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Gurney Paragon Food Court Just Food

Gurney Paragon extend their food court to even bigger and more vendor, with that said, more food variety are now available at one of the best food court in Penang mall. Great variety of hawker food can be found here such as Laksa, Lobak, Chicken Rice…etc, other than that Korean Food, Japanese Food, Mediterranean Food, Chinese Food, Thai Food…etc all available here.
Gurney Paragon Food Court

Gurney Paragon Food Court

Gurney Paragon Food Court

Gurney Paragon Food Court

Appetizer such as Cup type Jiu Hu Char that has crispy cup that hold stir fried vegetable with dried squid, the cup itself is edible and it taste real good.
Cup Jiu Hu Char

Another appetizer is Popiah, deep fried to crispy skin and dipping with chili sauce is the best.

Roasted pork that is juicy with crispy skin, it has the right level of saltiness and best to eat together with Char Koay Teow.
Roasted Pork

Yummy Yummy Char Koay Teow, Penang signature hawker food that should not miss. Normally food court Char Koay Teow taste just normal but the one found here are pretty good, i won’t say the best but it is a decent one.
Char Koay Teow

If Char Koay Teow is not enough then get a bowl of Laksa, sour and spicy soup noodle is a must to try in Penang. It is very appetizing and delicious. Continue reading Gurney Paragon Food Court Just Food

Penang E&O Hotel Buka Puasa Ramadhan Buffet 2015

Penang Eastern & Oriental Hotel are celebrating the holy month of Ramadhan with Sumptuous Buka Puasa Buffet at Sarkies, Ramadhan Buffet promotion start from 18-June until 16-July 2015. Adult RM128.30 nett while Children RM55.95 nett. Compare to other Ramadhan Buffet, Sarkies theme more toward International Buffet where you can find some Chinese Food, Indian Food and Japanese Food although majority and specialty food still focus on Malay Food.

E&O Hotel Buffet Ramadhan

E&O Hotel Buka Puasa Buffet

E&O Hotel Buka Puasa Buffet

E&O Hotel Buka Puasa Buffet

Over to Sushi counter there is over 6 different type of Sushi available and all are freshly prepared, another 3 different type of Sashimi also available for selection.
Assorted Sushi

Sashimi Sashimi Sashimi

Seafood On Ice, oyster with salsa sauce, prawn, green oyster, muscle and crab.
Oyster with Salsa Sauce Prawn

Green Oyster

Muscle Crab

Continue reading Penang E&O Hotel Buka Puasa Ramadhan Buffet 2015

Taiwan Bull Taiwanese Restaurant Queensbay Mall Penang

Taiwan Bull launch their new menu by introducing more attractive Taiwanese delicacy, they keep sourcing for new product and ingredients in Taiwan and bring it to Malaysia, their ultimate goal is to allow local people enjoy authentic Taiwan food.
Taiwan Bull Restaurant Queensbay Mall

Watson member entitle for 5% discount on total and over RM30 order of ala carte menu you get drink or dessert for free.
Taiwan Bull Restaurant Queensbay Mall

Sour Plum Juice 古早味酸梅汤 RM6.90, sour plum cook with herbs to create sweet and sour taste drink that best served hot or cold without ice.
Sour Plum Juice

Chilled Crunchy Cucumber 凉拌小黄瓜 RM6, fresh Japanese cucumber are chilled then crunch and top with chili oil, serve with sesame sauce that taste a little bit like satay which goes well with the chilled cucumber.
Chilled Crunchy Cucumber

Rice tube pudding 筒仔米糕 RM11.90, bottom layer nuts, middle layer glutinous rice and top layer chicken mince. The middle layer glutinous rice are nicely cook to extremely soft but not mushy and the top layer chicken mince are nicely cook to flavor. The specialty of this dish is the special sauce that taste sweet with mild spiciness.
Rice tube pudding

Spicy Oil Chinese Dumpling 红油炒手 RM7.90, nicely wrap dumpling fill with marinated meat and top with chili oil and vinegar, it is very appetizing dish.
Spicy Oil Chinese Dumpling

Spicy Oil Chinese Dumpling

Tomato Beef Noodle 茄汁牛肉面 RM18.50, a lot of tomato must be added to this soup as it has the tomato freshness taste with smooth texture, beef is nicely done to tender and soft. Noodle are imported from Taiwan as well, very smooth texture.
Tomato Beef Noodle

“Nan Ru” Fermented Bean Chicken 豆乳鸡 RM8.90, does it look like pop corn chicken? The size and crispiness are pretty close but the flavor are 100 times better, it has the fermented bean taste with sauteed flavor.
"Nan Ru"  Fermented Bean Chicken

Braised Roasted Pork Rib Rice 滷排骨饭 RM17.50, pork ribs are braised for long hour to fully absorb the flavor, the braised sauce is very delicious and flavorful. Did i mention the braised egg taste awesome?
Braised Roasted Pork Rib Rice

Fried Pork Rib Rice 炸排骨饭 RM17.50, deep fried pork ribs then soak in braised sauce before serving to create a crispy yet flavorful pork ribs.
Fried Pork Rib Rice

“Jia Yi” Chicken Rice 嘉义鸡肉饭 RM14.50, at first we thought this would be very bland and boring dish but after first bite, we realize the strong fragrance and taste from fried shallot are powering the whole dish, shallot oil are being added to boost it flavor. The chicken meat use are Chicken Breast which is a good option for health conscious consumer.
"Jia Yi" Chicken Rice

Three-Cup Chicken Rice 三杯鸡饭 RM17.50 are quite different from typical hawker flavor as here they use more basil and sweet sauce, personally i feel it a bit too sweet to my liking but the chicken is nicely cook to soft and flavorful.
Three-Cup Chicken Rice

Honey Roasted Chicken Thigh Rice 蜜汁鸡腿饭 RM17.50, whole pieces of chicken drum stick grilled to perfection then top with honey and sesame, the chicken is marinated before cook to ensure it fully absorb the sweet sauce.
Honey Roasted Chicken Thigh Rice

“Sha Cha” Beef Fried Noodle 沙茶牛肉炒面 RM18.50, “sha cha” is one of the famous sauce use in Taiwan for various cooking method. Personally I don’t really like “sha cha” taste as I feel it a little bit mild.
"Sha Cha" Beef Fried Noodle

Crispy Fish Fillet Rice 炸鱼排饭 RM17.50, deep fried dory fish fillet to golden color then top with mayonnaise and vegetable. The fish meat is very juicy and crispy.
Crispy Fish Fillet Rice

Kid’s Happy Meal 儿童套餐 RM14.90, Kids can customize based on their liking for each food in Kids Meal, quite a great variety of food selection available and each Kids meal come with a dessert of the day as well.
Kid's Happy Meal

Mango Frozie 芒果冰 RM8.50, mango flesh, mango juice and mango ice cream! Yes, all Mango! If you are mango lover then you should not miss this dessert.
Mango Frozie

Ai Yu Jelly Frozie 鲜果爱玉冰 RM7.50 a combination of fruits with Aiyu Jelly which taste sweet and sour, I live this dessert very much.
Ai Yu Jelly Frozie

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Taiwan Bull
3F-08, Queenstreet, Queensbay Mall,Persiaran Bayan Indah 11900 Penang.
04-644 0090

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Shilin Night Market士林夜市

After whole day of tiring travel to various location, we wrap up the day with our favorite spot, Night Market. Our night activity for today going to be Shilin Night Market.
Shilin Night Market士林夜市consider one of the biggest night market in Taipei, it split into two area, one is opposite train station where food and game are held whereas cross the street is more on food and clothes.
 Shilin Night Market

Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle阿宗面线, right behind the stall got one area for dine in where a few row of chair available.
 Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle阿宗面线
 Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle阿宗面线

Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle阿宗面线 is actually thick soup cook with rice noodle, rice noodle is not too mushy instead it retain the springy texture and the soup is delicious.
 Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle阿宗面线

WoW Frog Egg青蛙下蛋, well the name sound exotic food right? Well it is actually not because it just a simple drink with Aiyu-Jelly only.

A bowl of Aiyu-Jelly with Lemon, we love their Aiyu-Jelly drink so much just because the lemon use is a lot and it has strong sour taste while the Aiyu-Jelly is springy.

Saw a stall selling Roti Canai, for sure we won’t buy this as it is our daily breakfast in Malaysia which doesn’t make sense but the style of flying the dough is amazing.
Roti Canai Stall

The next must eat food in Shilin Night Market definitely the famous “Hao Da Da Ji Pai” Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet NTD55 each.
 Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet
 Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet

The Chicken Cutlet is so big, it almost two to three time my hand palm size. Unfortunately it doesn’t taste as good as it suppose to be, it just lack of some flavor, if it will to compare with Farlim Night Market, personally I like Penang flavor much more.
 Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet

Spring Onion Pancake 葱油饼, one of the best snack we ate in Shilin Night Market. Pancake is deep fried and it has very strong egg flavor with one slice of cheese on top of it.
 Spring Onion Pancake
 Spring Onion Pancake

Apply a layer of homemade sauce and one slice of cheese. It is very crispy but not oily, strong egg flavor and the extra flavor from cheese making it taste extremely good.
 Spring Onion Pancake

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高雄六合夜市Liu He Night Market

Taiwan famous for it night market and automatically it become our first attraction to visit, since our first few day at Gao Shiong 高雄 hence we selected Liu He Ye Shi六合夜市as our very first night market in Taiwan.
Take MRT and drop off at R10 Farmosa Boulevard(Exit 1)美麗島站(出口1), Farmosa Boulevard station is consider the most beautiful station in Taiwan as well.
It build with colorful ceiling and it huge, a lot people purposely board off this station to take photo.
 R10 Farmosa Boulevard

Exits door 1 and walk for around 10minute then we arrive at Liu He Night Market六合夜市, at 8pm is crowded with people.
Liu He Night Market六合夜市 night market occupied the whole road with both side of hawker stall.
 Liu He Ye Shi六合夜市

You can get lot of stuff here and here we bought some sweet which is soft and a little bit chewy.
Soft Sweet
Hawker Stall
 Hawker Stall
 Hawker Stall
 Hawker Stall
 Hawker Stall

You can play some game and win big price here as well.

释迦果, I not sure what is name in English as we always call it “Ang Mo NaiNai” but the size is extremely big and expensive price tag as well.

We started to get hungry and immediately this hawker stall become our target, the reason is simple, it has the most people. That the golden rule to hunt for good food.
Dumpling and Spicy Sour Soup

Dumpling are made on the spot, fresh and the process is clean.
Preparing dumpling

Spicy sour soup NTD30, it is indeed very simple dish with just some carrot, egg and mushroom. It taste soup but not spicy instead the sourness is pretty mild but it very appetite.
 Spicy sour soup
 Spicy sour soup

Definitely must try the famous dumpling as well, it cost NTD4 each but minimum ordered of 10pieces.
Trust us, 10pieces is just too little for local people, as the couple sit next to us eat 30pieces.
The dumpling best take with the soy sauce and vinegar provided.

Next hawker that crowded with people is this “grill house”
 grill house

Uncle busy preparing our order, they sell quite a lot of thing such as pork blood rice cake, chicken neck, chicken meat, chicken heart, chicken drumstick, chicken wing..etc.
 grill house
grill chicken
 grill chicken

We ordered “Oh Lan” NTD10 each, it taste like very thin layer of flour made fish cake, the texture is chewy and taste sweet.

Next we had is Pork Blood Rice Cake, it actually rice cook with pork blood and form a square shape. It doesn’t has any weird taste instead it just taste sweet but not tasty, we just manage to finish one pieces. It cost
 Pork Blood Rice Cake
 Pork Blood Rice Cake
 Pork Blood Rice Cake

Pork Ball Bowl NTD30, pork meat wrapped with rice made skin. The skin taste almost like our Chai Kuih but slightly soft while the meat is very delicious.
 Pork Ball Bowl
 Pork Ball Bowl

The delicious meat hide inside the rice made skin.
 Pork Ball Bowl

Mix with chili provided taste even better.
 Pork Ball Bowl

A lot of braised pork knuckle.
 braised pork knuckle

Grill Thai Prawn, we did not try but it seem to be very tasty.
 Grill Thai Prawn

Extremely big dish meat demonstrated at one of the fish meat noodle hawker stall
big fish meat

Seafood Porridge NTD100, it definitely not cheap but since it so famous hence we just give it a try.
seafood porridge

Seafood porridge come with lot of ingredients such as oyster, crab meat, fish meat, prawn and calm.
No regret as it soup taste really sweet and the seafood is very fresh as well, we appreciate the great amount of crab meat provided, it make the porridge taste so good.
 seafood porridge

Dry Fish Role
 Dry Fish Role

Our dessert of the night is Aiyu Jelly NTD20, we try many time in KL and PG, honestly it all taste almost the same just that in Taiwan they put a lot more lemon making it has strong lemon flavor, it indeed taste better if you like sour taste like us.
 Aiyu Jelly
 Aiyu Jelly

Deep Fried Giant Squid Tentacle.
 Deep Fried Giant Squid Tentacle

Strawberry milk NTD50, very strong milk flavor and the present of strawberry making the milk sour and full of strawberry flavor. It worth the price paid as the amount of strawberry use to blend is a lot.
 Strawberry milk

That conclude our first night market in Taiwan, we really impress with the food variety and most of the food we eat is tasty as well.
If to compare the price with Penang, Taiwan night market price is slightly higher.

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