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Best Cake at China House Penang

China House famous for their signature cake”S”, I mean a lot of cake. No doubt that it is one of the best cake shop in Penang and we had the impression that China House only served cake with drink but we are completely wrong, they do have awesome menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

Although the outlook of the shop look small but inside is actually very long with 3 connected area, right after the entrance is drinks counter with a couple of table and one table fill up with cakes, further down the hall is another seating area with book and some antique, follow through is an outdoor decoration pool and last area is a wine bar.

We had Lychee Cucumber Soda RM12.80 and Hot Latte RM12.80. Lychee Cucumber Soda are extremely refreshing especially on hot day, cucumber green and fresh taste mix extremely well with lychee and soda, it taste very good.

Ministrone & Chickpea Soup of quinoa, leek, fennel, pumpkin & beans with Chimichurri Pesto and Cheesy Focaccia RM20. We are impress with the rich flavor of soup, taste sourish and add on with the cheese slice provided making it taste even better. Cheesy Focaccia are really impressive, crunchy with strong butter fragrance.

Pizza of the Day RM29, crispy tortilla topped with chicken pepperoni, pineapple, capsicum and cheese. Tortilla are healthier compare to pizza dough and with it thickness, it is much more crispy as well. Topping with simple ingredients is good enough to make a good pizza, saltiness of chicken pepperoni and cheese mix with sweet pineapple is just awesome.

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The BAR°N at Gurney Plaza Penang

The BAR°N first outlet outside of KL are now opening at Gurney Plaza Penang, the bar and restaurant serving not only great variety of food with local influence dishes but also wide range of wine and other alcoholic drinks. The BAR°N occupying the shop lot which previously run by Chicago Ribs House, now it has a brand new renovation that demonstrated simple and relax environment. Outdoor seating are available along with other restaurant on gurney walkway between gurney plaza and gurney hotel, we prefer to sit inside with air-conditional and comfortable chair. One side of the wall are fill with wine collection, to those wine lover this must be heaven.
The Barn Gurney

The Barn Gurney

The BAR°N menu consist of only two pages but it pack a punch of food, it has pretty much everything about Western/Italian food and next page are full with alcoholic drink Cocktail, Beer, Wine and Mocktails.
The Barn Gurney

Bora-Bora Brew RM16
thebarnd (20)

Alto Los Romeros Carmenere 2015 Red Wine
Red Wine

Sixty Drops Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
White Wine

Classic Margarita RM34
thebarnd (34)

Cosmopolitan RM29
thebarnd (42)

Bora-Bora Brew RM16
thebarnd (50)

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G Hotel Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar

G Hotel Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar is a brand new place to hangout. Reaching up to the top of G Hote Kelawai for Gravity Rooftop Bar that provide an awesome view of Penang. We are not so lucky because there is some haze problem that block certain area else we can eve view a great sunset from here.
G Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar

Gravity Rooftop Bar is located next to Hotel swimming pool, swimming at the top open floor must be a good experience.
G Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar

Bar counter at the middle of open area.
G Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar

Totally different experience after sunset, very nice lighting and windy as well.
G Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar

Different feeling at night.
G Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar

Having fun with fellow blogger and thanks G Hotel Kelawai for hosting us.
G Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar

Rainbow Margarita RM26, introducing Gravity signature beverage that has the highest order rate and it definitely the most eye catching drink as well. 5 color with different flavor of sweet alcoholic drink that taste totally different, not too strong instead it taste a bit sweet especially their cover the cup with a layer of sugar instead of salt.
Rainbow Margarita

Pomegranate Mojito RM38
Pomegranate Mojito

Pink Perfection RM21, combination of watermelon, strawberry, orange and lemon juice. Non-alcoholic drink.
Pink Perfection

Strawberry Daiquiri RM35
Strawberry Daiquiri

Mango Daiquiri RM35
Mango Daiquiri

Gravity Rissoles RM19, marinated chicken breast grilled and top with tomato and cheese. Chicken breast is juicy and mixing it with cheese to create a very strong cheese fragrance and well balanced flavor.
Gravity Rissoles

Prawn & Watermelon Salsa RM19, nicely plated snack that has deep fried prawn served in a pool of watermelon. Prawn are season to flavor and eating with cold watermelon taste refreshing.
Prawn & Watermelon Salsa

Soft Shell Crab RM24, perfectly deep fried to crispy soft shell crab taste awesome, it is so crispy and not oily at all. Serving together with Vietnamese roll that has crunchy vegetable in it.
Soft Shell Crab

Lumpia RM19, pretty similar to local deep fried spring roll but instead of only vegetable they fill it with duck meat and vegetable, it served with special home made sauce that taste sweet with mild spiciness.


Satay Lilit Ayam RM19, marinated chicken meat wrapped at lemongrass then grilled to perfection, chicken meat itself taste flavorful and additional fragrance from lemongrass making it taste even better.
Satay Lilit Ayam

Wedges RM15, my favorite wedges with tomato sauce. best combination.

GK Wings RM28, one, two, three, four chicken wings. Yummy! Chicken wing with sweet sauce top with sesame, it is very juicy and the sweet sauce that pretty much like BBQ sauce are very tasty.
GK Wings

Gravity Burger RM28, that is a big portion of burger. You can choose to have either chicken or beef patty and it served with wedges.
Gravity Burger

Fried Fries RM12
Fried Fries

Starting from October’15, every Wednesday and Thursday night are LADIES NIGHT at Gravity Rooftop Bar. Ladies are entitle for free flow of cocktail from 8pm – 10pm and not one but three different type of cocktail available for selection. Cocktail are different every week as well.
Ladies Night Drinks that consist of Mango Magarita, Cope Copper and Tequila Sunrise.
G Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar

Ladies Night Free Drink

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Ladies Night
Every Wednesday & Thursday, 8:00pm – 12:00am
Girls get free flow of cocktail from 8.00pm to 10.00pm for a sexy and fun night with great music at the rooftop bar.

Rainbow Margarita
Daily, 5:00pm — 10:00pm
RM 26 per set of 5 shots
​Each shot brings different hues and flavours to brighten up your night.

Happy Hour
Buy 1 Free 1 on all house pours
Daily, 5:00pm – 7:00pm

G Hote Kelawai Gravity Rooftop Bar
Persiaran Gurney, George Town, 10250 Pulau Pinang,
+604 219 0000

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Build You Own Burger at The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

If you are looking for a beer and burger then look no elsewhere but The Best Brew inside Four Point by Sheraton. The Best Brew on going promotion for Friday is definitely cheap and fun, what so cheap and what so fun? read on…..
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy beer! Simple….after you get beer you are happy then.
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

Helloooo! House Keeping PLEASE….why you all throw at the floor? this is not cool! Wait…isn’t it this look familiar to Five Guy in US? where peanut are provided free and people just throw peanut shell all over the place? Ok, so here is the FUN! Where every Friday visitor are provided with unlimited supply of peanut and you throw it on the floor, just throw..don’t be shy!
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

Keep it coming! We want to fill up the floor with peanut shell tonight.
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

More fun on every Friday 7pm-10pm, live band performance. Great vocal and sound system, we truly enjoy it. I just like the way they remix our favorite song, it is so cool.
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

Every TGIF from 6pm-9pm “Mega Beer 0’Clock” free flow of beer for just RM75nett, if you can’t make it for early beer than join the next session of promotion from 9pm-11pm for Buy 2 Free 1 promotion. Don’t worry, if you can’t even make it to 11pm then there is another final promotion from 11pm-1am for Beer Bucket or Beer Tower 10% discount. All night long promotion.
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

You can have some fun with your friend by challenging a round of pool game.
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

Enough drinking? Yes/No? Our stomach is calling, we need something, something big.
Latest promotion for dining in The Best Brew is “Build Your Own Burger”, customize your very own burger with different bun, sauce, vegetable, patty…etc for just RM36nett with free non-alcohol drinks (Add on RM12 for a cup of alcohol drinks).
With that many choices available for selection, you can make combination of over hundred? thousand? different burger from this menu.
1. Choose your patty – Beef, Chicken, Lamb or Mushroom (Vegetarian)
2. Pick your bun – Charcoal Bun, Whole Wheat Bun, Green Tea Bun, Brioche Bun
3. Pick your sauce – Honey Mustard Mayonnaise, Dijon Mustard, Sun-dried Tomato Tapenade….etc
4. Pick your topping – more than 10 different type of fresh vegetable and egg available. Highly recommended Avocado and Soft Egg, you can select up to 4 items from this list or more for additional RM3 per item.
5. Pick your cheese – Cheddar, Brie, Emmental and Feta. Well, we do not know what is most of the cheese here so we GOOGLE it.
6. Pick your Side Dishes – French Fries, Colesow, Mixed Salad Leaves, Spicy Wedges, Crispy Onion Rings, Tomato Salad and Grilled Asparagus.
7. Pick your drinks (Soft drink, juice, coffee or tea) or upgrade to alcoholic beverage for additional RM12.
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

While waiting for our burger to ready we continue to play around with peanut. LOL.
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

Toblerone RM26 (alcoholic drink), Fresh Carrot Juice RM17


Mojito RM24

Grilled Chicken Breast with Green Tea Bun, avocado, cucumber with sunny side up egg. I am really surprise by the soft and juicy chicken breast, it is nicely marinated to flavor and delicious.
Build You Own Burger

Ground Lamb and Rosemary with Whole Wheat Bun, extremely thick size lamb patty that is so flavorful with nicely marinated sauce, it pair well with pineapple that taste sweet and sourish. I have two side dishes which are tomato and asparagus and both taste good although asparagus a little bit oily.
Build You Own Burger

Grilled Portobello Mushroom with Whole Wheat Bun, three big size of mushroom grilled to perfection with a sprinkle of salt to enhance it flavor served with assorted fresh vegetable and fried egg make it taste good.
Build You Own Burger

Another Protobello Mushroom with Charcoal Bun.
Build You Own Burger

Last but not least Ground Australian Grain-Fed Beef, thickness of patty can be measure with ruler, it is so thick and filling. Even big eater like me failed to consume it by my own, few ponds of meat nicely season to flavor and grilled to perfection.
Build You Own Burger

That my way of eating burger, instead of using folks and knife i prefer to eat it with hand. Although it look messy but that make it taste better.
bestbrewl (20)

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The Best Brew
Four Points by Sheraton Penang
505, Jalan Tanjung Bungah,
11200 Tanjung Bungah, Penang.

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59Sixty Dining Room Buffet and Lounge at Komtar Penang

The RM50 million project to revive Penang iconic Komtar from Only World Group (OWG) has slowly surface and the upper floor of 59th and 60th is completed with Seafood Buffet Restaurant and Lounge. We have the chance to visit 59 Dining Room and truly impress by the awesome 360 degree view of Penang Island.
59Sixty Buffet Penang Komtar

59Sixty Buffet Penang Komtar

Lower ground entrance located beside Maybank and parking slot available at Komtar Parking or opposite multi level parking but honestly it is not so convenience and safe. Parking should be one of the improvement to carry out as it play a very key role for customer experience, parking lot close all lighting at 10.30pm and only kept a few light for those floor that still has car. Honestly it is not so pleasant experience collecting car at dark.
Anyhow, we are greeted with smile and escort by security to the lift that bring us up to 59th floor.
59Sixty Buffet Penang Komtar

59Sixty Buffet Penang Komtar

We are greeted again at 59th Floor Entrance with a wet towel and big smile, proceed further to the main hall of 59 Dining Room and all of us are shock with the awesome view. It is spectacular!
59Sixty Buffet Penang Komtar

Iconic view from Komtar 59th Floor. Highly recommended to be here before 6pm to catch the awesome view before sunset, take a round walk of the building to view 360 of Penang.
59Sixty Buffet Penang Komtar

59 Dining Room are completely renovated to have Santorini theme, painted with white and light blue. Spaces table arrangement and different type of setup at every corner.
59Sixty Buffet Penang Komtar

59Sixty Buffet Penang Komtar

59Sixty Buffet Penang Komtar

59 Dining Room International Buffet
Weekday Buffet Lunch (Mon-Fri 12noon to 230pm)
Adult: RM88 nett | Child: RM44 nett | Senior Citizen: RM44 nett

Weekday Buffet Hi-Tea (Mon-Fri 3pm to 5pm)
Adult: RM68 nett for 2 pax

Weekend Buffet Brunch (Weekend & PH 12noon to 330pm)
Adult: RM98 nett | Child: RM59 nett | Senior Citizen: RM59 nett

Daily Buffet Dinner (Daily 630pm to 10pm)
Adult: RM168 nett | Child: RM84 nett | Senior Citizen: RM84 nett

Assorted Salad with fresh vegetable and various dressing, cold dishes such as Smoked Salmon and Smoked Duck.
assorted salad

assorted salad

Japanese counter server assorted Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Kushiyaki…etc.
assorted sushi

assorted sashimi

Miso Soup
miso soup

While on the Barbeque counter there is Squid, Chicken, Lamb and Prawn that freshly barbeque.
barbeque meat

Hot Dishes included Braised BBQ Beef Cheek, Baked Mushroom Polenta, Vongole Clams, Scallop Egg Sauce, Cod Fish Steamed Ginger, Chicken Teriyaki, Tomato Rice, Chili Crispy Prawn, Cajun Roasted Potato, Chicken Lasagna, Butter Vege, Braised Lamb with Potato, Lobster Cream Sauce…etc. Whole lot of hot dishes available for selection and we are truly impress with the super size Scallop and Cod Fish, both taste extremely good.
hot dishes

hot dishes

Chicken and Lamb Stay

Whole Salmon
salmon fish

Fried Noodle Station
assorted fried noodle

Char Koay Teow taste pretty good, we have 2 plate in total.
char koay teow

Spaghetti Station


Assorted Bakery


Cold Seafood include of Fresh Oyster, Prawn, Lobster and Scallop.
cold seafood

Something different in 59 Dining Room buffet, instead of pre-cook dishes they served cook on demand seafood. There is few type of fresh seafood available for selection and you can choose different type of sauce for your seafood.
seafood corner

Assorted cooking sauce such as Butter sauce, BBQ sauce, Cheese sauce, Spicy Chili sauce or KamHeong sauce.
fried seafood

Chili Crab
chili crab

Chili Prawn
kam heong crab

Butter Prawn
fresh cook butter prawn

Kam Heong Crab still my favorite, the sauce has very strong dried shrimp taste and it taste even better than some seafood restaurant.
kam heong crab

Miso Station
miso soup

Roasted Duck and Chicken with Chicken CharSiew and Steamed Chicken.
roasted duck and chicken

A big bowl meat, Chicken Char Siew taste so good that can easily beat Ayamas while the roasted Duck and Chicken are very moist and flavorful as well.
roasted duck and chicken

Fresh Local Fruits such as dragon fruits, papaya, watermelon, honey dew and longan.
assorted fruits

Local food, is this for decoration only? Seem like no one dare to eat anything here, i wish to try the mangoesteen.
assorted local fruits

Big section of Dessert to finish up our meal, whole lot of different kind of dessert available and on top of that they do served fried ice cream and chocolate fountain.
assorted dessert

assorted dessert

assorted dessert

Overall we are impress with the variety and food quality served here although we have heard some negative feedback before visit but seem like they have listen to customer and improve on it. I really enjoy dining here especially the great service from the crew, they really care for you and clean our used plate fast.


I am the lucky guy to be born on August and they even sing birthday song and gave me a big birthday cake, I feel so awkward and excited. So complicated. This must be the “highest” celebration I have so far. Thanks for the crew for your wish and birthday song, it truly memorable.
59Sixty Buffet Penang Komtar

We went up to 60th Floor Lounge after dinner to enjoy the awesome view and drinks.
396061x (176)

396061x (175)

396061x (174)

Live performance with alcohol, best combination.
396061x (168)

Group photo at Lounge
396061x (173)

Fun time!
59Sixty Buffet Penang Komtar

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59th & 60th Floor Menara Komtar, 1 Jalan Penang, 10000 Georgetown, Penang.
59th Floor 11am – 10.30pm Daily
60th Floor 11am – 12am Daily

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