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Iconic Hotel Penang Seafood Buffet

Calling Seafood Lover, your chance to have unlimited supply of seafood is now available at Iconic Hotel Penang. Starting from Oct-13 till Nov-30, Every Friday and Saturday, Seafood theme buffet is available at Iconic Hotel. Good News! Only RM108 per person and add on RM50 for unlimited supply for wine or beer. Good News x2! Credit & Debit card holder for Citibank, Maybank, CIMB Bank are entitle for 25% discount! Amazing Deal!

Supply of seafood is truly amazing, from seafood on ice bed to hot dishes to lok lok to soup to….anything and everything is just about seafood. Well, if you are seafood lover, it will never be enough right? Give it a shot and you will be surprise by how much seafood you can enjoy.

Let get started with some Salad and Fresh Vegetable, it always good to keep your stomach warm up for more food later on. On the salad bar there is various type of fresh vegetable with assorted dressing.

A little bit of cheese?

Let get over to Seafood on ice, signature of the theme buffet impress us with great variety of fresh Flower Crab, Snow Crab, Mussel, Spanner Crab, Lobster and Prawn. Seriously, you can taste up to 3 different type of crab in single buffet is unbelievable. We went on Friday and it pretty much full house but the supply of seafood never stop even on peak time around 8pm. My favorite always goes to snow crab which has the most meat and easy to peel, snow crab leg has a bit of saltiness which I can easily eat many of it. Lobster are pre-cut into half that make it extremely easy to eat, just put your folks into it and there goes big chunks of flesh coming out and into my mouth. Yummy!

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G Hotel Taste Cafe International Buffet Buy 2 Free 1

Taste Café at ground floor of G Hotel is now offering buy 2 free 1 for lunch & dinner buffet. Offering International & Oriental Lava Stone BBQ only daily basic, add on RM75 for free flow of house beer & Wine. With new Executive Sous Chef Siva Kumar s/o Samarason, he brought in 25 years of culinary experience in Western & Asian cuisine and introduce new buffet menu in Taste Café.

Lunch Buffet, 12pm – 3pm available daily for RM95
Dinner Buffet, 6.30pm – 10.30pm with International Buffet from Sun – Thur, RM120 and Oriental Lava Stone BBQ for Friday & Saturday, RM155.

We can clearly tell that overall buffet quality has improve over our last visit and it is a lot more better now, high quality of food with fresh ingredients, food taste unique compare to typical buffet where deep fried occupied most of the served food, pretty good varieties with combination of different cuisine. Overall, we are very impressed and agree it well worth the money, especially with Buy 2 Free 1 it is definitely worth pay a visit.

Fresh Salad Counter, offer wide range of fresh vegetable with different type of dressing. Prawn, Mussel and Scallop are served on bed of ice to ensure freshness.

Fruits Salad, Kerabu Ayam, Apple Slaw and Rice Salad.

Smoked Salmon, Smoked Duck with various pickle.

Cheese Station

Highly recommend Penang Oxtail Soup, normally I only get to eat Oxtail Soup during Raya Buffet but I am surprise with the awesomeness of Oxtail Soup here, it pack a punch of herb fragrance together with jelly soft oxtail.

While on the carving station, Lamb Leg is catching my attention, covering with various herbs and grilled to perfection. Dipping with mint sauce provided are just perfect. Chicken and Satay are available as well.

Char Koay Teow is one of the highlighted items, it tastes so good that we finish two plates of it. Sound silly? HaHa! It just too good. Seriously, it is on par with those you get on Gurney Drive, it has the heat “wok hei” that bring out the fragrance of soy sauce with combination of prawn, egg and fish cake.

While on the main dish, Grilled Fish Fillet with Tomato Salsa, Beef with Chili Soy Sauce, Black Pepper Mussels, Ayam Masak Merah, Kampung Style Fish Curry, Shredded Duck with Bean Sprouts, Potato Au Gratin, Grilled Chicken Chop with Taste Café Curry Tomato Sauce, Spanish Seafood and Meat Paella and more. Honestly, we are pleasantly surprise by each dishes flavor and taste, it outstanding. Especially Grilled Chicken Chop with Taste Café Curry Tomato Sauce which curry paste are freshly prepared by chef with fresh ingredients instead of off the shelve type of curry paste, depth of flavor is unexplainable with words. Spanish Seafood Paella is another signature dish with fragrance of saffron and acidity of homemade tomato sauce, every bite of rice are pack with punch of flavor.

Getting over to Grilled Station, Angus Strip Loin, Lamb Chop, Spicy Chicken Sausage, White Prawn and Smoked Duck Breast are all available. Thumb up for Smoked Duck Breast, it is the best Duck Breast I ever ate before, flavorful and soft in texture. Prawn are extremely fresh and surprisingly Beef and Lamb are perfectly cook to medium, it came with a little bit of burn fragrance outside but well retain juiciness inside.

Fresh Fruits

While on dessert station, a dedicated Dessert Chef prepare all this awesomeness. Instead of using artificial flavoring, natural fresh food are used for the most authentic and fresh flavor in cake making. Such as Dragon Fruits Mousse cake where every bite can taste the sourness and sweetness of dragon fruits in it, same goes to Cempedak Cake that has strong fragrance of Cempedak fruits. Other desserts such as Tarts, Cone and various flavor sponge cake are all taste good.

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168A, Pesiaran Gurney, 10250, Georgetown, Penang
Opens Daily
604- 238 0000

Ixora Hotel Perai Penang East Meet West Buffet Lunch

Ixora East Meet West Buffet Lunch available on weekday from 12pm to 2.30pm for pocket friendly price of just RM45nett per adult, feature below are highlight of the theme buffet on top of full range buffet line include salad bar, fruits, dim sum corner, dessert counter…etc are also available.

Buffet Lunch (East Meet West)
· Monday – Friday 12 p.m. – 2.30 p.m.
· 4 types of menu, rotate weekdays daily
· RM 45nett pax for adult
· RM 28nett for child & senior citizen
· Child (4-12 years old) , Senior citizen ( 60 years old and above)

Featuring on September East Meet West Buffet are food that “Surprise” us with awesome flavor and texture. Castilian Garlic Soup are something that everyone of us guess wrong on the main ingredients, we never expect the rich flavor are extract from Garlic, the soup has creamy texture with a hint of “mushroom” flavor. Seafood Pilaf Rice are combination of seafood slow cook with rice with assorted herbs to create the rich flavor rice with strong seafood fragrance. Brinjal with Shrimp Paste, amazing local flavor which emphasize on spiciness and rich flavor of dried shrimp. Another signature item in the buffet line is Kim Chee Mandoo, don’t under estimate the Kim Chee sauce as you will be surprise by it spicy and sweet taste that mixed extremely well with Wanton

Avocado Tomato Egg

Castilian Garlic
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Evergarden Halal Chinese Restaurant at Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang

In the month of August, Evergarden Chinese Restaurant introduce a series of awesome SzeChuan cuisine. Evergarden Chinese Restaurant is one of the few Halal Certified restaurant offer authentic Chinese Food in Five-Star Hotel. Offer spacious dining area with many private room to cater for private event, high ceiling with tremendous sea view from the dining area. Beside Sze Chuan Cuisine, a la carte Chinese menu offering great variety of signature dishes as well.

桂冠冷热荤 Laurel Precious Four Dish Combination, four awesome dishes that served as first dishes that has both cold and hot dishes.

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Independence Day of the United State of America Gala Dinner at Hotel Equatorial Penang

In celebration of America’s 241st Independence Day of the United State of America, AmCham Malaysia is collaborating with it diamond, gold and silver member to organize a gala dinner at The Hotel Equatorial Penang on 12 July 2017. The event welcome Her Excellency Kamala Shirin Lakhdhir, TheU.S. Ambassador to Malaysia and Dato’ Haji Mohd Rashid bin Hasnon Deputy Chief Minister 1 of Penang together with 400 distinguished guests.

School for Mentally Retarded Children Data Keramat, The Penang Ru Yi Home and AMCHAM CSR Fund was identified to be recipient of charity from this event. 5 Auction items such as Calligraphy Art “Contemplation”, Angel’s Envy Rye Whisky, Serenity Wool Paiting, Luxurious 2-hour Sunset Cruise and Merly Jewellery was sponsored. On top of that Top 3 Raffle Prizes included are Celestial Jewelly worth RM5000, RM3000 cash voucher for cruise ride by Vangohh Seafarer and Mantel Clock woth RM3900.

It was an awesome night and we are glad to be part of the event.

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