Bye Bye Don Muang Airport

*This review is part of our Bangkok 2012 Travel.

Good Morning! Sad! Sad! Sad! We are about to leave Bangkok and back to Malaysia, waking up in the morning, bath and prepare to go home. Just before we leave Tune Hotel she say she miss out something and guess what she miss? Oh Yea! Naraya bag, she say she doesn’t buy enough Naraya Bag. I was like “OMG, Serious?” and the reply is “Yes”. Grr…

We then decided to go Siam Discovery Naraya for her last shopping. Check out hotel then carry out big bag and taking BTS to Siam Station. Walking down the stair with our huge luggage and walk our way to Siam Discovery, pretty tired even though the distance is not that far. She happily make her purchase while I sit and wait outside, this is her 3rd visit to Naraya and 3rd purchase as well within one trip to Bangkok and it not end yet. Continue read then you will know.

After she happily bought what she want then we take BTS and stop at BTS Mochit for Taxi ride to Don Muang Airport.

Just be extra careful with the Taxi driver because he charge us additional $100 per head on top of meter, we should have challenge him but at that time we did not do that, regret after he leave. Damn! We feel cheated as my friend told me he did not get extra charge to go Don Muang Airport.

Going into Air Port, Check in and walking around. We saw Fuji Japanese restaurant but sadly we are too full and not able to eat anymore, walking down she saw NARAYA again. She immediately walk inside and a few bag coming out again. How come girl can be so addicted to Naraya? Em…..

Naraya Nightmare! HaHa!

Alright, that the end of our Bangkok travel. I hope you enjoy reading our Bangkok 2012 Travel and if you have any question feel free to comment below, facebook us or email us.

Bye Bye to Bangkok!