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Lavish Fusion Bakery Victoria Street Penang

Welcome to Lavish Fusion Bakery! Ops, shall we call it Restaurant? Dessert House? Well, it actually from the famous Love A Loaf Bakery and now expand into serving hot food, dessert…etc. Well, i would call it a full blown restaurant to be exact. The restaurant well situated at Victoria Street which is tourist hot spot as well as local favorite location, although parking might be challenge but if you are on luck, road side parking just few step away from the restaurant.

Nicely decorated plant wall are one of the most Insta photo, it look extremely green especially with the glass roof that allow great sunlight into the restaurant with huge “Lavish” on it.

I love how dessert presented behind the glass counter, it look extremely delicious! Can i have all?

Introducing the newly launch product Lava Cube and Ice Cream Crossaint. Surprises, Surprise, we are surprise by it taste. Well, more photo and description follow up.

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Best Cake at China House Penang

China House famous for their signature cake”S”, I mean a lot of cake. No doubt that it is one of the best cake shop in Penang and we had the impression that China House only served cake with drink but we are completely wrong, they do have awesome menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

Although the outlook of the shop look small but inside is actually very long with 3 connected area, right after the entrance is drinks counter with a couple of table and one table fill up with cakes, further down the hall is another seating area with book and some antique, follow through is an outdoor decoration pool and last area is a wine bar.

We had Lychee Cucumber Soda RM12.80 and Hot Latte RM12.80. Lychee Cucumber Soda are extremely refreshing especially on hot day, cucumber green and fresh taste mix extremely well with lychee and soda, it taste very good.

Ministrone & Chickpea Soup of quinoa, leek, fennel, pumpkin & beans with Chimichurri Pesto and Cheesy Focaccia RM20. We are impress with the rich flavor of soup, taste sourish and add on with the cheese slice provided making it taste even better. Cheesy Focaccia are really impressive, crunchy with strong butter fragrance.

Pizza of the Day RM29, crispy tortilla topped with chicken pepperoni, pineapple, capsicum and cheese. Tortilla are healthier compare to pizza dough and with it thickness, it is much more crispy as well. Topping with simple ingredients is good enough to make a good pizza, saltiness of chicken pepperoni and cheese mix with sweet pineapple is just awesome.

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Sushi Kitchen Gurney Plaza Penang

Sushi Kitchen Restaurant offer healthy food, emphasize on healthy eating with fresh ingredients. Sushi Kitchen has few branches around Penang and Gurney Plaza is one of the latest branch which start operation since last year.

Food ingredients are soaked in enzymes for 45 minutes before cooking.
Mayonnaise are freshly made from non dairy, no egg, no honey and no animal product.
Food are order to cook so be patient while waiting for your food that cook with love.
All food preparation without food preservative, white sugar replace with brown sugar and salt use are Himalayan Rock salt.

Vegetable Hand Roll RM8, freshly roasted Japanese premium seaweed roll with assorted fresh and crunchy vegetable, topping with homemade vegan mayonnaise and G-ken floss. Seaweed are extremely crispy and what make hand roll taste good is the homemade mayonnaise, it has a bit of sour and sweet taste.

Happiness Family RM36, 16 pieces sushi that consists of G-Ken Floss Sushi, Rainbow Maki, Global Warning Maki, Inari, Chuka Wakame Gunkan. Japanese rice are use and it has very nice texture with vinegar fragrance. Deep Fried Sushi is one of their signature as it has extra crispiness.

Mango Sushi are seasonal menu item as Mango are not available throughout the year. Honestly this is a piece of art, it look gorgeous. Sushi wrapped with carrot, cucumber & G-Ken floss. Sour and Sweet Mango Sushi gave a new sushi experience to us.

Black God RM15.90, Organic Charcoal Noodle with wheat milk soup. Honestly we are surprise by the tastiness of soup that was cook from wheat milk and assorted vegetable, it taste very delicious and charcoal noodle has springy texture. Continue reading Sushi Kitchen Gurney Plaza Penang

Omakase at Malaysia Biggest Japanese Restaurant Kizuna Penang Time Square

Kizuna is the biggest Japanese Restaurant in Malaysia which situated inside Penang Time Square, offering great variety of Japanese Food and premium quality of Sashimi. If you are fan of Sashimi then Kizuna definitely is a must visit restaurant, we are really impress with the great variety of fresh air flown Sashimi offer on the menu. Don’t hesitate to ask for something fresh that not in menu, they always have surprise for you.
Kizuna Japanese Restaurant Penang Time Square

Kizuna Japanese Restaurant Penang Time Square

Today we going to try our their newly launch Omakase, “I will leave it up to you” which mean Chef will prepare dishes that is fresh and best for the package of your choice, typically Omakase doesn’t have a fix menu but in Kizuna they decided to put up a fix menu with pricing just because local people still cannot accept paying a certain amount without knowing what will be served.
Maxwell Sparkling Mead

Maxwell Sparkling Mead, great selection by the owner. According to the owner he go to many country just to sample the best wine to pair with Omakase and after countless try finally he found this wine which are smooth in texture and taste sweet. It well balanced and not overpower any single dish that we ate throughout the night.
Maxwell Sparkling Mead

Thanks to our Chef for preparing an awesome dishes throughout the night.

Tuna Tartar, Avocado top with Caviar. Tuna meat are scratch to fine texture and season with truffle oil then top with avocado, fish roe and Caviar. It has a thin slice of lemon at the bottom that look like a decoration but instead it provide a great hint of acidity which make the overall combination a perfect flavor.
Tuna Tartar

Kuruma Ebi Salsa, the chef ask: do you like spicy? I said Yes and here the special made Salsa Sauce Prawn made. Extremely big and springy texture prawn boiled to perfection then season with Salsa sauce that taste sweet, spicy and sourish.
Kuruma Ebi Salsa

Kuruma Ebi Salsa

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Matsuki Japanese Restaurant

Matsuki Japanese Restaurant is definitely a hidden gem near Gurney area. Restaurant located inside a bungalow (or Semi-D), a very old restaurant that serve great Japanese Food.

We had Spicy Seafood Ramen RM18 and Sushi Tempura Set RM30, both are extremely good.

Spicy Seafood Ramen consist of assorted seafood and vegetable, soup taste sweet and spicy with seafood fresness. Japanese yellow ramen are use, it has great texture.
Spicy Seafood Ramen

Spicy Seafood Ramen

Sushi Tempura Set RM30, deep fried prawn and vegetable tempura, miso soup, fruits and rice. Just love their tempura which are extremely crispy and fresh.
Sushi Tempura Set

Sushi Tempura Set

Tamago Sushi, thick cut of cold tamago is just awesome.
Tamago Sushi

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Restoran Jepun Matsuki
Address: 62, Jalan Pemenang, 10250, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Phone:+60 4-229 5504

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