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US Pizza Greenlane Penang

US Pizza has established in Penang since 1997 for 18 years and all of us must have eat at least one slice of their pizza before. One thing we like about US Pizza is their free delivery service for order over RM25, we can easily order more than RM25. Every Tuesday is our US Pizza day where we will order 2 Large Pizza for just RM42 (Saving of RM23.90), that 2 large pizza is enough for my whole family dinner and we love it so much.
US Pizza Penang

American Iced Tea RM7.50 (1.5litre)
Lemon Tea

Italian Grilled Chicken Salad RM12.50, a mixture of mushroom, cucumber and lettuce served with generous amount of marinated chicken. Chicken are nicely cook to flavor but sadly lettuce a little bit less.
uspizza3 (6)

Mushroom Soup RM5.95
Mushroom Soup

Cinnamon Twisty Bread RM3.95 and Crazi Garlic Twist Bread RM3.95, personally I found Garlic Twist Bread to be very delicious. Bread are nicely done to texture, it has a little bit chewy texture but the important still the strong garlic fragrance which make it taste good. Cinnamon are very special as well, it has mild sweetness and great in flavor.
Twisty Bread

Florida Honey Wings RM13.95 (8pcs)and New York Wings RM13.95 (8pcs), marinated chicken wing deep fried and coated with a layer of honey/BBQ sauce. It has crispy skin with juicy meat, coating sauce are balanced in flavor.
Florida Honey Wings

New York Wings

Chicken Lasagna RM19.50, instead of typical lasagna noodle they home made fresh lasagna noodle and mix with 3 different sauce to create this perfect plate of Lasagna. It doesn’t taste as creamy as other Lasagna instead it has sourish taste that balanced the flavor. Lasagna noodle are nicely done to texture which are not chewy and eating with chicken minced is just perfect.


San Francisco Fabulous 4 RM38 Promotion (Standard Price RM52.95), this big square pizza consist of 4 different flavor that are Smoked Duck, Pepperoni, Tempura Prawn and Spicy Chicken. Definitely more than enough to feed a couple of adult, among those 4 flavor I found the Smoked Duck to be the best in flavor follow by Pepperoni, Tempura Prawn and Spicy Chicken. Smoked Duck taste a little bit sweet but has strong duck frangrance.
US Pizza Penang

US Pizza Penang

6″ Crunchy Pizza RM12.95, a total of 17 flavors pizza to be choose from menu and all come with thin crust that is so crispy. Here are the list of pizza we try Tuna Delight, Aloha Pizza, Tom Yum Chicken Delite, Ocean Delite, US Favorite, Vegi Lover, Italiano Chicken and Penang Special. Highly recommended Tom Yum Chicken Delite although it is a little bit spicy but the spiciness is just delicious, it is a must try pizza.
US Pizza Penang

US Pizza Penang

Half & Half RM27.95, 9″ hand tossed pizza crust that allow to have 2 different flavor on it. Crust is thicker than 6″ pizza, if you don’t like crispy crust then you have to try this. We had Italian Way and Spicy Chicken Delite. This type of crust are much more filling compare to crispy crust, or you may choose to have Garlic Cheese Crust/Thin N Crunchy (Additional RM1.5 regular/ RM2.5 large).
US Pizza Penang

US Pizza Penang

US Pizza Penang

US Pizza Penang

US Pizza Penang

US Pizza Penang

US Pizza Penang

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US Pizza
3D, Lorong Delima Satu, 11700 Greenlane, Penang.
1300-22-3838 / 04-6552828
11:am – 10pm

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Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine RM10 Promotion till 31/10/2015

Saw an interesting promotion while scrolling through Facebook this morning, RM10 per pax for a complete meal of 6 dishes (minimum 2 pax) at Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine Pekaka Square. Immediately decided to make reservation for lunch with colleague. Below portion are for 4.
Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine

Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine

The restaurant is kind of small with less than 10 tables, booking is a must to entitle for this promotion.
Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine

Famous Crab Meat Soup, I doesn’t expect much since we just pay RM10 that include 6 dishes but it came to my surprise that the Crab Meat Soup taste so good, thick and flavorful with a lot of mushroom and crab meat in it.

Famous Crab Meat Soup

Ocean Sauce Steam Red Fish Meat, we get half fish for 4 pax which is not bad but the fish has pretty strong muddy taste, luckily the ocean sauce taste strong enough to cover up. I would suggest they deep fried and put the same sauce which should make it taste better.
Ocean Sauce Steam Red Fish Meat

Clay Pot Curry Prawn, deep fried prawn to crispy texture and served with Indonesia Curry, it is really delicious. I can finish one bowl of steamed rice with the curry sauce.
Clay Pot Curry Prawn

Golden Mushroom Bean Curb, deep fried bean curb served with boiled broccoli and golden mushroom sauce.
Golden Mushroom Bean Curb

Thai Mango Chicken, deep fried chicken fillet served with mango and onion kerabu. I love the extremely crispy skin with mango sauce which taste sweet and sour.
Thai Mango Chicken

Stir Fried Vegetable
Stir Fried Vegetable

Wang Chao 13 Anniversary
Pre Order Required
Promotion untill 31/10/2015
Valid between 11pm – 7pm Only
RM10 per/person (Minimum 2 person)

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Restoran Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine
Address: 2-G-2, Lebuh Pekaka 1, 11700 Gelugor, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Phone:+60 4-444 3268
11am – 10pm (Close Wednesday)

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Great Dry-Aged Pork and Burger at 43 Cafe Gelugor USM Penang

43 Café, a well-known homecook café among USM students and resident surrounding. Famous for homemade burger, Stay and Ice Cream and now they put one step ahead and create even better food such as Dry-Aged Pork, Sous-Vide Chicken and Pasta. Jacgy is a passionate chef who spend time research and study on raw food and cooking method, everything prepare by him are start from scratch and it take time for each dishes to serve on table. Emphasize on no MSG and using healthy ingredients for his food and that why only limited item can be found on the menu.
43 Cafe

No WIFI provided, I like the idea to have everyone talking with each others.
43 Cafe

Simple message but well deliver, no MSG no Coloring, cook with passion.
43 Cafe

43 Cafe

Ginger Tea RM 3 and Sour Plum Juice RM4. Personally I found the Ginger Tea to be too strong and spicy but the Sour Plum Juice still as good as before, very appetizing and balanced in flavor.
Tomato Plum Juice

Sesame Salad RM8.50, assorted fresh vegetable season with home made sesame dressing. It is a great start for our long awaiting Dry-Aged Pork, now our stomach are lubricated and ready for more food.
Sesame Salad

Dry-Aged Pork Steak RM28.80 and Pork Belly RM32, the dry-aged process took 3 days to create a concentration flavor which then cook sous-vide at 65°C for hours to create the succulent texture. It then cook with hot oil with only salt and pepper to create the rich flavor. On top of that, dipping sauce provided are created with massive onion and garlic with other seasoning for excellent flavor. We are truly impress by the Pork Steak and Pork Belly flavor and texture, it is something that we never try before and I just fall in love with it.
Dry Aged Pork Steak

Dry Aged Pork Belly

Dry Aged Pork Belly

Dry-Aged Pork Belly RM32
Dry Aged Pork Belly

Dry Aged Pork Belly

Dry Aged Pork Belly  Continue reading Great Dry-Aged Pork and Burger at 43 Cafe Gelugor USM Penang

Will Western Delight Beside Gembira Parade

Will Western Delight located inside Hing Long Cafe right next to Gembira Parade, serving wide variety of western food and best thing is they served pork chop which is what we looking for. You can park at opposite big parking space for just RM1 then walk over, the coffee shop also has one Chu Char stall that I like to eat as well.
Will Western Delight

Mushroom Soup RM3 with Garlic Bread, We like the garlic bread which is very crunchy and full of garlic butter taste while the mushroom soup taste just normal with chicken mince in it.
Mushroom Soup

Lamb Chop with Garlic Sauce RM15.80, two big pieces of lamb grilled to perfection then top with garlic sauce, lamb is perfectly cook which doesn’t has the chewy texture and it taste extremely good with the garlic sauce.
Lamb Chop with Garlic Sauce

Fish & Chips RM7.50, pretty big portion served with garlic bread, fries and assorted vegetable. Great control of deep fried time ensure the fish meat remain juicy, dipping with the provided tartar sauce taste pretty good.
Fish & Chips

Pork Chop with Mushroom Sauce RM9, well marinated pork chop full of flavor, topping with mushroom sauce help to boost it flavor even further.
Pork Chop with Mushroom Sauce

Smoked Duck with Spaghetti RM24, special menu dish which rotate bi-weekly with lamb shank. Although it cost slightly higher compare to other dishes but it definitely worth the value, duck breast is well marinated and cook to perfection, it juicy and flavorful. It also come with a small portion of spaghetti with tomato sauce, wedges, corn and assorted vegetable.
Smoked Duck with Spaghetti

Chicken Cordon Blue RM9.30, chicken meat wrapped with ham and cheese then deep fried to golden color, Chicken Gorden Blue is not oily and pretty delicious as well.
Chicken Cordon Blue

Grilled Chicken with Blackpepper Sauce RM8.80, pan grilled chicken drumstick then top with black pepper sauce, the black pepper sauce taste sweet, sour with mild spiciness while the chicken is juicy.
Grilled Chicken with Blackpepper Sauce

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Will Western Delight (Beside Gembira Parade, Inside Hing Long Cafe)
Lorong Delima 1,11600 Penang.
N5 23.165 E100 18.244

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Spade’s Burger

Spade’s Burger is a newly open burger shop located at Taman Pekaka where the famous Maxims Dim Sum located, Spade’s Burger is actually using Maxims Dim Sum shop lot at night selling burger. The setup of the burger shop is very simple as they just into business but slowly they will expand and make it better.

The trend today is Charcoal Bun and Charcoal Bun. Everyone is trying to make a good charcoal bun and Spade Burger did not disappointed us with their charcoal bun as it is fluffy and nice looking.
Charcoal Burger

Burger patty are self-made with their own secret ingredient and grilled to perfection. The original patty is bigger than what is show in picture as this is special made for tasting, we have a number of burger to try out throughout the whole night.
Burger Patty

Different type of burger has its own ingredients but all does has the special made secret sauce.
Porky Pair Burger

Bacon strips burn at the side, it will be good if they can cut it out.
Spade Burger Pekaka

Spade Burger Pekaka

Porky Pair RM9.90 which came with single patty, bacon strip and cheese. Pork is slightly overcook and dry inside but the seasoning is enough to make it flavorful.
Porky Pair Burger

Spade’s Hot Chick RM9.90 with single patty, cheese and bacon. Chicken patty has much better taste and juicy inside.
Spade's Hot Chick

Last but not least the must try Shroomception which is new to the menu and you will never know what is it until you have a bite on it. A huge Portobello mushroom is deep fried and top with golden mushroom as burger patty. It is so special and delicious.
Shroomception Burger

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2-G-8, Pekaka Square (Next to Maxim Dim Sum) Taman Pekaka, Penang
6:30 pm – 11:00 pm Closed on Thursday
N5 20.945 E100 17.708

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