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Sea Fresh Hot Pot 蒸味鲜 Jalan Macalister

Eating healthy is always good but how do we ensure what we eat are healthy? Well, the simple way is to eat unprocessed food, without sugar, without flavoring, without salt, without MSD…etc. As long as the food is natural then it is healthy for our body. With that said, the best option is to eat something that freshly steamed. We ate in Steamed Seafood Hot Pot 蒸味鲜 at Golden Triangle before and since then we fall in love with simple cooking “Steamed”.
Seafresh hot pot 蒸味鲜

The restaurant located at Jalan Macalister offering big space for dining within two floor, each table are fill with the special steamed cook. It is very simple but super efficient, it took only a few minute to cook meat, seafood and vegetable.
Seafresh hot pot 蒸味鲜

Seafresh hot pot 蒸味鲜

We had apple vinegar drink which direct import from China, it taste sweet and sour. Very appetizing.
apple cider

We had 4 pax Turbot Fish & Prawn Set RM228 which came with clam 400gram, 4 big scallop, 2 chicken drum stick, assorted vegetable, Japanese tofu, mushroom, siew mai, fuzhou fish ball and rice with pork ribs and dried scallop. The rice, pork ribs and dried scallop will be put at the bottom of steamer and fill up with water, which will eventually fill with meat, seafood and vegetable essence from the steaming process.
Rice with Pork Ribs

Well, if you are condiment lover like we do then you can get whole lot of different condiment for your dipping. We highly recommend 老干妈酱 Lao Gan Ma sauce which is a type of bean paste but it taste extremely good, it goes well with all sort of ingredients even porridge.

Hairy Crab are not included in the menu but if you choose set menu then you can get one for just RM30, hairy crab are seasonal seafood which most likely not available after mid of December so get it while stock last.
hairy crab

Turbot Fish is the signature of the meal, it is high in collagen and omega 3. Pretty rare and expensive fish, but it has very springy texture and sweet taste. It is a must try fish as it taste really really really really good.
turbot fish

Chicken without seasoning? Are you serious? It won’t taste good at all right? The Chicken taste awesome, it is so juicy and just a dip into soy sauce is well enough to bring out it sweetness. Continue reading Sea Fresh Hot Pot 蒸味鲜 Jalan Macalister

New Dragon Gate Seafood Village Restaurant

New Dragon Gate Seafood Village Restaurant located behind Viva Food Court (Small alley beside Chinese Swimming Club). As usual they always stock with fresh seafood such as lobster, crab, different kind of fishes and all other type of seafood as well.
new dragon Seafood restaurant

金沙蒜焗生蠔 Garlic Butter Baked Oyster, honestly I am not a big fans of oyster as I can’t really find fresh oyster in local market but I am very impress with the way they cook it with garlic and butter that make it taste awesomely good. Oyster are extremely fresh and big in size, it has very smooth texture with milky taste.
Baked Oyster

干贝鱼汤菌浸时蔬 Stir Fried Vegetable with Dried Scallop and Mushroom, the soup sweet taste extract from fish and dried scallop are very tasty. Topping with fish skin are special and taste good.
Scallop Mushroom Vegetable

风味酱蒸石斑件 Steamed Grouper Fish with Special Sauce, the special sauce taste sweet with soy bean after taste. Slice fish meat is very fresh and sweet but we found the sauce taste a little bit too strong and overpower the fresh fish meat. Continue reading New Dragon Gate Seafood Village Restaurant

Paper Lobster Restaurant with Extra Discount from ShopBack and Groupon

We always visit online voucher website for better discount when we looking for new restaurant to try out, while we browse through Groupon and saw Paper Lobster seafood package RM210 we decided to give it a try since got 24% discount for just RM159. Thanks to my sister reminder about Shopback which allow me to get extra cash back from my purchase, I save another RM11.76 by clicking through, I will share more now.
paper lobster

We discover the leading cashback site in Malaysia recently and try a couple time before we decided to share with our reader, why? Because we doubt on the cashback given as we have no idea why they gave extra discount but after few try and get our cashback now we are confident to share. Before you proceed further, you can create shopback account here.
ShopBack Malaysia not only gave cash back on Groupon instead they do partner with big online retailer such as Taobao, Lazada, Agoda, Zalora, Tesco, Qoo10, Expedia, AirAsiaGo, Booking.Com, FoodPanda, Ebay…etc, what you need to do is just create a FREE account at ShopBack and click on the Merchant Icon on their website which will then redirect you to the partner website for purchase. We always Find great discount from Groupon Malaysia food deals which provide best offers on food and beverages.

We saw the great discount on Groupon hence we go to Shopback and click on Groupon icon then a page will pop up and direct us to Groupon website

We just follow the normal purchase through Groupon and automatically they will credit the cash back to our ShopBack account.
So here is the deal.
If we walk in, we pay RM210
If we purchase through groupon, we pay RM159
If we purchase through Groupon + Shopback, we pay only RM147
Extra discount with just a few extra click.

The best thing is after we purchase from Groupon, ShopBack system will automatically send us email inform that purchase has detected and credit will shown in ShopBack account within few days. Yes, RM11 has been capture, but we still need to wait for 64 days in order to redeem the cash back.

Here is our previous transaction, as long as you meet the minimum of RM10 you can cash out your balanced and they will transfer it to your bank account. With just a few click, my cash back of RM15.11.


If you find my explaination to be confusing, you may check out their official video. Link to ShopBack.

Back to Paper Lobster, Seafood! Let roll!

You can get different package from the menu starting from RM68 to RM388, depend on which type of seafood you want or you can add on different type of seafood as well. Since we bought online voucher so we can skip this selection.
paper lobster

paper lobster

After select your package you choose your flavor with option Louisiana Boil, Garlic Butter, Paper Cheese or Malaysia Style Curry. We choose Garlic Butter as recommend by the manager.
paper lobster

paper lobster

Teng Teng, our RM210 seafood platter served on table. (Actually we only pay RM148 with saving from Groupon and Shopback combination) Wau, we are pretty impress with the amount of seafood served as it definitely more than enough for two of us. Immediately we can smell the garlic and butter aroma with strong seafood fragrance.
paper lobster

Our package included 1 big mud crab, countless prawn, yabby, mussels, clams, sausage, sweet corn and potato. We have one big mud crab that taste super-duper awesome, it is extremely fresh and delicious. Same goes for out prawn, fresh and sweet. It taste awesome with the garlic butter. Personally Yabby is not our favorite but still not bad consider it freshness.
paper lobster

See, how big is our crab claw. It is so delicious.
paper lobster

Included in the package are Mantou and Nancho.
paper lobster

Yummy Yummy! Glove are provided as well.
paper lobster

Crab, Prawn, Yabby, Muscle and Clam.
paper lobster paper lobster

paper lobster paper lobster

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Seafood Platter at Thonglor Thai Restaurant Icon City

Are you excited? Yes, we are! We are excited whenever there is big crab right in front of us. Especially Big, i mean really BIG crab such as Alaska King Crab! Super big right? King of crab that people enjoy it taste and sweet flesh. Now you can get this big crab at Thonglor Thai Restaurant for just RM399, not only Alaska King Crab but it came with 2 big mud crab, egg, clam, muscle, scallop and assorted vegetable.
Thonglor Thai Seafood Restaurant

Thonglor Thai Restaurant is very spaces with great table arrangement, i like the big table that allow many dishes to be place on table without problem.
Thonglor Thai Seafood Restaurant

Thai influence drink such as Thai Milk Tea, Thai Green Tea, Lemongrass and Pandan drinks. I love lemongrass drink which has strong lemongrass aroma and not too sweet.
thonglorc (5)

Teng! Teng! Alaska King Crab Platter RM399 suitable for 4 person, three different type of soup based available such as Tomyam, Lime & Chilli and Kengsom, it also come with 4 plate of either BeeHun, Glassnoodle, Instant Noodle or Rice.
Alaska Platter

Alaska Platter

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Ramadhan 2016 Buffet at Eastern & Oriental Penang

When it come buffet Eastern & Oriental Hotel Sarkies always our first choice, during the Ramadhan Month 2016 buffet (6 June – 5th July 2016) price at RM133 nett for adult and RM60.95 nett for child. The buffet served with signature dishes such as roasted whole lamb, snow crab on ice and many other great dishes. As usual we are surprise by the great variety offer throughout the buffet line and during Ramadhan month they even extend the buffet to have more item such as traditional kuih, somtam, satay, grilled whole lamb, teh Tarik…etc. It is certainly interesting to dine in E&O buffet.

Deep Fried Popiah, Prawn and Yam Paste Wrap.
deep fried poh piah

deep fried fritter deep fried prawn

Countless main dish that include of Chicken, Squid, Fish, Beef, Vegetable…etc that served on hot dish counter.
curry chicken

curry nasi briyani

fried rice

herb chicken beef


steamed fish

curry prawn onion egg

enohotbuf (16)


white sauce brocolli

enohotbuf (37) chili fish

enohotbuf (40)

Start with fresh salad?

Assorted fresh salad condiment that can be add on.
assorted salad

Looking at the wide range of appetizer


Make it local by add in sambal instead of typical dressing, Thousand Island, Mayonnaise is boring. Sambal that is signature sauce that added to local salad which taste extremely spicy but trust me, it is very addictive.

If you are duck lover like I do then you must not miss the Roasted Duck, it is one of the best roasted duck I have among the many Hotel buffet I had, it is even comparable to road side hawker stall. Duck meat is perfectly marinated to flavor and roasted to flavor, meat is juicy and flavorful. If you are not into duck then try the roasted chicken or roasted beef.
roasted duck

roasted chicken

roasted beef

Assorted cracker available as well, use it to dip with curry is always the best.
enohotbuf (42)

If you are not into Ramadhan mood and looking for bread then this station won’t disappointed you with assorted bread.
assorted bread

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