by KhunTai Restaurant. Located in one of the hidden spot in Raja Uda, even though it was so secretly located in one of the small road but it was so popular and attract people from everywhere.

You can take lunch and dinner in this restaurant as their operation hour is from 11AM – 12AM

Original Taste, Authentic Thai Flavor

Spaces environment make the dining experience very relax and enjoy.

Big mantis prawn.

Tom Yam Seafood, strong Tom Yam flavor with fresh prawn, squid and fish meat. It a must try dish.

Big fresh prawn.

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, oily and full of flour. Not recommended.

Order a few vegetable to bring down our cholesterol level.

This Tofu is very special and tasty.

Tang Hun Claypot Crab, one of my favorite. Tang Hun absorb the sweetness of crab and source use to cook make the Tang Hun rich of flavor. Simply awesome.

Sizzling Cheese Prawn, the source make the prawn even tasty together with rice.

A lot of chili and garlic with Lala(Shell), sour and spicy make you asking for more rice.

Special dish, fried egg with vegetable. Vegetable is crunchy, put some Tom Yam sour make it even tasty.

Deep Fried Squid, KhunTai is not really good in deep fried as most of the deep fried dish is oily.

Baked Crab, big crab and amazing fresh.

Overall, KhunTai is well recommended for its original Thai Cuisine.

Khuntai Restaurant
104, Permatang Tenggah, 13000 Butterworth, Penang
11.00am – 12.00am
04-332 7523
N05 26.725 E100 23.243

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Haagan-Dazs Ice Cream Fondue

This was taken on 2009, old memory sharing. Even though it old but the menu in Haagan-Dazs has limited change since then.
One of its famous Chocolate Fondue, 4 flavor of small ice cream, strawberry, banana, green apple, cookies, bun and “love letter”.
Sweet? Or very sweet? For me, it is very sweet and combination between ice cream with chocolate just doesn’t match.
We just don’t dip the air cream into chocolate as it overwrite the original flavor of ice cream, best dip is strawberry. Hot chocolate with sour strawberry is a nice combination.

Chocolate is more on the sweet side with a little bit of bitter.

We can’t finish the chocolate provided as it was too sweet and we are not really a super chocolate lover.

Lim Aik Chew Fresh Water Prawn Nibong Tebal

One of the unnoticed wooden house located in Nibong Tebal, with an old wooden signboard “Lim Aik Chew”. Super hard to get parking during peak hour
Famous for it curry fresh water prawn, unfortunately during our visit is not fresh water prawn season hence we only settle down with deep sea big prawn.

They served Curry prawn with bread but we are too hungry so we decide to go for rice instead of bread.

Super big prawn cook with curry powder, it not spicy and taste superb. It a perfect combination with rice, i believe it should be perfect if taken with bread as well.
Price is depend on market price, but not cheap.

Look at the prawn, it was BIG.

Deep friend fish with home made source, it taste like 3 flavored. Sweet, Spicy, Sour (Let call it 3S…. haha)

Overall satisfaction level is high but again it is not cheap.

Lim Aik Chew Fresh Water Prawn
436 Tanjong Berembang, 14310 Nibong Tebal, Penang
Tel: +60 16-590 4912
N5 09.048 E100 27.739
11am – 6pm

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Restaurant Hua Ling Best Thai Food

Visited Restaurant Hua Ling for so many times, always miss it Tom Yam Prawn.
The shop is located just next to the main road to Nibong Tebal, if you enter Jawi tol, turn right and drive straight. The shop is just on your right hand side.

The shop has air-conditioning and can fit around 10 tables. Sometime it was too cold.

Snack RM2

Rice RM1/pax (unlimited refill)

Tom Yam Prawn RM18, the best of the best. Hot and sour Tom Yam soup with fresh big prawns, it cost only RM18. I would say CHEAP.

Close up to the big prawns, the chef is so nice to help remove the prawn shell. As we all know if prawn shell remove it easily get overcook and meat will become hard but this not the case as the chef is very well control of the cooking duration.
Fresh big prawn is so tender, together with the strong flavor Tom Yam soup make it perfect with rice.

Kai Lan Kou Rou RM9, once again the chef did a good job. very tasty.

Fu Yong Egg RM6, big prawn inside as well

Receipt! Overall one of the most frequent restaurant i visit in the past year. Tom Yam is the best i ever tried. Well recommended restaurant.

Restaurant Hua Ling
Jalan Sungai Bakap, Nibong Tebal, Penang
N5 10.443 E100 28.867
Closed on Wednesday, 6PM – 11PM

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