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Golden Sand Resort Penang Buffet Dinner

Golden Sand Resort Penang offering Around The World Theme Dinner Buffet starting from now. RM98nett for adult and Kids eat for Free. We visited on Thursday and the food offering are Asian, Western, Italian and Middle-Eastern, the highlight of the buffet still Seafood On Ice which has whole lot of fresh seafood variety.

Various buffet offer on different day and here is the quick summary of each.

International Buffet Dinner
Every Monday and Tuesday, 6pm – 10pm
RM88 nett per adult

Oodles of Noodles Buffet Dinner
Every Wednesday, 6pm-10pm
RM88 nett per adult

Around The World Buffet Dinner
Every Thursday, 6pm-10pm
RM98 nett per adult

From The Ocean Buffet Dinner
Every Saturday, 6pm-10pm
RM128 nett per adult

Splash Sunday
Every Sunday, 12pm-3pm
RM69 nett per adult (Food only)
RM89 nett (Food and use of swimming pool)
40% discount for senior citizens
Top up RM20 nett for entrance to Adventure Zone

Salad and Cheese counter, on top of typical fresh vegetable with various dressing, included more than 10 different type of chef special crafted salad with different ingredients to satisfied your taste bud.

Coffee and Tea Bag are provided as well, double shot of espresso with a big scoop of ice cream is our favorite.

Kids Corner fill with kids friendly food such as sausage, fried, chicken finger, spaghetti, jelly, cake and fresh fruits. On top of that kids dining utensils are available as well. Continue reading Golden Sand Resort Penang Buffet Dinner

M9 Cuisine Delight Western Food Restaurant Alma Bukit Mertajam

M9 Cuisine Delight Restaurant located at Alma, Bukit Mertajam. Offering wide range of Western Food, Chinese Food, Snack, Drink and Dessert. Situated at the corner lot of new shopping lot, offering spaces and clean environment for dining. Good option for family gathering, friends hangout or even couple dating as well.

Vanilla with Mix Berry Soda Ice RM8, if you like root beer float then I am very sure you will be addicted to this drink as well. It has strong acidity taste from Mix Berry juice with vanilla ice cream.
Passion Soda Ice RM8, passion fruits essence mix with soda.

Java Chip Frappucinno RM9

Soup of The Day, mushroom soup served with crispy butter toast.

Hawaiian Chicken Chop RM16.90, chicken drum stick with ham and cheese served with pineapple and salad with sweet sauce. Combination of chicken, ham and cheese are extremely delicious, it taste even better with a thin slice of pineapple.

Hercules Pork Chop RM19.90, two big pieces of pork chop marinated with sweet sauce then grilled to perfection, served with mashed potato, vegetable and corn. The pork chop taste very close to Thai Sweet Pork but much more soft in texture. Continue reading M9 Cuisine Delight Western Food Restaurant Alma Bukit Mertajam

Ramadhan 2016 Buffet at Eastern & Oriental Penang

When it come buffet Eastern & Oriental Hotel Sarkies always our first choice, during the Ramadhan Month 2016 buffet (6 June – 5th July 2016) price at RM133 nett for adult and RM60.95 nett for child. The buffet served with signature dishes such as roasted whole lamb, snow crab on ice and many other great dishes. As usual we are surprise by the great variety offer throughout the buffet line and during Ramadhan month they even extend the buffet to have more item such as traditional kuih, somtam, satay, grilled whole lamb, teh Tarik…etc. It is certainly interesting to dine in E&O buffet.

Deep Fried Popiah, Prawn and Yam Paste Wrap.
deep fried poh piah

deep fried fritter deep fried prawn

Countless main dish that include of Chicken, Squid, Fish, Beef, Vegetable…etc that served on hot dish counter.
curry chicken

curry nasi briyani

fried rice

herb chicken beef


steamed fish

curry prawn onion egg

enohotbuf (16)


white sauce brocolli

enohotbuf (37) chili fish

enohotbuf (40)

Start with fresh salad?

Assorted fresh salad condiment that can be add on.
assorted salad

Looking at the wide range of appetizer


Make it local by add in sambal instead of typical dressing, Thousand Island, Mayonnaise is boring. Sambal that is signature sauce that added to local salad which taste extremely spicy but trust me, it is very addictive.

If you are duck lover like I do then you must not miss the Roasted Duck, it is one of the best roasted duck I have among the many Hotel buffet I had, it is even comparable to road side hawker stall. Duck meat is perfectly marinated to flavor and roasted to flavor, meat is juicy and flavorful. If you are not into duck then try the roasted chicken or roasted beef.
roasted duck

roasted chicken

roasted beef

Assorted cracker available as well, use it to dip with curry is always the best.
enohotbuf (42)

If you are not into Ramadhan mood and looking for bread then this station won’t disappointed you with assorted bread.
assorted bread

Continue reading Ramadhan 2016 Buffet at Eastern & Oriental Penang

Kizuna Japanese Restaurant Penang Time Square

Kizuna has open up their second outlet in Penang Time Square which previously run by another buffet restaurant, we just can’t imagine how big the restaurant from the outlook and truly impress by the decoration found inside the restaurant. According to the owner, a couple of million has been invested to create a Japanese feeling restaurant, it is so detail that every corner has a special decoration.

Other than that, 10 VIP room are available to cater for private function. Extensive collection of wine are available as well.
Kizuna Penang Time Square

Kizuna Penang Time Square

Kizuna Penang Time Square

Kizuna Penang Time Square

Kizuna Penang Time Square

Kizuna Penang Time Square

Kizuna Penang Time Square

Kizuna Penang Time Square

Kizuna Penang Time Square

Kizuna Penang Time Square

Kizuna Penang Time Square

Kizuna Penang Time Square

Kizuna Penang Time Square

Kizuna Penang Time Square

Shake Ikura Salad | Soft Kani Karaage & Shake Kawa Salad RM25.90, start with a healthy green vegetable with assorted ingredients such as Salmon, Salmon Roe, Crispy Softshell Crab. Dressing provided are outstanding which has extremely strong sesame fragrance and the amount given is generous as well.
Shake Ikura Salad

Soft Kani Karaage

Shake Sashimi RM30/5pcs | Maguro Sashimi RM40/5pcs | Hamachi Sashimi RM55/5pcs | Hokkaido Hotate Sashimi RM45/5pcs | Aka Ebi Sashimi RM50/5pcs | Shiro Maguro Sashimi RM35/5pcs. Big boat sailing toward our table that fill up with whole lot of fresh sashimi included Shake, Maguro, Hamachi, Hokkaido Hotate, Aka Ebi and Shiro Maguro. It is nicely presented in a bed of ice, fresh Sashimi are very impressing especially Hokkaido Hotate and Aka Ebi which are extremely fresh and sweet. I rarely eat Sashimi as I worry they don’t serve it fresh but I am very impress with the freshness of Sashimi served here.
Assorted Sashimi

Shake Sashimi kizunapts (37)

Maguro Sashimi kizunapts (39)

kizunapts (40) kizunapts (41)

Maguro Otoro Sashimi RM160/5pcs, RM30 a piece Sashimi are the most luxury Sashimi that I ever had, it is coming from the best part of Big Eye Tuna (Maguro). It is melt in mouth. Yummy.
kizunapts (43)

Unagi Cheese Roll RM30.90 | Smoked Duck Roll RM25.90,
kizunapts (46)

kizunapts (48)

Ika Teriyaki RM26.90, perfectly grilled giant size squid top with sweet sauce, it is nicely cook to perfection and doesn’t has the chewy texture at all.
kizunapts (51)

Buta Amiyaki RM23.90, thinly slice pork meat grilled with sweet sauce and top with sesame. Even though it is so thin but it still has the meat texture with some crispiness.
kizunapts (67)

Kataifi Shrimp with Pumpkin Soup RM55, golden crispy prawn nicely presented on top of pumpkin, each of the prawn stick actually contain 2 prawn, deshell prawn. It is extremely crunchy and dipping into the pool of pumpkin soup make it taste special.
kizunapts (58)

kizunapts (68)

Foie Gras RM60, premium grade of Foie Gras served with two type of mushroom grilled with sweet sauce and thick cut of radish at the bottom. Foie Gras are nicely grilled to crispy outside while extremely soft and juicy inside.
kizunapts (55)

kizunapts (57)

Black Cod with Truffle Oil Shitake RM60, I just in love with the oily texture of Black Cod especially with the addition of Truffle Oil making it taste even better.
kizunapts (63)

Hokkaido Scallop to Caviar RM85, super jumbo size Scallop lightly grill and top with premium grade black caviar served in sourish soup. It is extremely juicy and too big to finish in one mouth bite. Yummy!
kizunapts (62)

Salmon and Avocado to Caviar RM80, thinly slice cucumber wrap salmon and avocado then top with premium grade black caviar. It has the soft and crunchy texture that create a good combination.
kizunapts (50)

Botan Ebi Shioyaki RM140, Botan Ebi are one of the most premium shrimp in market and normally people serve in Sashimi way but in Kizuna they make a bold move to cook it. Just a sprinkle of salt then grilled to perfection is more than enough to bring out the original sweet taste of Botan Ebi.
kizunapts (75)

Pork Mayo Ramen | Buta Kakuni Ramen | Gengi Kara Ramen | Beef Chili Ramen RM21.90, assorted ramen available at Kizuna and the level 3 Gengi Kara Ramen is my favorite, it has the right level of spiciness and sweetness while Buta Kakuni is my second favorite, mainly due to the marinated pork that taste extremely flavorful.
kizunapts (77)

kizunapts (80)

kizunapts (81)

kizunapts (82)

Uji Matcha | Chocolate | Vanilla Bran | Fresh Strawberry | Organic Black Sesame | Colombia Coffee RM12/scoop, if you are ice cream lover then you have to try out their special made Ice Cream that are so unique and you can’t get it outside. Organic Black Sesame is highly recommended as it has extremely strong black sesame fragrance and all the ice cream are so pure that you can’t taste a single ice in it.
kizunapts (83)

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Kizuna Times Square Penang
Opens daily 11:30am – 10:30pm
Penang Times Square, Ground Floor, 10150 George Town
04-370 0268 | 013-9469 796

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The Twelve Cup Cafe at Beach Street Penang

The Twelve Cup Cafe is one of the famous cafe in Penang, famous for it cafe and crepe and since October they have introduce a brand new menu which include main dishes while maintaining their famous coffee and crepe. The restaurant located at the busy Beach Street where parking is not so easy to find but you may park at private car park along Bishop Street for RM5 per entrance.
The Twelve Cup Cafe

The restaurant emphasize on simple white color theme with some plant hanging on the wall which make the restaurant look clean and comfortable.
The Twelve Cup Cafe

The Twelve Cup Cafe

Tropicana Breeze RM13, mixture of fruits such as banana, orange, apple and berries blend together.
Tropicana Breeze

Apple Rose Tea RM13, just in love with this drink, it look so lovely.
Apple Rose Tea

Rose Latte RM11, another nice looking drinks that serve with a some rose on top of it.
Rose Latte

Rose Latte

Truffle Fries RM13, served with melted cheese. Devil, Devil, Devil… to resist this?
Truffle Fries

Wild Mushroom Soup RM10, finely grind assorted mushroom cook in creamy sauce is just nice. It has extremely strong mushroom fragrance together with creamy texture is just nice.
Wild Mushroom Soup

Shifudo Crepe Yaki RM19, is this Okonomiyaki? Ya…pretty close but it is actually make from crepe with mayonnaise, dried fish flake and spring onions.
Shifudo Crepe Yaki

Portobello Sticks RM13, fine cut Portebello mushroom deep fried to perfection. It is very crispy outside while inside are very soft and juicy, dipping with the Roasted Capsicum Sauce is just wonderful.
Portobello Sticks

The 12th RM22, one of their signature breakfast that is big in portion which came with corn, omellet, sausage, salad, mushroom and chicken meat. The grilled mushroom is really taste good.
The 12th

The Signature Shroom(with sunny egg) RM21, it look like the egg is cover with a blanket(Crepe)..LOL! Well, uncover the blanket you will find a bunch of grilled mushroom and sunny egg in it.
The Signature Shroom(with sunny egg)

Crab Seafood Pasta RM22, generous amount of crab sauce served with spaghetti. The crab sauce is pretty flavorful with a bunch of crab meat in it.
Crab Seafood Pasta

Life of Pi RM19, toast topped with smoked salmon, egg and Hollandaise sauce.
Life of Pi

Daffy’s Pride RM19, toast topped with smoked duck breast and egg. Personally I found their smoked duck to be extremely flavorful, half boiled egg gave a smooth texture to make this a perfect dish.
Daffy's Pride

Aglio Olio Pasta RM17, simple dish with complex flavor, it taste sauteed and spicy. It is so delicious that we want to ask for second plate, the spiciness drive us crazy but we just love it.
Aglio Olio Pasta

Smoky Samurai(with BBQ chicken) RM18, grilled chicken served with crepe and lot of onion. The chicken is marinated to flavor and even without add much barbeque sauce it is already flavorful.
Smoky Samurai(with BBQ chicken)

Smoky Samurai(with BBQ chicken)

Tiramisu RM11, instead of typical Tiramisu that served in cup their make it from their signature crepe.


Hokkaido Chocolate Crepe Cake RM11, another crepe related dessert that flavor with Hokkaido Chocolate.
Hokkaido Chocolate Crepe Cake

Berries on The Cheese RM16, two crepe served with a pool of blueberry jam, strawberry and blue berry which is a little bit too sweet for our liking as their have put too much blueberry jam.
Berries on The Cheese

Cocoa and Marshy RM15, I strongly believe that they make this dessert dedicated for chocolate lover as there is ton of chocolate found in this dessert.
Cocoa and Marshy

By the way, Christmas is nearby and The Twelve Cup Cafe has roll out a series of Christmas special menu which you can found below.
Santa Parade RM22
Santa Parade

Gingerbread Man’s Adventure RM15
Gingerbread Man's Adventure

Sunbathing Olaf RM15
Sunbathing Olaf

Candy Tower RM17
Candy Tower

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The Twelve Cup
12, The WhiteAways Arcade, Beach St, George Town, 10300 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
+60 4-262 6812
9AM – 11PM

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