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Wang Thai Restaurant Pulau Tikus Penang

Wang Thai Restaurant located in Pulau Tikus area and specifically along Burma Road, there is a couple of Thai food restaurant around this area and right opposite is Aroi Thai Restaurant. We heard very positive feedback regarding Wang Thai hence we come and give it a try.

Tod Kratiem Pla Angsai RM50, deep fried garlic fish with pepper powder is something new to us and we highly recommend this dish. Fish is perfectly deep fried to very crispy while the deep fried garlic gave a strong boost to it flavor together with pepper powder which make it overall taste extremely good, although the fish is deep fried but it still juicy inside.
Tod Kratiem Pla Angsai

Tod Kratiem Pla Angsai

Tod Kratiem Pla Angsai

Tom Yam Goong RM24.90, Traditional prepared spicy thai tom yam prawns. It taste pretty spicy and sour compare to local tom yam but it taste pretty authentic as it has similar taste like i had in Bangkok, the most important is the is fresh prawn.
wangthaif8 (2)

Tom Yam Goong

Pad Kana Moo-Crob RM19.90, stir fried kailan with roast pork.
Pad Kana Moo-Crob

Yum Woon Sen RM14.90, hot and spicy Thai Glass Noodle Salad. A mixture of black fungus, squid, prawn, onion and garlic with glass noodle served in cold, it is definitely a great appetizer to start with.
Yum Woon Sen

Cha-om RM9.90, stir fried egg

Tub Tim Krob RM4.50, thick white coconut milk mixed with red rubies and jack fruits, it taste pretty sweet but full of jack fruits aroma.
Tub Tim Krob

Wang Thai Restaurant overall offering good food at reasonable price, definitely will come back for other dishes.
Wang Thai Restaurant

Wang Thai Restaurant

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4 Star Rating

294, Jalan Burma, 10350 Pulau Tikus, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
04-2265168(pulau tikus) / 04-6119696 (bayan baru)
11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
N5 25.923 E100 18.701

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Home Recipe Grill Chicken Rice at Penang Prangin Mall

It been sometime we never dine in Prangin Mall as we always feel like there is nothing to shop but we are here lately as we are sending out printer for repair. Today we going to dine in Home Recipe Prangin Mall 3rd Floor, the restaurant is actually quite small and pack, environment wise not so comfortable as it too close to the corridor and pretty dark.


Lemon Grass Chicken Rice RM10.90, honestly we did not expect much from the chicken as it took pretty long time to prepare but luckily when it served it is pretty delicious, chicken is crispy and the lemon grass sauce is flavorful. It taste sweet with mild lemon grass flavor while the chicken is marinated before pan fried hence it has great flavor as well.
Lemon Grass Chicken Rice

Home Spicy Chicken RIce RM10.90, same as above the chicken is delicious and the home spicy sauce taste quite good, although it doesn’t taste as spicy as it name said but it has some great flavor.
Home Spicy Chicken Rice

Overall their food is pretty delicious, probably they can do something to improve the environment. You can join our Taste…iest Facebook Fanpage to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Taste…iest, Penang Food Blog.

4 Star Rating

33, Prangin Mall, Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong, Penang, George Town, 10100
04-261 7626
N5 24.879 E100 19.879

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Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant Gurney Paragon Penang

*This restaurant is listed in Top Japanese Restaurant in Penang

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant located next to Sushi Zanmai which both under the same mother company but Rakuzen more expensive compare to Sushi Zanmai.

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant Penang Gurney Paragon

The restaurant is big and spaces, facing sea view with very comfortable seat.
Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant Penang Gurney Paragon

Summer Roll RM22, crab meat and cucumber roll topped with half-boiled salmon and fried burdock. Sushi rice is perfectly made and the salmon is fresh and delicious as well, wrapping with the crunchy cucumber making it taste good.
Summer Roll

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice Zen RM33, fried chicken curry rice set. Big pieces of chicken fillet deep fried to golden color then top with Japanese curry, deep fried chicken is very soft and flavorful while the Japanese curry is not spicy but full of fresh vegetable and curry taste.
Chicken Katsu Curry Rice Zen

Chicken Katsu Rice set served with pickle and steamed egg.
pickle steam egg

Sukiyaki Small RM30, Beef Hot-pot in Sukiyaki-style, although it look small but it actually big portion. Assorted vegetable, mushroom together with glass noodle in sukiyaki soup serving with thin slice beef. We are surprise by the amount of slice beef provided which is very generous but too bad the sukiyaki soup is too sweet hence we not able to finish it.
Sukiyaki Sukiyaki

Overall we really enjoy dining in Rakuzen, food is high quality just slightly more expensive compare to Sushi Zanmai. If you wish to eat Sushi then head on to Sushi Zanmai, if you want a-la-carte then try Rakuzen. You can join our Taste…iest Facebook Fanpage to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Taste…iest, Penang Food Blog.

4 Star Rating

163D-6-37, 37A, Pesiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang.
11am-3pm; 6pm to 10pm. Daily.
604- 218 9900
N5 26.158 E100 18.665

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Que Huong Toi Vietnamese Restaurant Jalan Jelutong, Penang

Que Huong Toi is a Vietnamese restaurant located along Jalan Jelutong, behind Hyundai or before the traffic light if you coming from Jelutong. Parking is a problem as it only has 1 parking lot so the best place to park is opposite, park at roadside of Peugeot Showroom and cross the road. The restaurant is small and fit with only a few table, the waitress is Vietnamese but they can speak fluent mandarin.

Cafe Sua Hot RM3.00 Cold RM3.30, Vietnam Milk Coffee that is a must ordered. Coffee is very thick and the special dripping tools making it so special. I take 1 cup of cold and another cup of hot which both taste very good but personally i recommend hot drink as it has a little bit more flavor and you can add on extra water(tea) with the provided tea pot.
Cafe Sua Hot Cafe Sua Cold

Pho Bo RM6.50, Vietnam Beef Noodle Soup. My all time favorite beef noodle, the soup is very flavorful and sweet, full of beef flavor and the noodle is actually pretty same texture as koay teow. Serving together with a bowl of vegetable which pretty strong in flavor so if you do not like the vegetable you can ignore it.
Vietnam Beef Noodle Soup Vietnam Beef Noodle Soup

Vietnam Beef Noodle Soup

Bun Bo Xao RM7, Vietnam Fried Lemongrass Beef Noodle. Not really fried noodle instead it more like dry boiled bee hun with lemongrass and other seasoning with beef, if you love lemon grass then for sure you will enjoy this plate else you may try other thing.
Vietnam Fried Lemongrass Beef Noodle

Vietnam BBQ Pork Chop Rice RM6.50, deep fried marinated pork chop served with tomato, pickle and tofu. Well, i was rather dissapointed with the pork chop as shown in picture it was so big, almost cover up the whole plate but when served it is very small and cold. The taste is just normal and pretty hard as well. Not recommended.
Vietnam BBQ Pork Chop Rice

Banh Xio RM7, Vietnam Pork & Prawn Large Popiah with Vegetable. It indeed very big and full of vegetable especially jicama, popiah skin very crispy but not much flavor, dipping with the sweet sauce making it taste good.
Vietnam Pork & Prawn Large Popiah with Vegetable

Gui Cuon RM1.80 each, Vietnam Hand Roll Popiah. Vietnamese rice noodle with assorted vegetable wrapped in Vietnamese popiah skin, i feel the vegetable too hard and overall doesn’t has much flavor, you have to dip with the provided sauce.
Vietnam Hand Roll Popiah

Banh Flang RM2.50, Vietnam Pudding. The pudding is extreme smooth while serving with the coffee-o which taste bitter well balanced up the dessert overall taste.
Vietnam Pudding

Overall we love this place so much and it not known by many, price is reasonable as well.
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Vietnam Que Huong Toi Vietnamese Restaurant

Vietnam Que Huong Toi Vietnamese Restaurant

Vietnam Que Huong Toi Vietnamese Restaurant

4 Star Rating

Vietnam Que Huong Toi
56-W, Jalan Jelutong, 11600 Jelutong, Penang
N5 24.062 E100 19.369

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Via Pre Tavern On The Harbour Italian Restaurant Weld Quay

Via Pre Italian Restaurant is situated at Weld Quay which famous for its authentic Italian food, Via Pre restaurant is located beside main road and easy to find parking lot at road side. The restaurant itself is spaces with high ceiling and dim lighting, there is one big dessert area together with cold cut and cheese while on the right hand side has huge board listing down wine list offer in restaurant.
Via Pre Italian Restaurant

While waiting for our food, a bowl of bread served with olive oil and vinegar. There is chili flake and cheese powder provided for main dish use. Three type of bread served to us and we finish it all, we regret. I going to tell you why we regret in later part. Dipping the bread with olive oil and vinegar surprisingly good.

Olive oil with vinegar

Tagliere Piemontese for two persons. This super big plate of cold cut and cheese consists of eight different cold cut with assorted cheese that I failed to name any of it. Overall it is very good combination to try everything in one go but this so called two persons is definitely too big for us, it would be suitable for 5 persons. At first few slices with cheese, it is very interesting but after getting more and more it getting salty.
Tagliere Piemontese

Tagliere Piemontese

Aglio & Olio Tutto Mare RM78, a plate of seafood instead of spaghetti. Whole lot of seafood such as fresh squid, scallop, dried squid…etc stir fried with spaghetti, spaghetti has very strong seafood taste and it indeed quite special and delicious just that the price too high.
Aglio & Olio Tutto Mare

Calzone Via Pre RM36, doesn’t it look like a curry puff? Instead it is Pizza that wrap like a curry puff, the pizza crust is a little bit soft in the middle while crispy on outer part. It fill with tomato puree, meat, mushroom and cheese. It is very flavorful and delicious but sadly it was too big, after we taking all those bread with olive oil now our stomach is too full for the whole pizza.
Calzone Via Pre

Calzone Via Pre

Tiramisu which served in a small cup that taste not bad but lack of some alcoholic taste.

Overall Via Pre Italian Restaurant do served something different from other Italian Restaurant and we enjoy dining here but the price slightly higher compare to others.

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4 Star Rating

5, Weld Quay, Georgetown 10300 Penang, Malaysia.
+604 2619 800 / +604 2620 560
+604 2630 560
N5 24.981 E100 20.622


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