Penang Time Square Food Gallery

Penang Time Square Food Gallery which are once very famous and deem itself as Penang Biggest Food Court but it does not stay long as people tend to forgot it existence, but not now. The good news is new management took over PTS Food Gallery and change almost all tenant in there, now it has a much more variety and a lot more great food.
Penang time square food court

Penang time square food court

Penang time square food court

Penang time square food court

Shen Xu Chicken Soup RM10, whole chicken drumstick cook with assorted herb and steamed for long hour for it flavor to fully expose and blend well with each others. It has very strong Shen Xu (Ginseng) flavor while the chicken meat is so soft that can easily fall off from it bone.

Shen Xu Chicken Soup

Herbal Duck Soup RM10

Herbal Duck Soup

Teriyaki Salmon RM18.90 (set) | RM15 (ala carte), set come with rice, vegetable and soup. Thick cut salmon grilled and top with teriyaki sauce, salmon is fresh and the teriyaki sauce goes well with the salmon and steamed rice.

Teriyaki Salmon

Garlic Tenpayaki Chicken RM12.90 (set) | RM9 (ala carte), chicken drumstick is perfectly grilled to crispy while the topping garlic sauce taste sauteed with strong garlic fragrance.

Garlic Tenpayaki Chicken

Dan Dan Mee with Mince Pork RM7.90 Dan Dan Mee with Mince Pork

Steamed Salted Fish RM13.90 (set) | RM12.90 (ala carte), set come with rice and soup.

Steamed Salted Fish

Nestum Mantis Prawn RM11.90 (set) | RM10.90 (ala carte), we really enjoy the crispy mantis prawn with the fragrance of nestum.

Nestum Shrimp PastePepperoni Pizza (personal)  RM8.90, thin crust pizza top with pepperoni and whole lot of cheese and tomato paste. It is very crispy and the generous amount of cheese making it taste good. 

Pepperoni Pizza

Broadway Burger with Fries) RM9.90

Broadway Burger

Wantan Noodle RM6.90, the secret of this wantan noodle is the add on duck oil that help to boost it flavor, on top of that it wantan noodle type is the one i love the most where it is very thin and springy.

Wantan Noodle

Wantan Noodle

Seafood Char Koay Teow RM6.90, a big portion of char koay teow with 2 big prawn charge for a reasonable price, it has the wok hei and the koay teow is nicely cook.

Seafood Char Koay Teow

Seafood Char Koay Teow

There is one big steamboat stall that sell assorted soup steamboat and the one caught our attention is Whole Bone Double Stewed and Tom Yam Soup.
4 pax RM59.90
2 pax RM39.90

Kimchi Steamboat

Whole Bone Double Stewed Soup, one whole big bone are use to cook the soup which must be cook for many hours to generate the bone sweetness.

pig bone soup

Tom Yam Soup actually using the same soup base which is big bone soup base with extra Tom Yam paste, very generous amount of cabbage being added into our soup. Kimchi Steamboat

Steamboat ingredients come with mushroom, fish ball, crab meat, prawn, corn, vegetable, pork ball, dumpling, radish and slice meat.

steamboat ingredients

Kimchi Steamboat

Kimchi Steamboat

There is add on items that you can order as well such as slice meat, dumpling, fish ball, fish meat...etc

Fresh slice meat

Fresh meat


home made fish ball

Something worth mention is the special made tofu, it made from  multiple layer of thin tofu which has very special texture and great in absorbing the steamboat soup. home made tofu

There is over 20+ dipping sauce on the counter that you can mix and match on your own.
assorted dipping sauce

The one we had here is mixture of over 10+ sauce into one bowl, well it up to your creativity to create your own sauce.

dipping sauce

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Penang Time Square Food Gallery
11.30am - 9pm (Daily)

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