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Sin Tai Tung Seafood

Sin Tai Tung Seafood restaurant is an old restaurant situated at Macalister Road beside UMNO building, it is one of the oldest Chucha in town probably older than me. The restaurant is simple and old, it a little bit messy and not so clean as well but that is normally a good restaurant look like, i hope i make the right judgement.

We ordered a few simple dishes, let start with Curry Fish. Fish is fresh and tasty while the curry is very flavourful as well, it has the right level of spiciness and sourness.
Curry Fish

Curry Fish

Stir Fried Vegetable with Assorted Mushroom, it taste normal but i would suggest to add on fermented bean curb for better flavor.
Stir Fried Vegetable with assorted mushroom

Fried Egg is just quite delicious fast cooking time making sure the egg external full cook while a little bit moist inside.
Fried Egg

Kung Pau Mantis Prawn slightly too sweet for us but i like the deep fried mantis prawn which has great crunchiness.
Kung Pau Mantis Prawn

Sin Tai Tung Seafood Restaurant food is not bad and the price is reasonable.
Sin Tai Tung Seafood

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3 Star Rating

130 Jalan Macalister, 10400 Penang, Malaysia.
N5 24.964 E100 19.489
Operation Hour:

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Teluk Kumbar Hao You Seafood Restaurant

It been quite some time since our last visit to Teluk Kumbar Hao You Seafood Restaurant, Teluk Kumbar area full with seafood restaurant such as Teluk Kumbar Hao You Seafood Restaurant, Hai Boey Seafood Restaurant and Khuntai Thai Seafood Restaurant. Teluk KumBar Hao You Seafood Restaurant is the first seafood restaurant you arrive if you coming from Airport direction, the restaurant hide behind an abandoned old house. The restaurant is located beside sea side and the best thing about this restaurant is the sitting area is actually on top of the sea sand, it is extremely natural.

Satay is a must ordered, the chicken satay perfectly marinated and cook to perfection. Satay is full of flavor with much flavor on the sweet side while a little bit sautéed taste.
Chicken Satay

Kam Heong Lala slightly lack of Kam Heong flavor, slightly more dry shrimp and Kam Heong paste will definitely make this dish much better.
Kam Heong Lala

Tom Yam Fish, one whole fish cook in Tom Yam soup, fish is fresh and sweet while the tom yam spicy and sour taste is rich in flavor. The acidity of Tom Yam soup help to boost up the freshness and sweetness of fish meat. Tom Yam soup is best to eat with steamed rice.
Tom Yam Fish

Stir Fried Kailan
Stir Fried KaiLan

Deep Fried Squid is very crispy and the squid is very soft, it doesn’t has the chewy texture instead it can be bite off.
Deep Fried Squid

Salted Egg Crab, fresh crab stir fried with salted egg. Sadly the crab is not as big as I was hoping for but luckily it was fresh, the salted egg coated the crab shell with sweet and sautéed taste.
Salted Egg Crab

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3 Star Rating

84, Mukim 9, Teluk Kumbar, 11920 Penang
04 649 1403
N5 17.602 E100 13.920

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The Food house 食屋 Taiwanese Food Restaurant Macalister Road

The Food house*食屋* is another Taiwanese food restaurant located at town area, to be exact it located just next to new lane hawker stall. We attracted by it colorful yet simple exterior hence we decided to try it, when first step into the restaurant it has a very green feel as they cover the floor with artificial glass while wood covering wall, I really like the environment.
The Food house食屋

The Food house食屋

 Passion Fruit Milk Tea 百香果奶盖RM6.90 and Honey Lemon Juice 蜂蜜柠檬水RM3.90
Passion Fruit Milk Tea Honey Lemon Juice

Sour Plum Sweet Potato 甘梅地瓜RM5, deep fried sweet potato mix with sour plum powder, it has some sweet and little bit of sour taste.
Sour Plum Sweet Potato

Braised Pork Leg Rice 食屋铁板猪脚饭RM12.90 is their signature dish where pork leg is pre cook and then served in hot sizzling plate, bowl of rice provided is braised pork meat rice (ru rou fan) garnished with spring onions and vegetable. The pork leg is pretty hard and not much meat while the rice is not bad, gravy taste good.
Braised Pork Leg Rice

Braised Pork Leg and Egg served in sizzling hot plate.
Braised Pork Leg Rice

Braised Pork Meat Rice
Braised Pork Rice

Cheese White Sauce Pork Rice 起司白酱猪扒饭RM9.90, pork meat is quite soft and delicious but a little more seasoning on the sauce will be much better.
Cheese White Sauce Pork Rice

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3 Star Rating

53, Jalan Macalister, George Town, Penang.
+6016 4224326
Daily, 11am-3pm, 5pm-10pm
N5 24.905 E100 19.574

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Kampar Noodle Jalan Air Itam

Recently there is a new noodle restaurant open in Jalan Air Itam, it call Kampar Noodle. The restaurant located just near to BHP Petral Station Air Itam, speciality of this restaurant is the Kampar Noodle with deep fried fritters. First you have to place your ordered at the counter by select your favorite deep fried fritters, vegetable and fish ball.
kampar noodle

Assorted type of noodle for selection, such as Hakka Mee, Low She Fun, Ho Fun, Bee Hun or Tang Hun that can be served in dry, soup or curry. Price range from RM1.70 to RM3.40.
We had Curry Hakkan Mee, the curry gravvy is quite thick which came with vegetable. Hakka Mee is quite special and delicious as it not too soft instead it has a little bit of springy texture.
kampar noodle

Dry Hakka Mee is rather disappointed as the meat gravy provided is too less and it doesn’t has much flavor, it make the whole noodle rather boring.
dry kampar noodle

Braised Chicken Feet is just average as the sauce doesn’t has enough flavor.
braised chicken feet

Soup based ingredients include various type of fish ball and vegetable, it taste normal as the fish ball is not really special and the soup is just normal as well.
soup ingredients

Deep Fried Fritters, I like the tofu skin as it very crispy and dip into curry gravy taste good.
deep fried fritters

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3 Star Rating

Jalan Air Itam (Beside BHP Jalan Air Itam)
N5 24.267 E100 17.402

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Monkey Tree Restaurant in Tropical Spice Garden Teluk Pahang

Monkey Tree Restaurant is a located inside Tropical Spice Garden in Penang Teluk Pahang, the restaurant is high up middle of the tree and the extended dining area is surrounded by big old tree. The restaurant itself use wood as it main decoration even for the chair and table, the environment is top notch as right in front of you is the big ocean.
Tree Monkey Thai Food Restaurant

If it rain then you can choose to sit inside tatami kind of seat, it is very comfortable as well.
Tree Monkey Restaurant

Roselle Mojito RM22.80 ,Mojito (white rum, lime juice, soda & crushed mint leaves)
Roselle Mojito

Miang Kam RM14.80, Wild betel nut leaves served with fresh ginger, shallots, lime, chili, hashed coconut, peanut, dried shrimp & chef sauce
Miang Kam

Thai Tapas RM45, you got 12 choices of Tapas and for just RM45 you can select all 12 items, since we are first time here hence we select all 12 items, with that we can try all their dishes at one go.
Overall the Thai Tapas is not something very special instead most of the item is deep fried, what make it special is the chef has the heart to prepare 1 items each to form a very well presentable dish.
The taste is pretty normal nothing spectacular, unfortunately Darling Crab is spoiled.
Thai Tapas

Thai Tapas

Lemongrass Skewer, Wrapped with deep fried minced seafood
Money Bag, Golden fried bag stuffed with minced chicken
Massaman Samosa, Crispy Samosa with minced chicken
Thai Tapas

Prawn Cake, Deep fried prawn minced
Thai Fish Cake, Deep fried curried fish paste with kaffir leaves
Spring Roll, Crispy roll mixed vegetables and glass noodle
Thai Tapas

Sambal Chicken, Deep fried chicken with sambal paste
Pandan Chicken, Marinated chicken wrapped in pine screw leaves
Darling Crab, Half shelled crab stuffed with mixed seafood
Thai Tapas

Gold Basket, chicken mince cook in spicy sauce
Otak-Otak, Steamed curried seafood paste in banana leaves
Mussel Salsa, Half shelled mussel steamed with chili & lime
Thai Tapas

Tomyum Prawn Medium RM20.80 Thick lemongrass soup with mushroom, chili & lime juice. The Tomyam soup is pretty rich and inside a medium size has around 6 prawns, if you love the authentic Thai tomyam then you will not like this as it doesn’t has enough sour taste instead it pretty spicy.
Tomyum Prawn

Tomyum Prawn

Steamed Rice RM2.50 each, a very well shaped rice but pretty pricey.
White Rice

Overall the food is just normal but as expected we are here because of the environment.
Tree Monkey Thai Food Restaurant

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3 Star Rating

Tree Monkey
Lone Grag Villa, Lot 595 Mkm 2, Teluk Bahang, 11100 Penang
04 8813494
9am – 11pm (Sunday – Thursday)
9am – midnight (Friday & Saturday)
N5 27.816 E100 13.752

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