Crack Papago M11 Singapore and Malaysia Android Installation Guide


Papago M11 or Waze is a must for food hunter like us, not only allow us search for food nearby but also bring us to some hidden location. GPS technology has become more mature nowadays and it getting more and more popular. For those who has Data package normally they will use Waze but for those without Data Package then you can rely on Papago M11 and today i going to share with you where to get a *Ahem version with installation guide. We still encourage you to support the original version. which you may purchase through app store with just a few touch.

Normally i use Waze to search for POI (Point of Interest) but lately i found Waze lead me to wrong direction hence i decided to install Papago with both backup each other i can ensure i am on the right track all the time.


Step by Step Guide.

Step 1. Download Papago from link below (Just download one)

Step 2. Unzip downloaded file and copy “NaviM11SGMY” into Android Phone Memory or Internal Memory.

Step 3. On your Phone open “My File” and look for “NaviM11SGMY” and install “Papago!SGMY_Navitotal[H-S].apk”

Step 4. That all, Papago successfully install but without Map yet. Let download Malaysia and Singapore Map here

Or you can always download latest Map from Malfreemap (Free Registration Required)

Step 5. Unzip downloaded file and copy the whole folder into “NaviM11SGMY–Maps” (Depend on your previous “NaviM11SGMY” copy location.

Step 6. Lauch Papago!SGMY in your phone and hurray, your installation completed with latest map. Let start hunt some food.

We still encourage you to show support to the original version, you may get original copy from Android market or through Papago website.

*If any link above broken, please leave a message and we will fix it as soon as possible.

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230 thoughts on “Crack Papago M11 Singapore and Malaysia Android Installation Guide

  1. Hi, i’m using galaxy S2 and installed this apps but the problem is the gps is not working. do you know why? does it has to do with custom rom which i’m currently using? i installed it in external sd card, is this one of the rootcause also? please advise. thanks.

  2. I think i got it settle. I’m using custom rom and guess what i turned on the security feature to auto mode blocking access to personal data which eventually prevented the app from making use of the gps. Installed sygic instead. Now my phone has waze, sygic and papago hahahahaha but the surprising thing is i seldom use/needed them. Anywhere it feels good to be able to use crack the app, and my head :-) cheer!!!
    By the way, sygic and waze are better in the sense that they can guide you not base on just road name but also the name of shopping mall, places of interest etc. Papago only road name i think. Anyhow, it is a good and can be used as an alternative navigational app. Cheer!!!

      1. I have succefull install but problem is GPS sifgnal not stable, on and off during travelling very troublesome, what is the/problem?

      1. i having this problem …
        i had followed all the steps above and copy the whole folder of the latest map and paste it at the maps folder. ..
        but when i try to launch the papaga apps, it pop up something …
        stated what starting to download map data …
        but i already copy and paste the latest map …
        please help …

  3. Initially it was running fine, then one day it cannot “add favourite”, “cannot find POI nearby” and cannot search any more, why? Now it can start and show the map, cannot further from that. please help.

  4. I’m having almost the same problem as KP. I just installed it in my Samsung 7″ Tab 3. Cant do search. Any ideas how to solve it? Need help. TQ.

    1. I’m having the exact problem as this guy right here. Have reinstalled it twice but still couldn’t fix the issue. Anyway, thank you for this awesome post.

    1. i installed it in my SD card and i copy and paste the latest map …
      but i tried to open the papago then it said need to download the maps again …
      but i already did that …
      why ??

  5. i managed to install on my android, but weird things is first msg prompted when i launch it is, request for 2 gb free disk space and download map data :S

    i did downloaded the map and paste it over the map folder, which like i did to my papago gps. luckily my android phone happen to have 2 gb free disk space

    well , in the end i still able to launch it, gonna test it some day

  6. It works but cannot excessp road map and excess to poi
    I type in the road name i just got a black screen
    My phone is samsung note 4
    Pls advise me what to do
    Thank you very helpful web lots of gòod thing to makan great

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  8. Great post, really thankful for posting article related to this phone, I’ve a plan to buy an phone, this article helped me lot, hope for other articles from you.

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