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Soft and Moist Bun 蓬松面包食谱

Soft and Moist Bun 蓬松面包食谱

2 Cup Warm Water
11g Instant Yeast
5 Tablespoon Sugar
1 Teaspoon Salt
4 Tablespoon Milk Powder
4 to 5 Cup of Bread Flour
4 Tablespoon Butter

2 杯温水
11g 酵母
5 汤匙糖
1 茶匙盐
4 汤匙奶粉
4 汤匙黄油

1. Add yeast into warm water.
2. Add sugar and salt then mix well.
3. Add flour slowly.
4. Knead to smooth surface and let it rise for 40minutes.
5. Cut into small size and form a round shape.
6. Rise second time in oven for another 30minutes.
7. Without preheat turn on oven to 180c with Top Down mode and baked for 17minutes.

1. 将酵母加入温水中。
2. 加入糖和盐然后混匀。
3. 慢慢加面粉。
4. 揉捏面团,让它发40分钟。
5. 切成小块,揉成圆形。
6. 再次在烤箱中发30分钟。
7. 不需预热,将烤箱打开至180℃,并以上下模式烘烤17分钟。

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Simple Pizza Recipe

Here is list of ingredients. Pizza actually has no limitation on ingredients, you can literary add in anything you can think of, some green vegetable such as rocket is highly recommended. You may replace with seafood, add in prawn will be good idea as well.
I use Pasta tomato puree which is already season to taste, personally I found it to be a little bit too sweet. I recommend to purchase pure tomato puree and adjust taste based on your preference.

Making of Pizza Dough is actually pretty simple.
– Mix 2 cup of warm water with Yeast and let it rest for few minutes, you should see some bubble coming up. If no bubble which mean the yeast is not active, don’t waste your ingredients, start new yeast and make sure got bubble.
– Mix in the rest of the ingredients and let it rest for 1hour or double in size.
– You may cover it and let it rest anywhere or personally I prefer to just throw it into oven (without turn on), I stay at Malaysia where temperature around 30+ Celsius.

Making Pizza Topping
– Most of the pizza topping need to be cook up front because baking Pizza just take around 7 to 10 minutes which might not enough for some ingredients to fully cooked.
– Pizza topping can be anything but the tomato based with pork is highly recommended, it add extra texture and flavor to it.

Preparing Pizza
– Once the pizza dough is ready, just make it flat with hand or roller if you have one. It can be any shape if you are ok with it. (obviously, mine is the most ugly pizza ever)
– You may skip butter if you don’t wan your pizza to be too greasy but personally I found adding butter make it more fragrance.
– I always applied tomato puree and mince pork at bottom layer follow with whatever ingredients of my choice.
– My house left with Cheddar so for this Pizza it only has Cheddar which is great in taste but lack of the springy, chewy texture.
– I baked in 220 Celsius with Top & Bottom option for 7 minutes.
– Green such as broccoli or Rocket leaf always has to be add after cook or 1 min before cooked, else it will turn black easily.

Pizza Dough
– Warm Water (2 cup)
– Yeast (1 packet 11gram)
– Sugar (60g, can reduce to taste)
– Salt (half spoon)
– Bread Flour (around 3 cup)
– Butter/Olive Oil

Sautéed Mushroom
– Button Mushroom (1 can)
– Salt
– Pepper

Tomato Based Mince Pork
– Pork or Chicken Minced
– Pepper
– Sugar
– Salt
– Flour
– Garlic
– Onion
– Tomato
– Tomato Puree

Other Ingredients
– Sausage
– Artificial Crab Meat
– Onion
– Tomato
– Cheese (Recommend Mozzarella and Cheddar mix)
– Broccoli

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Hai Di Lao Dry Pot Prawn Recipe 海底捞麻辣干锅虾食谱

This is our very first experience in cooking using Hai Di Lao Mala Paste, surprisingly this paste taste good.
We do add one extra Dried Chili as we prefer it to be more spicy, you can use the original package without extra which taste pretty good as well.
Remember to use slow heat for the whole cooking process (Except deep fried prawn and potato), slow heat ensure dried chili perfectly cook and extract nice flavor out.
You can cook with prawn or crab but personally I perfect prawn as it can fully absorb the spicy taste.

海底捞麻辣干锅调味料 (Hai Di Lao Mala Paste)
莲藕 (Lotus Root)
蒜头 (Garlic)
马铃薯 (Potato)
洋葱 (Onion)
香菜 (Chinese Parsley)
芹菜 (Celery)
辣椒干(Dried Chili)
虾 (Prawn)
绍兴酒 (Chinese Wine)
醋 (Vinegar)
油 (Cooking Oil)

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Raisin Bread Recipe

After fail for a couple time, finally i make a bread that is so soft and delicious. It indeed very simple but the waiting time is long, the whole process took me almost 3 hours. Ingredient shown below is for 2 bread, it depend on the size of pan you have.

Ingredients for 2 Bread
2 cup warm water
60g of sugar
2 tablespoons instant yeast (11g)
1.5 tablespoons salt
2 tablespoons oil/butter
4 cups flour (roughly) – add slowly

Step by Step
1. Prepare a super big bowl.
2. Pour 2 Cup of Warm Water.
3. Add in 60g of Sugar, can be adjust based on your preference.
4. Allow 10minutes for Yeast to activate, if no bubble after 10minutes which mean Yeast is expired. Please do not proceed further.
5. Add in 1.5 Tablespoons of Salt
6. Add in 2 Tablespoons of Butter/Oil, personally i recommend butter for extra fragrance.
7. Add 4 cup of flour slowly, mix well and add if only too wet. Keep adding till the dough dry and non sticky, not too much else it will be very dry.
8. Knead with hand for 10-15minutes.
9. Add in raisin, you may add cheese or other ingredients as well. *I soak raisin before add in to make the raisin soft.
10. Transfer dough to grease pan and let it rise for 60minutes or double in size. *Depend on your environment temperature, it can be more than 60minutes.
11. After it rise to double or triple in size, gently push out all the air and knead for another few minutes.
12. Equally split into two pan and cover. *I did not split equally end up one bread is much bigger.
13. Let it rise for another 60minutes or double in size.
14. Apply a layer of oil/butter/egg white on top.
15. Send straight to cold oven and start baking with 180C for 30minutes. Add one cup of hot water to keep bread moist throughout cooking process.
16. If bread become too brown (black), cover with aluminium foil.
17. Remove from oven after 30minutes and apply a layer of oil/butter on top.
18. Let it rest to room temperature before cutting.
19. Hualla! Delicious raisin bread is ready.

Tam Shui Egg Cake Recipe 淡水古早味鸡蛋糕食谱



☑ 6粒鸡蛋
☑ 90g 低精面粉
☑ 1g 盐
☑ 80g 糖
☑ 75g 植物油
☑ 60g 牛奶
☑ 3 块起司 (原味就不需要加)

10 minutes preparation with simple step and recipe for extremely fluffy egg cake that match Tam Shui famous cake.

☑ 6 Egg
☑ 90g Cake Flour
☑ 1g Salt
☑ 80g Sugar
☑ 75g Cooking Oil
☑ 60g Milk
☑ 3 Cheese (Optional)

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