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New Dragon Gate Seafood Village Restaurant

New Dragon Gate Seafood Village Restaurant located behind Viva Food Court (Small alley beside Chinese Swimming Club). As usual they always stock with fresh seafood such as lobster, crab, different kind of fishes and all other type of seafood as well.
new dragon Seafood restaurant

金沙蒜焗生蠔 Garlic Butter Baked Oyster, honestly I am not a big fans of oyster as I can’t really find fresh oyster in local market but I am very impress with the way they cook it with garlic and butter that make it taste awesomely good. Oyster are extremely fresh and big in size, it has very smooth texture with milky taste.
Baked Oyster

干贝鱼汤菌浸时蔬 Stir Fried Vegetable with Dried Scallop and Mushroom, the soup sweet taste extract from fish and dried scallop are very tasty. Topping with fish skin are special and taste good.
Scallop Mushroom Vegetable

风味酱蒸石斑件 Steamed Grouper Fish with Special Sauce, the special sauce taste sweet with soy bean after taste. Slice fish meat is very fresh and sweet but we found the sauce taste a little bit too strong and overpower the fresh fish meat. Continue reading New Dragon Gate Seafood Village Restaurant

Copthorne Penang Nyonya Buffet Dinner

Copthorne Orchid Hotel Saturday dinner on Terrace Bay Restaurant offering Nyonya Buffet for just RM42nett adult, RM32nett Senior Citizen and RM25nett Child. Definetely a great buffet for local and foreigner, local will definitely enjoy those great food that we use to eat frequently while for foreigner it is a great buffet to get to know famous local food. Nyonya cuisine are blending of Chinese and Malay cuisine that emphasize on herb which create to form the unique taste.
Copthorne Orchid Hotel Buffet

Copthorne Orchid Hotel Buffet

Nyonya Buffet Dinner held at Terrace Bay Restaurant.
Copthorne Orchid Hotel Buffet

Copthorne Orchid Hotel Buffet

Spacious environment with nice and proper layout. Although it might look a bit old but it is very comfortable dining inside, you may opt to sit poolside for outdoor seating.
Copthorne Orchid Hotel Buffet
Copthorne Orchid Hotel Buffet
Copthorne Orchid Hotel Buffet

Let get start with appetizer, Pickle Cucumber and Pineapple
Pickle Cucumber and Pineapple

Fresh Salad Vegetable Continue reading Copthorne Penang Nyonya Buffet Dinner

Selera Warung Ramadhan Buffet at Four Point By Sheraton

We hope it is not too late to spread the good news, Four Point By Sheraton Penang are having a Selera Warung Ramadhan Buffet at extremely reasonable price, as low as RM27*. If you own a Maybank Credit Card you are entitle for 50% discount while Citibank Credit Card are entitle for 35% to 45%, you may check more detail at Promotion at Official Website.
For normal price Adult RM54nett Child RM27nett, honestly for this range of buffet served RM54 still very reasonable.

Selera Warung Ramadhan Buffet held at The Eatery which are just right beside the hotel lobby, consist of Indoor and Outdoor seating. Opt for outdoor seating if you would like to enjoy the great beach scenery or enjoy looking at kids having fun time at swimming pool.
fourpointrb (69)

fourpointrb (63)

fourpointrb (64)

Fresh fruit juice included Mango and Orange or other sweet drink such as Bandung, Cincau and Soya.
fruit juice

What about coffee? Or Tea?
fourpointrb (34)

Assorted Keropok, crispy keropok is always my favorite. Keropok might be normal right? Then have you seen Lekor in buffet line before? It is very interesting dishes, Lekor is actually fish paste that are Malay traditional snack.

How about Malaysia Style Salad? Mixture of various vegetable and prawn fritter top with peanut sauce dressing.

Continue reading Selera Warung Ramadhan Buffet at Four Point By Sheraton

Build You Own Burger at The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

If you are looking for a beer and burger then look no elsewhere but The Best Brew inside Four Point by Sheraton. The Best Brew on going promotion for Friday is definitely cheap and fun, what so cheap and what so fun? read on…..
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy beer! Simple….after you get beer you are happy then.
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

Helloooo! House Keeping PLEASE….why you all throw at the floor? this is not cool! Wait…isn’t it this look familiar to Five Guy in US? where peanut are provided free and people just throw peanut shell all over the place? Ok, so here is the FUN! Where every Friday visitor are provided with unlimited supply of peanut and you throw it on the floor, just throw..don’t be shy!
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

Keep it coming! We want to fill up the floor with peanut shell tonight.
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

More fun on every Friday 7pm-10pm, live band performance. Great vocal and sound system, we truly enjoy it. I just like the way they remix our favorite song, it is so cool.
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

Every TGIF from 6pm-9pm “Mega Beer 0’Clock” free flow of beer for just RM75nett, if you can’t make it for early beer than join the next session of promotion from 9pm-11pm for Buy 2 Free 1 promotion. Don’t worry, if you can’t even make it to 11pm then there is another final promotion from 11pm-1am for Beer Bucket or Beer Tower 10% discount. All night long promotion.
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

You can have some fun with your friend by challenging a round of pool game.
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

Enough drinking? Yes/No? Our stomach is calling, we need something, something big.
Latest promotion for dining in The Best Brew is “Build Your Own Burger”, customize your very own burger with different bun, sauce, vegetable, patty…etc for just RM36nett with free non-alcohol drinks (Add on RM12 for a cup of alcohol drinks).
With that many choices available for selection, you can make combination of over hundred? thousand? different burger from this menu.
1. Choose your patty – Beef, Chicken, Lamb or Mushroom (Vegetarian)
2. Pick your bun – Charcoal Bun, Whole Wheat Bun, Green Tea Bun, Brioche Bun
3. Pick your sauce – Honey Mustard Mayonnaise, Dijon Mustard, Sun-dried Tomato Tapenade….etc
4. Pick your topping – more than 10 different type of fresh vegetable and egg available. Highly recommended Avocado and Soft Egg, you can select up to 4 items from this list or more for additional RM3 per item.
5. Pick your cheese – Cheddar, Brie, Emmental and Feta. Well, we do not know what is most of the cheese here so we GOOGLE it.
6. Pick your Side Dishes – French Fries, Colesow, Mixed Salad Leaves, Spicy Wedges, Crispy Onion Rings, Tomato Salad and Grilled Asparagus.
7. Pick your drinks (Soft drink, juice, coffee or tea) or upgrade to alcoholic beverage for additional RM12.
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

While waiting for our burger to ready we continue to play around with peanut. LOL.
The Best Brew Four Point by Sheraton

Toblerone RM26 (alcoholic drink), Fresh Carrot Juice RM17


Mojito RM24

Grilled Chicken Breast with Green Tea Bun, avocado, cucumber with sunny side up egg. I am really surprise by the soft and juicy chicken breast, it is nicely marinated to flavor and delicious.
Build You Own Burger

Ground Lamb and Rosemary with Whole Wheat Bun, extremely thick size lamb patty that is so flavorful with nicely marinated sauce, it pair well with pineapple that taste sweet and sourish. I have two side dishes which are tomato and asparagus and both taste good although asparagus a little bit oily.
Build You Own Burger

Grilled Portobello Mushroom with Whole Wheat Bun, three big size of mushroom grilled to perfection with a sprinkle of salt to enhance it flavor served with assorted fresh vegetable and fried egg make it taste good.
Build You Own Burger

Another Protobello Mushroom with Charcoal Bun.
Build You Own Burger

Last but not least Ground Australian Grain-Fed Beef, thickness of patty can be measure with ruler, it is so thick and filling. Even big eater like me failed to consume it by my own, few ponds of meat nicely season to flavor and grilled to perfection.
Build You Own Burger

That my way of eating burger, instead of using folks and knife i prefer to eat it with hand. Although it look messy but that make it taste better.
bestbrewl (20)

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The Best Brew
Four Points by Sheraton Penang
505, Jalan Tanjung Bungah,
11200 Tanjung Bungah, Penang.

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K-Pot Kkang Tong Korean Grill Buffet

It been quite sometime since #FATastic full force out for dinner together, finally Miss.Hobo not “busy” and got free time to dine with us, together with Jazz/Trista and HuiHui/DaXiong, 7 of us visitted K-Pot Kkang Tong Korean Buffet. Why recently our gathering must be in Korean restaurant? why? em…..Korean food has become the trend now, there is more and more new restaurant coming up such as Kim Korean Restaurant, HangSeng…etc.

K-Pot Kkang Tong Korean Grill Buffet cost RM38.88 for adult, RM18.88 for children below 12 years old while kids below 4 years old are free. Remember to make reservation as 99% walk in customer can’t get table due to the overwhelming respond. Dining are limited to 2 hours but honestly if continuously eating meat for 2 hours is definitely more than enough. Even #FATastic also eat for 1hour 45minutes only.
Kkang Tong Korean Grill Buffet

The restaurant is spaces with open air but without air-con, it is quite hot while barbeque~ing and without proper exhaust fan it is extremely smelly, sitting near the fence still ok but sitting in the center are extremely uncomfortable.
Kkang Tong Korean Grill Buffet

Drinks are not included but we found the price to be reasonable, mineral water for RM1.50 while soft drinks for RM3. Green tea RM3 but refillable.
Kkang Tong Korean Grill Buffet

Some Korean dishes can be side order for just RM8.80.
Kkang Tong Korean Grill Buffet

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