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48 Hours Food Tour Ipoh KL Sekinchan and Malaysia Longest Pasar Malam

Few weeks back we just back from a Food Marathon Trip starting from Penang down to Ipoh then KL, a lot people say we are crazy for eating non-stop but that is what we enjoy the most. This round we are going down to KL on Saturday for a seminar, very short seminar that only run for 3 hours so we take this opportunity to visit some of the places we miss previously.
Since my seminar start at 1pm which mean we need to wake up much early at 6am in order to dine in Ipoh before going to KL. Below are the summary of our 2 days trip, it is pretty straight forward route, Penang – Ipoh – KL – Sekinchan – Bidor – Penang.

First stop at Qi Yuan Restoran China Chuan Kwang, a China style Dim Sum restaurant rather than Foh San Dim Sum which we go normally. This is our second visit to Qi Yuan, we always struggle to decide eat here or Foh San but this time we are very sure to come here since 2 weeks back we just visit Foh San. What we like here is the order to steam dim sum, all dim sum served on table are hot and fresh, their signature ramen very good as well.
kltravelll9 (1)

kltravelll9 (67)

Qi Yuan “Chuan Kwong” Chinese Restaurant
Address: 74, Persiaran Greentown 1, Ipoh, Perak
Phone:05-253 3551

After enjoy a great dim sum we drive down to SS2 to buy Bah Kua at Wing Heong but sadly we bought the wrong one, it suppose to be New Wing Heong instead of Wing Heong, anyhow since we already bought it so we have to enjoy it, luckily the taste is quite good. Since we are here in SS2, we simply pick one restaurant for our “not hungry” stomach, Restoran Soong Kee SS2. We order one soup mixed beef noodle and one dry beef tendon noodle, the soup without strong beef flavor and sweetness but still not bad, dry beef tendor noodle has much better taste and the tendons is extremely soft like jelly texture.
kltravelll9 (68)

Restoran Soong Kee SS2
32, SS2/36, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

After that we went for seminar then check into our Hotel, Merinda Hotel (Formerly known as Prescott Hotel Klang). We did not take any of the hotel photo as it was raining heavily and all parking are outside so both of us are soaking wet, immediately check in and bath. Overall the hotel is acceptable, although the entrance card sensor got some problem where we need to swipe countless time to make it work but inside everything is clean and tidy except toilet which is kinda old. Service is nice and check in/out are smooth and fast.

Luckily after an hour rain stop and we can go to the Malaysia longest Pasar Malam at Setia Alam. The Pasar Malam aka Night Market has hawker selling food, clothes, grocery…etc at 2.2KM stretch of road, walking back and fourth generated 4.4KM walking. That sound like a lot of walk but honestly when you saw so much great food along the way, you just forgot about the distance. We spend around 3 hours here eating local delicacy for our dinner and truly impress, food are great and price reasonable.
First stop at Coconut Shake, instead of using water as based they use fresh coconut juice as based and top with generous amount of vanilla ice cream. It not too sweet instead it is extremely refreshing and great taste.
kltravelll9 (69)

BBQ Chicken
kltravelll9 (3)

Large size pancake, normally pancake are palm size but here they make it XXL.
kltravelll9 (4)

Malay style fried bee hun, yellow noodle, instant noodle, rice.
kltravelll9 (5)

BBQ Chicken
kltravelll9 (6)

Klang Carrot Cake
kltravelll9 (7)

From far we can smell the “stinky tofu”, I ask her whether want to try or not and she refuse but as a food blogger I have to challenge this, this is not my first time, i try it in another night market before and i try it in Taiwan before so for me it is acceptable. We order one small portion and surprisingly it is not as stinky as i would expected. The pickle vegetable taste sourish and sweet, stinky tofu taste sauteed with strong smell, topping with chili sauce. Overall it taste great and crunchy.
kltravelll9 (8)

kltravelll9 (9)

Deep fried squid, honestly this is the worst snack we ate throughout the whole night market. RM10 for a piece of squid, deep fried then brush with sweet sauce, squid is way overcook to extremely dry and flavorless while the sweet sauce just doesn’t match the squid. Big Disappointment.
kltravelll9 (10)

kltravelll9 (12)

Few years back when we study in KL, almost every night we tapao dinner at night market and Malay Mix Rice is our favorite. This stall offer great variety of curry and immediately I know it is good, i took a big plate include of cuttlefish, chicken, egg, ikan bilis with a lot of mix “kuah” for just RM7. The curry taste so so good and we miss it so much.
kltravelll9 (13)

Baked fresh oyster, emm…we not really interested but just curious how they maintain the oyster freshness.
kltravelll9 (14)

Taiwan Jambu RM5 a pack, highly recommended. The Jambu mixed with plum and it has very strong jambu taste and plum make it taste so good.
kltravelll9 (15)

Honestly we rarely attracted to Pan Mee but we saw this stall has so many people queuing so we decided to give it a try, we order the dry pan mee which came with some kind of leave, deep fried ikan bilis and pan mee. The thick gravy taste a little bit sweet and sauteed, ikan bilis very crunchy, pan mee is nicely cook, overall taste good.
kltravelll9 (16)

kltravelll9 (17)

Last but not least Malay style “yong tou fu”, we tapao back as we are too full to eat here but we regretted because the taste just so so and we are too full to finish, what a waste.
kltravelll9 (2)

kltravelll9 (18)

kltravelll9 (19)

There even have a portable hair cut service. Nice!
kltravelll9 (20)

Overall we are very happy walking 4.4KM pasar malam and truly enjoy dining here. Highly recommended.

Setia Alam Night Flea Market (Pasar Malam)
Jalan Setia Prima A U13/1, Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor
Every Saturday Night 6PM onward

The next day we wake up around 9 something and drive to nearby Bak Kut Teh shop for breakfast. The shop name Teluk Pulai Ba Kut Teh, corner lot with ample of parking space, there is another 2 Bah Kut Teh side by side but we decided to try this shop just because it has the most crowd.
kltravelll9 (26)

Overall the Bak Kut Teh taste very good and portion is extremely big even we just order small, it soup rich with pork taste and sweetness, not so much on herbs. Ingredients is fresh but for those don’t take organ remember to exclude it as they do put a lot into it. The soup Bak Kut Teh is good but what best is the Dry Bah Kut Teh, we order another bowl of Dry Pork Leg which came with thick sauce and it is extremely flavorful, this might the best dry Bah Kut Teh i try before, it taste sweet, sauteed with mild spicy. It is a must try dish if you happen to visit Klang.
kltravelll9 (21)

kltravelll9 (22)

kltravelll9 (23)

Before and After Photo
kltravelll9 (24)

kltravelll9 (25)

Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh
27-H Jalan Teluk Pulai, 41100 Klang, Selangor
012-383 2121
7:00 am – 3:30 pm

Next to it is this Bah Kut Teh, according to the menu they have sea cucumber Bak Kut Teh, sound interesting to me and added to my “To-Eat” list.
kltravelll9 (27)

After a complete breakfast, we drive down to Sekinchan and that route took us almost 1+ hour on non-highway road.
kltravelll9 (28)

We are here at Sekinchan.
kltravelll9 (29)

We visited Kilang Beras Rakyat Sekinchan, a small factory process rice in Sekinchan.
kltravelll9 (30)

Inside the factory got Paddy Gallery, which they show us the overall process of planting, harvest, manufacturing and packing. Very informative.
kltravelll9 (32)

RM5 per person for Paddy Gallery entrance, remember to keep the receipt as you can get a free gift later on.
kltravelll9 (31)

Inside the Paddy Gallery they show us video of the overall progress and introduce their product.
kltravelll9 (33)

kltravelll9 (34)

Visit to the factory, not really inside the factory instead just a view of it.
kltravelll9 (35)

Evolution of rice making.
kltravelll9 (36)

A small shop for various product make by Sekinchan rice with some local product.
kltravelll9 (37)

You can even buy Sekinchan rice which only available on certain state, like Penang are not available.
kltravelll9 (38)

We end up buying something not related to Sekinchan, ice cream. HaHa!
kltravelll9 (40)

We took some photo next to the factory, as it was freaking hot so we just take a few photo.
kltravelll9 (41)

Remember i ask you to keep the receipt? Yes, you can exchange for a small pack of Sekinchan rice at the counter where you purchase entrance ticket.
kltravelll9 (42)

Just few minute drive away from Rice Factory we are at the Sekinchan beach, where the Hong Kong drama film are taking scene here. It has since become so famous and crowded. Right beside the temple has one big tree and everyone just throw the lucky stripe at it, it fully cover with red lucky stripe making it so photogenic.
kltravelll9 (43)

kltravelll9 (44)

It is “free” to grab a lucky strip in the temple but donation is highly recommended. They do provide pen for you to write your wish before throwing to the lucky tree.
kltravelll9 (45)

kltravelll9 (46)

I saw a lot people fail to throw it up high, here is my tips, grab it into palm size and throw, this gave more force for it to go up high.
kltravelll9 (47)

kltravelll9 (48)

I just like the temple and lucky tree combination.
kltravelll9 (49)

As a tourist, we have to some what tourist doing, take a photo with “I love Sekinchan”.
kltravelll9 (50)

Walk across you will be at the beach. What a nice weather (although very hot but better than raining).
kltravelll9 (51)

kltravelll9 (52)

kltravelll9 (53)

Collect shell at the beach, the whole beach side is cover up by shell so bare foot is not recommended.
kltravelll9 (54)

kltravelll9 (55)

We collected some unique and nice texture shell. Wondering around here for around 2 hours then we decided to go back, it is quite a nice place for relax.
kltravelll9 (56)

On the way back, we decided to visit Bidor famous duck soup noodle Pun Chun Bidor (品珍就楼). The restaurant is extremely famous, a lot people purposely drive into Bidor just to eat here (it not that far from highway).

We order 2 bowl of wantan mee, one with wantan and another one with duck soup both cost us RM17. Honestly price is acceptable.
kltravelll9 (57)

Duck soup is a must try here, it is very refreshing with herb taste. We eat till the last drop, it taste good added into the wantan mee as well.
kltravelll9 (58)

The wantan mee just normal, it a little bit too dry and hard for us and the sauce doesn’t has the fragrance of soy sauce.
kltravelll9 (60)

kltravelll9 (61)

kltravelll9 (65)

Before i forgot, Coffee is a must order. It has very strong coffee aroma and very smooth, it taste very good.
kltravelll9 (66)

Pun Chun Restaurant
38-40, Jalan Besar, 35500 Bidor, Perak
05-434 1554
6:00 am – 10:00 pm

That is our last destination for 2 days trip, although we do not eat like last trip but we do enjoy all those great food we eat along the way.

Victoria Sweet Pastry

Hey Ladies, Good New to you all. There is a new dessert shop Victoria Sweet Pastry newly open at Tanjung Tokong area and they do have huge variety to fill your stomach. The restaurant actual location is the new building Vantage Desiran which is just one block away from Tesco, the area is pretty new hence not much shop into operation yet. I know you don’t like to listen to me and want go straight to the dessert, I know I know, let do it then.
Assorted Hot Coffee

Hold on, before we into dessert can we order some drink first?

Assorted coffee selection
Rose Latte Cofee RM9.90
Rose Latte Cofee

Hot Mocha RM8.90
Hot Mocha

Hazelnut Latte Coffee RM9.90
Hazelnut Latte Coffee

Victoria Sweet Rose Flower Tea RM12.90, nice selection if you want some hot drink but not coffee.
Victoria Sweet Rose Flower Tea

Victoria Sweet Iced Fruit Tea RM10.90, mixture of assorted fresh fruit which taste sweet and sour, extremely refreshing and big portion.
Victoria Sweet Iced Fruit Tea Victoria Sweet Iced Fruit Tea

Ok Ok! I know you can’t wait for it, let kick start the dessert feast.

Ma Berry Macaron RM8.90, we always has the perception that Macaron is extremely sweet, we try it at Macaron Cafe before and not really like it but Macaron here is totally different. It taste just right for us and with the sourness of berry well balance up the overall taste.
Ma Berry Macaron RM8.90

Chocolate Espresso Macaron RM8.90, another great Macaron served to our table is the Chocolate Espresso Macaron. If you think Ma Berry Macaron is sweet then try this, a little bit bitter taste and strong espresso aroma with the sweet cookies is just perfect.
Chocolate Espresso Macaron

Lemon Meringue Tart RM8.90, extremely presentable dessert with burn cream on top and lemon cream filling that taste sour yet sweet, very refreshing.
Lemon Meringue Tart

Lemon Meringue Tart

Tiramisu RM9.90, we have try Tiramisu over many restaurants and i would say this Tiramisu is doing quite well with balance taste of cream, cheese, coffee and alcohol but there is still room for improvement.
Tiramisu Tiramisu

Caramel Panna Cotta RM9.90, simmering of cream, milk and sugar mixing with gelatin is what a plate of Panna Cotta about, flavoring with Caramel with Mango, Strawberries and Berry. It has very springy texture and those sour fruits help to balance the sweetness from Caramel which is just delicious.
Caramel Panna Cotta

Chocolate Passion Fruit Mousse RM9.90, rich and dense chocolate mousse with a layer of passion fruit. I like the rich chocolate flavor while the present of passion fruit help to boost it flavor.
Chocolate Passion Fruit Mousse

Vanilla Pear Cake RM10.90 is something special as i never come into the combination of vanilla with pear but somehow i think there is still room for improvement and the price is slightly higger for me.
Vanilla Pear Cake

Blackforest French Golden Toast RM17.90 is strictly for sharing. Well, this is my quote instead of the shop owner but i was wrong, during our visit there is two young ladies sitting just next to us and they ordered this without sharing, OMG. That is girl power, how the hell they can finish this big dessert alone? Don’t get me wrong, the dessert itself is delicious and yummy but it so big in portion. As you can see there is danish charcoal toast at the bottom for one, two, three layer then a big scoop of ice cream on top. Girls, i respect you.
Blackforest French Golden Toast

Crispy toast together with chocolate ice cream forming a great partnership and the overall dessert is well presented.
Blackforest French Golden Toast

Ladies, are you happy now? Time for some salt now, let get some savory food served to my table please.
Victoria Sweet Salad RM9.90, generous portion of dessert with tomato, onion, cheese, chicken breast, olive…etc, a portion that is big enough for sharing and it is refreshing and delicious.
Victoria Sweet Salad Victoria Sweet Salad

Victoria Sandwich RM20.90. Not enough appetizer? then try another big portion Sandwich which slightly more expensive but you pay for what you get, assorted sandwich with baked potato.
Victoria Sandwich

Pasta with Pesto Sauce RM17.90, although this shop emphasize on dessert but they are doing well on their main dish as well such as this Pasta which is al-dente with rich flavor Pesto sauce and two big prawns.
Pasta with Pesto Sauce

Pasta with Pesto Sauce

Legendary Luminous Pearl RM29.90. Happy Halloween. Special menu roll out in conjunction with Halloween celebration, you have to call for reservation as it take time to prepare. The black dome is actually chocolate made while fill inside is fresh pumpkins with custard and strawberries, in the middle is a cup of water with dry ice for presentation ONLY.
Legendary Luminous Pearl Legendary Luminous Pearl Legendary Luminous Pearl Legendary Luminous Pearl

Legendary Luminous Pearl

Can’t wait to try out those dessert, plan and go to try it out and share with us your feedback. You can join our Taste…iest Facebook Fanpage to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Taste…iest, Penang Food Blog.
Victoria Sweet Pastry

Victoria Sweet Pastry
Opens daily 12 – 11 P.M.
B-G-9, Vantage Desiran Tanjung,
Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang
N5 27.403 E100 18.471

Victoria Sweet Pastry, Visit Taste…iest Blog for more info.
Blackforest French Golden Toast

Shilin Night Market士林夜市

After whole day of tiring travel to various location, we wrap up the day with our favorite spot, Night Market. Our night activity for today going to be Shilin Night Market.
Shilin Night Market士林夜市consider one of the biggest night market in Taipei, it split into two area, one is opposite train station where food and game are held whereas cross the street is more on food and clothes.
 Shilin Night Market

Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle阿宗面线, right behind the stall got one area for dine in where a few row of chair available.
 Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle阿宗面线
 Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle阿宗面线

Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle阿宗面线 is actually thick soup cook with rice noodle, rice noodle is not too mushy instead it retain the springy texture and the soup is delicious.
 Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle阿宗面线

WoW Frog Egg青蛙下蛋, well the name sound exotic food right? Well it is actually not because it just a simple drink with Aiyu-Jelly only.

A bowl of Aiyu-Jelly with Lemon, we love their Aiyu-Jelly drink so much just because the lemon use is a lot and it has strong sour taste while the Aiyu-Jelly is springy.

Saw a stall selling Roti Canai, for sure we won’t buy this as it is our daily breakfast in Malaysia which doesn’t make sense but the style of flying the dough is amazing.
Roti Canai Stall

The next must eat food in Shilin Night Market definitely the famous “Hao Da Da Ji Pai” Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet NTD55 each.
 Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet
 Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet

The Chicken Cutlet is so big, it almost two to three time my hand palm size. Unfortunately it doesn’t taste as good as it suppose to be, it just lack of some flavor, if it will to compare with Farlim Night Market, personally I like Penang flavor much more.
 Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet

Spring Onion Pancake 葱油饼, one of the best snack we ate in Shilin Night Market. Pancake is deep fried and it has very strong egg flavor with one slice of cheese on top of it.
 Spring Onion Pancake
 Spring Onion Pancake

Apply a layer of homemade sauce and one slice of cheese. It is very crispy but not oily, strong egg flavor and the extra flavor from cheese making it taste extremely good.
 Spring Onion Pancake

View Shilin Night Market士林夜市 in a larger map

Shida Night Market師大路夜市

Shida Night Market師大路夜市

Well, another night of night market is about to kick off. It not a weather friendly night to start with, the temperature drop tremendously and I start to get flu, We check in “hotel” and sleep for two hour before I get myself ready to for the next few hours night market shopping.

Grilled Scallop NTD40, scallop is her favorite, every time dine sushi king she also ordered scallop and for sure she not going to miss it here as well.
It has various flavor from the menu such as wasabi, curry, seaweed, pepper…etc but what special is the first option which is “whatever” which mean the owner will choose whatever flavor he like, it good choice for those that cannot make decision.
Grilled Scallop

It took quite a while to get the scallop cooked, slowly grilled the scallop and finish with flavor of your choice.
Grilled Scallop

Each stick come with 5 scallops, the size is pretty small like 10cents coin. It flavor with spice and chili flake, it has mild spicy taste.
The taste is just normal as the scallops is too small.
Grilled Scallop

Next we had is braised dishes, two stall side by side and we decided to choose “Da Tai Pei” 大台北!
They offer wide range of ingredients such as noodle, vegetable, fish ball, tofu..etc.
Braised Dishes
 Braised Dishes

This is our bowl of selection, we highly recommended this stall as the staff is extremely friendly and they do provide big space for dine in.
Glass noodle is a must ingredients to choose, as it can fully absorb the braised soup, other ingredients is based on personal preference.
We did try a couple braised dishes in Taiwan and none of it has the same flavor as this stall, the braised soup doesn’t has too strong flavor instead the right amount of saltiness, sweetness and spiciness.
Again, never ever take too much as they charge based on portion which one you take one pieces they will make it one portion for you.
 Braised Dishes

Pan-Fried Bun Stuffed with Pork生煎包 NTD35/pack.
This shop has been operated since 1984, same years as we step into this world which mean they had 28years experience.
Pan-Fried Bun Stuffed with Pork
Pan-Fried Bun Stuffed with Pork

Pan Fried Bun garnish with sesame. The bun is small and fill with meat and vegetable with soup in it.
It is a great snack for cold weather, the skin is soft while the bottom is crispy, it taste very good.
Pan-Fried Bun Stuffed with Pork
Pan-Fried Bun Stuffed with Pork

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逢甲观光夜市Feng-Chia Night Market

Welcome to Feng-Chia Night Market逢甲观光夜市!Another big night market that we spend 5hour walking around, hundreds and hundreds of stall located just in front of Feng-Chia University, Feng-Chia Night Market逢甲观光夜市 is one of the largest and most attractive night market in TaiChung台中.
 Porky Box猪宝盒
 Feng-Chia Night Market逢甲观光夜市!
 Feng-Chia Night Market逢甲观光夜市!
 Feng-Chia Night Market逢甲观光夜市!

Night Market is right in front of the university.
 Feng-Chia University
 Feng-Chia Night Market逢甲观光夜市

Our first dish of the night is definitely the popular Porky Box猪宝盒! It is top of the must eat list from our research, as usual you better be there early else need to wait for long time.
 Porky Box猪宝盒

Porky Box NTD60, deep fried pork cutlet top with sauce that made from ham, corn, cucumber, chili and mayonnaise.
Not only the pork is succulent instead the sauce provided is very tasty, highly recommended to add extra Thai Chili sauce from the stall which taste a little bit spicy and sour.
 Porky Box猪宝盒

Just next to porky box is Deep Fried Squid with Rice Filling NTD75, big squid fill with rice in it and deep fried to golden color.
 Deep Fried Squid with Rice
 Deep Fried Squid with Rice

It doesn’t taste good as the rice is too mushy and the flour use for deep fried is too much, it is too hard and the chewy texture of squid is lost.
 Deep Fried Squid with Rice

Not far away we found this stall selling braised items, as usual do not take too many different items as they will charge according to portion.
We try duck tongue and it taste good, this stall braised item is not that strong flavor which taste better.
braised item
 braised item

Hi Lu Da Wen海陆大丸 NTD55, it is actually like Tako but size bigger, it has ingredient of cabbage, Taiwan sauce, egg, corn, squid and pork.
 Hi Lu Da Wen海陆大丸
 Hi Lu Da Wen海陆大丸

All above mention ingredients are fill inside the Tako.
 Hi Lu Da Wen海陆大丸

It not really that tasty as the corn has strong green flavor and ingredients doesn’t go together so well.
 Hi Lu Da Wen海陆大丸
 Hi Lu Da Wen海陆大丸

官芝霖大肠包小肠NTD40, we saw a super long queue and without thinking much straight away we queue and only realize it is the famous 大肠包小肠 that lot of media interview before.

Various flavor available for selection and you can custom made your own as well.

This is our 官芝霖大肠包小肠, it is actually a big rounded rice wrapped with Taiwan sausage.
The sausage has a very good bite texture and the sausage has very good flavor while the rice is sticky but not mushy.
It really a good combination.

That wrap up of longest duration in single night market, a whopping 5 hour spend here walking including a 20minute massage after 3 hour of walk, we are just too tired.
Highly recommended Feng-Chia Night Market逢甲观光夜市 for those travel to Taiwan.

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View Feng-Chia Night Market逢甲观光夜市 in a larger map

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