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May Tip Thai Food Restaurant Bukit Mertajam Penang

May Tip Thai Food Restaurant was discover by my friends who was suddenly craving for Thai Food. Since we are not really familiar with Bukit Mertajam we just give it a try.

When we arrive, restaurant are completely empty and we are a little bit worry.

Luckily we are not disappointing with the food and really impress instead, we hope to return for other dishes soon.

Food are very authentic and taste very good.

Deep fried pork knuckle is the best of the best, extremely crispy and juicy inside. Tomyum soup taste really good as well.

Dipping sauce provided are special made and it is so spicy but taste good, I can eat a whole bowl of rice with just the chili.

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Chok Dee Thai Restaurant Burma Road Penang

ChokDeeThai restaurant located at Burma Road and often full house during dinner hour. Luckily we make reservation else we have to stand and wait since table is limited.

This is our first visit to ChokDeeThai and we are impress with the Thai food serve although price slightly on the higher side.

Highly recommended Deep Fried Pork Knuckle and Glass Noodle Prawn, both are my favorite and it taste extremely good.

Tomyam soup are on the spicy side and it taste awesome, one of the favorite Tomyam soup, it is extremely rich in flavor and seafood are very fresh as well.

Deep Fried Pork Knuckle

Claypot Prawns With Glass Noodle
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Cha Yen I Avenue Thai Milk Tea and Thai Food Restaurant

Cha Yen Restaurant is a Thai Food Restaurant serving authentic Thai Food with their signature Thai Milk Tea, located at I-Avenue shop lot. If you found the name Cha Yen to be familiar then probably you have try their famous drink at Lebuh Acheh or Armenian Street.


Simple decoration with full of “signature” drawing across wall, instead of messy feeling it gave an artistic feel. Pretty good though.


Thai Milk Tea, assorted flavor available up for selection and among those we love the Original Thai Milk Tea the most, it has very smooth texture yet rich in tea fragrance with a hint of carnation. While Green Tea Yen has a hint of Jasmine Tea fragrance which are pretty special in term of taste. Mocha Drink are one of the famous drink as well, which are combination of two different coffee bean grind together to create the strong coffee aroma drink.
Assorted Thai Drink

If Milk Tea are not your cup of tea then you should try their soda drink, Pineapple, Apple, Blue Lemon…etc in various color are good refreshing drink. It is not too sweet and it flavor are nicely blended.
Soft Drink

Thai Kaya With Toast, at first we though it going to taste just like local Kaya taste but we are wrong, the Thai Kaya taste totally different and it taste a lot better, instead of strong Pandan flavor it has strong milk tea flavor in it. Toast are perfectly roasted to crispy texture which goes well with Thai Kaya.
Thai Kaya With Toast

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Seafood Platter at Thonglor Thai Restaurant Icon City

Are you excited? Yes, we are! We are excited whenever there is big crab right in front of us. Especially Big, i mean really BIG crab such as Alaska King Crab! Super big right? King of crab that people enjoy it taste and sweet flesh. Now you can get this big crab at Thonglor Thai Restaurant for just RM399, not only Alaska King Crab but it came with 2 big mud crab, egg, clam, muscle, scallop and assorted vegetable.
Thonglor Thai Seafood Restaurant

Thonglor Thai Restaurant is very spaces with great table arrangement, i like the big table that allow many dishes to be place on table without problem.
Thonglor Thai Seafood Restaurant

Thai influence drink such as Thai Milk Tea, Thai Green Tea, Lemongrass and Pandan drinks. I love lemongrass drink which has strong lemongrass aroma and not too sweet.
thonglorc (5)

Teng! Teng! Alaska King Crab Platter RM399 suitable for 4 person, three different type of soup based available such as Tomyam, Lime & Chilli and Kengsom, it also come with 4 plate of either BeeHun, Glassnoodle, Instant Noodle or Rice.
Alaska Platter

Alaska Platter

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Lye Lye Food Court Beef Noodle

We are really beef noodle lover but in Penang we hardly find any good beef noodle that satisfy us. While browsing through FB I spotted this newly open hawker stall that located in Lye Lye Food Court (Terengganu Road). Few days later i invited my friends to go on lunch together. The beef noodle is different with what i ate before and it taste pretty close to the one i had in Bangkok few years back. It has spices and herbs taste instead of meat sweetness which are rather unique, the noodle use are like Pad Thai which are flat noodle with springy texture. I had big bowl RM9 which has pretty generous amount of beef included, pretty satisfy with those tender beef texture but beef stomach are rather disappointing as it has very chewy texture. Although it does not really up to my expectation but still a good place to cure my desired for beef noodle
lye lye food court beef noodle

lye lye food court beef noodle

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