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How Enqvist Lose 18 KG in 6 Months

Finally I decided to share my weight loss experience after 6 months of hard work, although I did not have 6 pax body shape now but at least I am on healthy level of BMI. I manage to reduce a total of 18kg off my total weight which equivalent to 21% of me just gone. A lot people asking me how you make it, do you eat? Exercise? Diet? Supplement? flooded with question. Lot of my friends and relative are very happy with my result and hope I can share with them the journey I took in the past 6 months.


Here is my 6 months progress, I have really good progress on first few weeks but slow down after that, I even got a minor spike in weight in between. I work harder and it continue to drop till my target weight of 65kg. So now my new challenge is to sustain, the journey just start and I hope I can sustain and build some muscle.

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